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Netflix: Red Flags

Those struggling with opioid addiction are likely to keep it hidden due to negative stigma.
How do we educate the people closest to them to watch for the red flags, so that they can help their loved ones, before it’s too late? In honor of International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31, Netflix, in collaboration with FCB, introduces #WatchforRedFlags. For a month, Netflix will use their most popular series to educate people on the symptoms that signal an Opioid Addiction. Throughout the shows, anytime a character portrays a behavior or sign of opioid addiction, a Red Flag will appear in the corner of the scene, with a popup explaining the behavior and what it could mean.
Using our most harmless addiction - Netflix - we build awareness and fight the stigma around a much more deadly addiction. Opioid addiction is closer to home than you think. But by seeing the Red Flags, you are already one step closer to helping those struggling with addiction


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