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April 25 2017

Abundant glazing and wrap-around terraces feature in Vermont home by J Roc Design

Concerned Citizens to Take Down Gun Violence: In case of school shooting - Video

On average, there are more than one mass shooting a day in the United States. With arguments raging on how to manage the epidemic of gun violence, something needed to be done to save lives now. Inspired by public safety choking campaign, we created a shooting survival video. It gives practical tips and advice to individuals on effective self-preservation and first aid in the case of a mass shooting. It was the video we didn't want to create.

Take Down Gun Violence Video

Video of Take Down Gun Violence Video
The Apple Store is becoming a classroom, with coding, photography and music lessons
Researchers create artificial womb for premature babies
Beyoncé Celebrates ‘Lemonade’s’ One-Year Anniversary In The Best Possible Way
The World’s First Double Hand Transplant Writes A Touching Thank You Letter To His Doctor

Mercury Cider: Tough Tap

The Mercury Cider Tough Tap—if you’re tough enough to pour it, you’re tough enough to drink it. This hard-to-pour cider tap was installed in the toughest pubs, bars and events across Australia in the ultimate challenge of toughness.

Mercury Cider Tough Tap

Video of Mercury Cider Tough Tap
Facebook tests feature to combat fake news by popping your filter bubble

Cocks Not Glocks: Student Body Armor

In the United States, on average, there has been an incident involving a firearm at a school every week for the last four years. Meanwhile nine states and counting have passed “campus carry” legislation allowing anyone with a license to carry guns onto school grounds. To draw awareness to these laws we created Student Body Armor, the first-ever line of bulletproof college apparel. Our hope is that by fighting absurdity with absurdity we will make parents and students think twice about which college they attend, and ideally make states think twice about campus carry.

Bulletproof college apparel – Student Body Armor

Video of Bulletproof college apparel – Student Body Armor
Ivanka Trump Booed At A Women’s Conference For Defending Her Father’s Sexism
Reader Submitted: This Pleasant Lamp Mimics Starting and Extinguishing Natural Fires
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