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October 17 2017


These Buckwheat Products Come With Beautiful Details

Xiangaopeng has designed the beautiful packaging for a variety of health food products.
Announcing The Dieline Conference 2018

Misfit is the Juice That's Putting An End to Food Waste

This juice is aiming to feed people, not trash cans. Gander designed the packaging for Misfit, the juice that’s made from the fruits and vegetables that have been saved from being wasted.

Get a "Boost" With These Colorful Protein Products

Gander created this bright and attention-grabbing packaging for Eboost, a company that specializes in protein powder and other energy products.

15 Interesting Pasta Packaging Designs for National Pasta Day

October 17th (Today!) is National Pasta Day. We thought we'd celebrate this traditional Italian carby delight by picking out 15 of the most interesting pasta packaging designs.

IKEA Vinter 2017 Gift Wrapping


On adorably cute, happy, festive things (even though it’s mid October and feels WAY too early for xmas) - just came across the holiday displays at IKEA, and the IKEA Vinter 2017 collection of gift wrap made me smile! The playfully hairy gnome/elf/santa guys are too funny and the wintry woodland creatures are just so cute! From the popping eyes of the rabbits to the wiggly antlered moose and the serene deer and bears and more… Take a peek at my favorites on the next page!

TO PAGE 2 of "IKEA Vinter 2017 Gift Wrapping"! ----->

(Want more visual goodness? See NOTCOT.com + NOTCOT.org)

If You Love Chai, This Might Just Be For You

If you’re addicted to chai, this one’s for you. Chai Addict is the new product with elegant packaging that serves to make drinking this delicious beverage even more accessible.

These Blackberries Come With Wonderfully Funky Illustrations

These blackberries look drool-worthy with some nice packaging to boot. Greek agency Luminous Design Group has expanded on their packaging for Corphes products by creating the packaging for their blackberries.

NYC Design Agency The Working Assembly Knows the Future is Female

Jolene Delisle and Lawrence O’Toole spend a lot of time together. Not only are they married, but together they founded branding agency The Working Assembly (TWA). Since 2014, their agency has been a trusted ally for both startups and companies with a storied history.

Brand Spotlight: Fun and Games with Art of Play

Dan and Dave Buck believe that anyone (at any age) can explore a state of playfulness—and in fact, they highly encourage it. In 2013, the twin brothers founded Art of Play, an online shop that sells decks of cards, puzzles, and other amusements. Their goal? “To inspire moments of epiphany and foster community.”

How Noise 13 Designed these Trendy & Feminine Pantone-Inspired Phone Accessories

Working with clients usually means detailed guidelines of what they’re looking for when you create their packaging or brand. But what if a client came to you and gave you almost completely free reign to develop it however you wanted? That’s exactly what happened when tech accessories company Amber & Ash approached Noise 13.

EXO Is The Protein Bar With More Guts

This is not your typical protein bar. Gander created the packaging for Exo , a company that specializes in creating products that utilize crickets for protein.

October 16 2017


Reducing Emissions Worldwide and Getting to 20% with Design Concept Twenty

When we think about the life of any given product, we may not consider the journey it has undergone, from the time it was manufactured to the moment where we purchased it at the store. We often forget that someone had to package it, box it up, and then load it onto a truck or a shipping container where it may have traveled thousands of miles and ate up gobs of fuel just to get there.

Rest easy.

Rest easy.
Just a quick one right now, super busy this upcoming week!

The Empanada Kitchen Is Serving Up Deliciousness in Adorable Packaging

New Zealand based agency makebardo has designed this adorable packaging for The Empanada Kitchen.

These Humorous Beer Labels Are Inspired By Skateboard Graphics

Arobase Creative designed the light-hearted and fun packaging for Mad Dog Brewing Co.

The Stunning Application of Chinese Aesthetics in Liquor

Lingyun Creative has designed this stunning packaging for this Chinese liquor. 
Job of the Week: Dell

The Dieline's Best of the Week

Here's another roundup of all the great packaging design articles and projects from last week!
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