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September 20 2017


Sometimes, things just feel good the way they are.

Sometimes, things just feel good the way they are.


Feel "Goodi" With These Healthy Fruit Snacks

We all know how beneficial fruit can be within our diets, and when that fruit comes in a snackable form, it makes eating healthy even easier. Redfire Design created the enticing packaging for Goodi, a brand that specializes in creating delicious healthy fruit-based snacks.

This Brew Is Proud To Represent the State of Colorado

Anthem Branding has created the attention-grabbing bold look for Lone Tree Brewing Company, a local brewery located in Colorado.

These Brews Come With a Sense of Humor

This line of brews comes with a serious sense of humor. With playful illustrations and thick typography, Chicago-based Finch Beer Co. is bringing a unique take on beer packaging.

September 19 2017

Vestalia Cookies Are Sure To Put You in a Good Mood

Check Out The Bold Packaging for The Alternative Meat Co

Redfire Design created the bold packaging for The Alternative Meat Co, a company that is changing up the way consumers view plant-based protein.

10 Match Packaging Designs

Matches can make for a great promotional item, or a keepsake to remember a specific place. We've picked out 10 match packaging designs that capture attention and elevate the matchbox to be more of a collectible. 

What If Nike Tried to Sell You Mascara?

Close your eyes and try imagining a brand like Nike getting into the cosmetics game. It’s no easy task and that’s just what Kim Michelle chose for her Art Center Project. This sporty line of cosmetics feels right at home with the brand, so much so, that we could see ourselves buying a tube of their everlasting liquid lipstick.

Give Your Pets the Best With This Tailored Subscription Box

Subscription boxes have increased in popularity throughout the years, so it’s only fitting that a subscription service exist for pets! Pet company pawTree has come out with their own subscription box that is decorated with playful typography and illustrations.

Barely holding it.

Barely holding it.
Thank god you’re here.


This Beverage Just Might Be The Key To Preventing Hangovers

Had a rough night? Riley&Riley is a new company that specializes in producing a drink that prevents hangovers.

Little Sumo Is a Fresh Conceptual Take on Gin

This simple yet playful take on gin packaging is a breath of fresh air. The Butcher’s Shop Design created this conceptual packaging for “Little Sumo,” a boutique gin brand from South Africa.

These Brews Are Blended Works of Art

Young & Laramore, working on the behalf of Upland Brewing Company, launched the refreshed packaging and advertising for Upland’s renowned Upland Sour Ales.

How Pond Design Celebrated Pride Month With Absolut

Last June, Pond Design was fortunate enough to work with Absolut in creating a special edition rainbow bottle for Pride month. So enamored by the bottle’s hand-painted look celebrating LGBTQ rights, we decided to speak with Pond Design about working with this iconic brand.

September 18 2017


Guess WHo?

Guess who?
Updated version of the previous one!
I’m trying hard to “push” myself to do something different style wise... I love it but it’s hard and I tend to fall back into old habits. Nothing wrong with what I usually do but trying something else forces me to evolve AND it is so much fun!



Date night

Date night

Job of the Week: Midnight Oil

Each Flavor of These Chocolates Comes With a Distinct Personality

Musk has designed this clever take on chocolate bar packaging for Szabelski Bakery. Each bar features a bright and fun illustrated character that represents the individual flavor inside.
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