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May 18 2016


March 08 2016


Benham’s Gin


Designed by Stranger & Stranger | Country: United States

“Sonoma’s West County is known for the sea glass on it’s beaches and the local artists who re-use found materials in their work. We thought Sonoma Dry best defined this distinctive gin made from local ingredients.”

lovely-package-benhams-gin-1 lovely-package-benhams-gin-4 lovely-package-benhams-gin-2


The Great Bonza


Designed by United Power | Country: Sweden

“Bonza is an Australian expression that describes the feeling that spread through the body before you exclaim “hurray!”. Something is bonza if it is superb and amazing, but at the same time laid back and relaxed. People and places can be bonza. This wine is. Therefore, it was namned The Great Bonza. The wine is produced in Australia by renowned Quarisa Wines, and it is powerful and nuanced, with hints of black currant, black cherry, licorice and coffee.

For the design the client wanted something playful and colorful. We got catchwords like: cheerful and retro. The latter, as producer John got a retro feel of the name. The client also wanted to relate to the Australian origin.

So we thought: since the wine is powerful in flavour, and The Great Bonza is a quirky name for a wine – why not use a quirky Australian circus? The design is playful with a nod to the classic image of the boxing kangaroo. We chose happy and bright colors that are perhaps a little unexpected in the context. We wanted the box to stand out on the shelf, but also add to the atmosphere at the dinner table – a truly colorful exterior for a truly colorful wine.”

lovely-package-the-gret-bonanza-3 lovely-package-the-gret-bonanza-2


Taft’s Ale House Old Wooden Tooth


Designed by One Trick Pony | Country: United States

“To celebrate it’s first anniversary, Taft’s Ale House in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati releases Old Wooden Tooth – a limited-edition Russian Imperial Stout that has been aging in bourbon barrels since the ale house opened last year.

Taft’s design shop, 1 Trick Pony, teamed up with the folks at Steinhauser, a family owned custom label printer just across the river in Kentucky that specializes in beer and spirits labels. Each 500mL bottle comes packaged in a custom branded wooden box and features a neck flag and label that are custom printed with 9 colors including a metallic copper ink on a cherry veneer label.”

lovely-package-wooden-tooth-3 lovely-package-wooden-tooth-4 lovely-package-wooden-tooth-2

February 22 2016


A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call for Entries


The A’ Design Awards & Competition is a freestyle design competition open to both concept stage and realized works designed by professional and young designers, design companies and other businesses in the manufacturing industry worldwide. Submissions can be made to Furniture Design, Interiors, Electronic Devices, Architecture, Packaging, Graphic Design, Ready-Made, Jewelry Design, Interfaces, Web Sites, Transportation, Yacht Design and others. View a list of all design award categories and requirements.

Winners in the A’ Design Awards & Competition benefit beyond just the award by gaining exposure through the exhibition, yearbook, PR and publicity, world design rankings inclusion, feedback from the jury, winner’s manual. newsletter announcements and of course the gala evening. See the full list of benefits.

Entries will be judged by an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and media members.

The deadline for submission is March 7, 2016, and results will be announced to the public on April 15, 2016 when the award winners’ exhibition starts. The winning work will also be showcased here on Lovely Package on April 15, 2016.

For further information please visit: whatisadesigncompetition.com

Register and Submit your work to A’ Design Award and Competition.

Check out some of last years winners after the jump.

Williamson Tea Elephant Caddies by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Jacobs Coffee by Angela Spindler, Depot Creative

Insal’Arte by Mirco Luzzi

Volksbier by Cristian Stancu

Stumbras Premium Organic by Edvardas Kavarskas


Creteleon by T&E Polydorou Design Ltd

Archie Rose Distilling Co. by Matthew & Terry Squadrito

Basik by Saana Hellsten

Qi Series by Dongdao Creative Branding Group

Treboom brewery beer by United by Design

– Sponsored post. Find out more about our sponsored posts.

February 19 2016

Moderat – Reminder

DIY budget friendly summer wedding for $10K

Wedding portrait

Cecily + Abram’s DIY wedding has us making all sorts of plans for spring (yes, already!)—getting crafty with friends, hosting intimate gatherings, picking out the brightest bouquets. They, along with a host of talented friends and fam, pulled off their dream day with a 10k budget that included so many cute creative touches. Thanks to Lauren Fair Photography for sharing the images!

DIY summer wedding invitations

DIY summer wedding invitations

Their dear friend Alexis of Woolly Bully dreamt up the invitation suite.

Picnic wedding

DIY budget friendly summer wedding

DIY summer bridal bouquet

Wedding decor

DIY budget friendly summer wedding

Cecily explains, We were very intentional about making every aspect of our wedding reflect our values. We don’t have tons of money, but we’ve invested our whole lives in meaningful relationships with loved ones that mean the world to us. A potluck was the only way to go, both because of our budget and because sharing food with friends and family is so important to us. From there, our friends and family pitched in to help make our vision a reality in so many ways, including:

ŸŸŸ• potato stamping 100 ft of kraft paper runner (could not look at potatoes for some time after the wedding…) 
Ÿ• making the picnic blankets from fabrics we chose
Ÿ• helping set up on the wedding day & coordinating the potluck
• designing invites
Ÿ• building the chuppah
Ÿ• arranging the flowers in hundreds of glass bottles
Ÿ• sharing personal blessings as our interpretation of the Jewish tradition of Sheva
Ÿ• Brachot (with a communal sing-along of “If I Had A Hammer” for the final blessing) & more!

Bridal flower crown

Wedding rings

DIY budget friendly summer wedding

We’re thrilled that Cecily + Abram found their photographer through our vendor guide!


DIY budget friendly summer wedding

DIY budget friendly summer wedding

DIY budget friendly summer wedding

DIY wedding cocktail station

Fun idea!

DIY budget friendly summer wedding

DIY summer wedding florals

Picnic wedding

DIY budget friendly summer wedding

Pot luck wedding

Pot luck wedding

DIY budget friendly summer wedding

For the potluck, they only asked local friends to contribute, and just specified a category (like appetizer or salad). Meanwhile, Cecily spent months sourcing vintage dishes, while her friends coordinated and made the paper tablecloth.

DIY summer bridal bouquet

Pot luck wedding

Wedding florals

Modern wedding portrait

Find more in our gallery:

  • Wedding rings
  • DIY budget friendly summer wedding
  • DIY budget friendly summer wedding
  • DIY budget friendly summer wedding
  • DIY budget friendly summer wedding
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Cecily had proposed to Abram with a surprise performance of their song (“I Second that Emotion” by Smokey Robinson), including a back up band with lots of out of town loved ones. Abram returned the favor at the wedding, surprising Cecily with a 7-piece band performance of an original song that he had started to write about her years earlier but never finished.

A feel good story fit for a Friday, if you ask us! Congrats guys!

Photographer: Lauren Fair Photography / Venue: MAAS Building in Philadelphia / Florist: Triple Tree Flowers / Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Haines / Invitations: Friend, Alexis Wade of Woolly Bully / Popsicles: The Little Pop Shop / Vegan BBQ Chicken: The Nile Café / Ketubah: Jolly Edition / DJ: Dave Kloss / Jazz Trio: David Fishkin (of the West Philadelphia Orchestra) & band / Folded Book: Novel Brand / Bride’s Dress: Erin by Erin Fetherston / Flower Crown: Friend, Ilana Saul / Wedding Rings: Bario Neal with gold recycled from a bracelet the bride’s grandfather gave her grandmother for their 35th wedding anniversary / Groom’s Suit: Indochino / Vegan Shoes: Novacas / Vegan Belt: Truth Belts

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