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September 17 2019

25 Package Designs That Feature The Use of Playful Typography
This Dynamic Packaging Was Inspired By The Swiss Art Deco Movement
Move Over Vantablack, Scientists Discover New Blackest Black
A Solution to Plastic Water Bottles Is Here, and It’s Not What You Expected

myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive Dragon Boy Hulky by Martin Hsu

myplasticheart started its NYCC (10.3 - 10.6) reveals with their Exclusive Dragon Boy Hulky Edition by Martin Hsu.  The latest in the Dragon Boy Super League series of retailer exclusives, Hulky features mean, green editions of Dragon Boy and his dragon dog, Blacky or is that Greeny? The purple accents are a nice touch. The Hulky set will be available for $75 at the mph booth [#888].  Martin Hsu will drop by the booth on Friday (10.4) from 2 to 3 PM for a signing/sketch session.  Don't miss out. [Photo courtesy of myplasticheart]

Apportfolio x Andr Saraiva Snoopy x Mr. A Art Toys

First previewed at Shanghai Toy Show back in April, Apportfolio has just officially launched their ambitious Peanuts Collection in conjunction with the Peanuts Global Artist Collective.  First up are a trio of fun pieces by celebrated graffiti artist André Saraiva. Each one features Charles M. Schulz's beloved Snoopy character from the classic comic strip and André's signature top hat-wearing Mr. A. character. They are available for pre-order directly from Apportfolio's web shop and are slated to ship in January of 2020. Instead of titles, each of the pieces is identified by letter-coded styles. While the other two pieces incorporate Mr. A into Snoopy's world, Style A switches things around with a large, spindly Mr. A comforting Snoopy. The head-turning moment comes when you notice that Mr. A's feet resemble Snoopy's, in a sort of deconstructed, reassembled manner. Mr. A's yellow head seems in part a nod to Snoopy's companion, Woodstock. The Style A resin stands 30 cm (11.8") and is available now for pre-order for $250. Styles B and C offer a more conventional take, incorporating both Snoopy and his iconic red dog house with a Mr. A graffiti tag on the side.  For Style B (30 cm, resin, $178) Mr. A peeks out from the dog house while Snoopy looks down from the roof. Standing an impressive 120 cm or nearly 4-feet tall, the large-format Style C (Edition of 50, 120 cm, fiberglass, $2940) features Snoopy and Woodstock (on his head) sitting on top of the dog house—perhaps the most conventional of the three designs. In addition to André's designs, Apportfolio's Peanuts Collection will also feature work from Friends With You, Kenny Scharf and AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus).

Take me home

Take me home.

-Long day honey?
-Rahhh..I'm done! Take me home!!
-Yes, my queen.
-...and do sweet things to me when we are inside!
-You mean like a massage?
-That's a good start, I'll think about other stuff too.
-Let's do it.

September 16 2019

A Plastic Planet & Control Union To Launch Plastic Free Trust Mark Globally
These Sleek Glass Bottles Aim To Bring Attention To Global Ocean Plastic Pollution
"Fortune Teller" is a Celebratory Spirit That Is Bringing The Glamour
The Packaging For Nutilicious is an Elegant Take on a Classic Snack
G FUEL Releases Hype Sauce Featuring Packaging Designed By Illustrator Mike Perry
Lung Ailment Tied To Black Market THC Oil Makes The Case For Cannabis Regulation
Luxe Cannabis Brand Gen!us Wants To Enlighten You

September 15 2019





Art Junkie Tokyo Solo at QPop (9.14)

QPop is hosting Shinichiro "AJ" Kato (aka Art Junkie Tokyo) for a solo exhibition opening on Saturday (9.14) from 7 to 10 PM.  The show will feature original paintings, several QPop exclusives of his popular sofubi designs and King Pacara artist customs.  If you're on the hunt of the hot newness, the show will see the debut of his Flying Butiger and Sushi Wrestler figures.  AJ will be in the house for the reception, so come out and meet the man behind the mysterious 3-eyed toys. Art Junkie Tokyo Solo Exhibition Opening: Saturday (9.14, 7 to 10 PM) QPOP Gallery 319 E 2nd St. Suite 121 LA, CA 90012

September 14 2019


Kidrobot Unveils First 'Spiritus Dea' Dunny: Nyx by Lisa Toms

Saturday surprise! Kidrobot has announced its upcoming Spiritus Dea Dunny series and revealed the first glimmering design. Latin for the 'Spirit of the Goddess', the new series features goddess designs from twelve artists centered around the cycle of life. The first reveal is Nyx—Goddess of the Night—by Lisa Toms. Known for her fantastical soft sculpture figures, Toms' design captures the spirit of the night with a rainbow glitter-filled translucent treatment and cloud-shaped Dunny ears. With its sofubi-like style, the peaceful Nyx fits nicely into the current trend towards super cute, rainbow-hued, translucent minis. We're very curious to see more of Spiritus Dea.  The Spiritus Dea Dunny series will be released on Friday September 27th from Kidrobot.com (9 AM PDT) and select retailers.

There is a new crack in the sky.

There is a new crack in the sky.

September 13 2019

Need To Get Your Frustration-Free Packaging Certified By Amazon? There's a Guide For That.
Gillette & TerraCycle Launch Razor Recycling Program in Canada
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