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November 18 2019


but does it float #retro #vintage

but does it float #retro #vintage

Rutgers University maps
DIYers love it! Fix things with this liquid plastic welding kit
Cow-print tiles and Tetris-style orange furniture feature in Russian cafe
Five female trailblazers who changed the field of design

♥ / See Design Travel Pouches

The small travel pouch by see design is designed to hold all of the essentials when you’re on the go. It features a 100% cotton canvas exterior and a nylon lining with a top zipper for easy access. It’s perfect for keeping your keys, phone, wallet, or whatever else you need at hand. It is great for storing and organizing chargers. They also come in large.

These pouches are super design-y and fun and make for a good gift. Make sure to check out larger bags and scarves.


The Good Wolf

A member of the community goes to an elder: “I am trying to find my way, but I am struggling with the path and within myself.” The elder explains, “Inside each of us, there are two wolves which fight all the time. One of them is the good wolf which represents love, peace, hope, kindness, bravery and compassion. The other is the bad wolf, which represents greed, anger, arrogance, resentment and fear. And these two wolves fight all the time.” The member of the community reflects and asks, “If these two fight all the time, then which one wins?” The elder shares, “whichever one you feed.”

Cherokee First Nation Origin

Norman Foster's Renault Distribution Centre is high-tech architecture's most flamboyant structure
Decoding how some animals pause pregnancies could unlock new cancer treatments
Your AirPods can now be used to watch in-flight movies with this wireless headphone adaptor!
Iran shut down citizens’ internet access following protests over fuel pricing

Amnesty International: Fashion Week

Amnesty International Outdoor Ad - Fashion Week
Amnesty International Outdoor Ad - Fashion Week
Amnesty International Outdoor Ad - Fashion Week
Amnesty International Outdoor Ad - Fashion Week

For several years, the French government has been promoting products made in France and sold abroad, as well as industries based in the country. When we think of French items traded in markets worldwide, the luxury sector comes to mind first. But fashion isn’t the only jewel in France’s global reach. There are weapons too. And while the framework they’re sold in is regulated, it’s actually only heeded very little.

Despite ratifying the international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in June 2014, the French government has continued to sell arms to countries that then use them against civilians. Which means France is conniving in war crimes.

To remind the government of its responsibilities and obligations, and to raise awareness among the general public, the charity Amnesty International France is joining forces with the agency DDB Paris to launch a communication campaign that decries the French government’s ploys and compares the fashion industry to the arms trade.

Yaara Nusboim designs therapy dolls for children struggling with emotional trauma

Dublin Bus: Freedom of the City

Dublin Bus Integrated Ad - Freedom of the City
Dublin Bus Integrated Ad - Freedom of the City
Dublin Bus Integrated Ad - Freedom of the City

In 2008, Dublin Bus launched the Travel Assistance Scheme to help those with disabilities travel around the city using public transport of their own, proving that all passengers are equal. ROTHCO, part of Accenture Interactive, wanted to show the life-changing impact of the scheme. To do this, they chose to celebrate the employee behind the programme, Roger. In his role, Roger has given freedom of the city to more people than anyone in Dublin’s history, supporting and enabling the disabled community.

The product manager secrets to surviving the 3 pivotal startup phases
The AirPods Pro have me dreaming of reality-suppressing tech
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want to prove aliens exist? Do this.
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘200 Bitcoin devs assess new privacy and scaling upgrades’

McDonald's: #ReindeerReady

Video of Christmas 2019 | #ReindeerReady | TV | McDonald's UK
CHEAP: Sweat-time, piglet — there’s 50% off the Bose SoundSport headphones
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