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May 26 2019


Max reading a book.

Max reading a book.
My son was just reading a book on the couch so I thought I'd try to capture that!

May 25 2019


Junko Mizuno Coloring Book Exhibition at Nucleus (5.25)

Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra will host SF-based artist Junko Mizuno for the opening of her Coloring Book Exhibition on Saturday (5.25) from 6 to 9 PM.  The exhibition will feature the original drawings from her latest Coloring Book  designed for adults, embellished with gold ink. In addition to the numerous original drawings from the book, Nucleus is also offering the book's original cover art via silent auction through Tuesday (5.28) at 2 PM PDT.Junko will present a slideshow of her work at 6 PM and will be signing the book afterwards.   Along with Junko's original artwork from the Coloring Book, the exhibition will also feature the release of her new Onna Bune giclee print (18"x24", Edition of 80, $120), the coloring book ($12.95) and  a brand-new Skull Bunny enamel pin. Junko Mizuno || Color Book Exhibition + Signing Saturday May 25th 2019 (6-9 PM) Nucleus 210 East Main St. Alhambra, CA 91801

Mighty Jaxx x Abell Octovan I Donut Care Champagne Edition

How do you follow-up on the traditional glazed donut capped off with rainbow sprinkles?   Abell Octovan and Mighty Jaxx have dreamt up a new sophisticated take on last year's irreverent I Donut Care vinyl—recently shipped—one upping the traditional glaze with a most unexpected flavor, champagne. And it just happens to match the tried and true black + gold color combo collectors love.  Who says junk food addicts can't be high class at the same time? The I Donut Care Champagne Edition (8", $129) is available for pre-order now from Mighty Jaxx and scheduled to ship in Q4 2019.

The Rainy day.

The rainy day.
This one is a little different than most. I'm not sure it's totally clear but I like
exploring this.
After this though, I'll get back to single images for awhile.


Strangecat Toys @ 5 Points : Bakumbaa Yetis and Silver Rust

As you might know, Five Points Fest is next weekend in Brooklyn (6.1 - 6.2) and with it comes plenty of enticing exclusives and in-demand releases. Strangecat Toys continues to unveil its lineup for the convention including three editions of the adorably-cute prehistoric kid vinyl toys by Thai artist Bakumbaa.  First up we have the Bakumbaa Yetis in both Orange and Brown editions [10 pcs each]  A fun riff on the original character, these feature designs inspired by the wintery beasts with white 'fur' paint deco and woven beanies—a heart-warming touch. These were first offered as pre-orders at this year's Thailand Toy Expo.   Strangecat will also release the Bakumbaa Silver Rust [20 pieces] figures featuring a a nicely executed weathered/distressed design. All three Bakumbaa figures will be available exclusively from the Strangceat booth [#423].  As of this post, pricing is still to be determined.

May 24 2019

Some Mosques Are Ditching Single-Use Plastic For A More Sustainable Ramadan

It comes at you!

It comes at you! This one is funny because It started out well then a bunch of stuff happened today that stopped me from focusing on it, WHICH IS EXACTLY what the story is about! I'm only posting it because it's kind of funny to me.


myplasticheart @ 5 Points: Fortune Uamou Black Gold Liberty

As part of its lineup for the upcoming Five Points Festival (6.1 - 6.2) in Brooklyn, myplasticheart will release their Exclusive Fortune Uamou Black Gold Statue of Liberty edition ($30) from Uamou.  A clever NYC-themed version of the figure, the Statue of Liberty variant has proven quite popular with an initial green edition (Five Points 2018), a sparkly green edition (NYCC 2018) and now this Black Gold edition.  Each of the previous editions has sold out, so if you'd like to add the newest Fortune Uamou Statue of Liberty figure to your collection, you might want to put the myplasticheart booth [#336] at the top of your 5 Points shopping list.

May 23 2019

Loop Officially Goes Live In The US, Announces Kroger And Walgreens As Retail Partners

So you want to be an Artist, the book?

So you want to be an Artist, the book?
I am thinking of doing a book with the " So you want to be an Artist" series.Something around 100/120 pages of stories.
I would probably crowdfund this book.

What do you guys think? yes or no?

Need To Inject A Little More Flavor Into Your Meals? Shake A Little Seaspoon On It.
Neenah and Pantone Show You How To Shine
We Love The Bright and Bold Illustrated Packaging for JEKL

Still raining

Still raining.

May 22 2019

#OnePlasticFreeDay Coming June 5th, 2019
Reinventing the Cheese Wheel: Designs of Every Lactose-Lover’s Dreams
Taco Bell Gets Extra Saucy With New Line Of Swimwear And Summer Gear
We Love the Bold Packaging for this Conceptual Beauty Line



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