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May 28 2018

Michael Anastassiades creates modular lighting system based on jewellery chains for Flos
Through the Lens of Photographer Pauline Darley
Delightful Photographs About Sunrise and Sunset
Katrin Greiling turns Kinnsand rugs into furniture
The Great Mimicry
A German sweets company has apologised after the dumbest royal wedding post ever
Reddit’s /r/thedonald becomes a sanctorium for Donald Glover worship
Kim Kardashian is rightfully savaged on social media for her anti-hunger lollipops
V&A unveils huge section of demolished Robin Hood Gardens at Venice Architecture Biennale
A Draw-friendly Hairdryer!
Bolsters - A Reciprocal Digital Platform for All Age

May 27 2018

LAEM Sessions: Watch Glenno’s masterful drawing come to life (timelapse)

13 Years!

13 years ago today I started this labor of love. And, I yet have to grow tired of it. Thank you for reading. I appreciate you. So much!

Happy my blog birthday to you!

Canadian lynx screaming at each other is the worst thing you’ll ever hear
Disney’s Star Wars theme park will finally open next summer
Yes, really: Bandai is launching a toy line of weaponized cats

Suzuki GN400 « Vampire Slayer » par Tattoo Moto

Il y a beaucoup de garages custom de motos qui s’attaquent à toutes sortes de modifications. Et certains de ces engins surdimensionnés sont plutôt géniaux. Et c’est le cas de […]

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Cartoon National Geographic

Pack Golf le FLEUR* x Converse One Star « Two Tone Uno »

Il y a plusieurs années, Tyler, the Creator avait une vision passionnante : lancer une collection de sneakers qui compléterait sa ligne Golf le FLEUR*. Aujourd’hui, la Converse Golf le […]

The post Pack Golf le FLEUR* x Converse One Star « Two Tone Uno » appeared first on Viacomit.


Monkey Time x FILA Memory Workshift

La marque japonaise Monkey Time et la marque italienne FILA se sont réunis pour donner un nouveau regard sur la silhouette Memory Workshift. La classique sneaker a été remise au […]

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