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June 15 2017


A Playful Beach House Designed By Onion

Le studio de design basé à Bangkok, Onion, a été chargé de rénover une maison de vacances située à côté de la plage pour une famille de six .. Une maison moderne et ludique !

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Cretan Honey has a Sophisticated Earthy Look

Take a look at this sophisticated honey. Leftgraphic designed the packaging for Cretan Honey, which takes inspiration from fresco painting.
Pictoplasma 2017 — Face Off — Berlin, Germany
Drone footage captures brutalist Robin Hood Gardens ahead of imminent demolition
Edible Innovations: Spice Mama Offers Healthy Traditional Indian Flavors

Get Ready to Mingle With These Sweet Spreads

Domino Communications designed the packaging for Mingle, a new line of spreadable goodness. The packaging features playful typography that gets you ready to mingle.
The best digests about VR, AI and AR


I have a super minimal bed and this bedshelfie would look fabulous on it.


Stand Out With Bonpair

Communal designed the packaging for Bonpair, a high-quality sock line. The packaging is elegant and minimal, which allows for the socks to steal the spotlight.
The death of cash

Strong machine vision market growth expected through 2025

Strong Machine Vision Market Growth Expected Through 2025
Quick processing ability, adoption of robotics in manufacturing segments including pharmaceutical and food and beverage cited in new Grand View Research report.

Intriguing Photographs from Giuseppe Palmisano

Originaire des Pouilles en Italie, Giuseppe Palmisano aka iosonopipo, 26 ans, est à la fois acteur, poète, directeur d’une agence de booking musical à Bologne et photographe. Nous nous concentrerons aujourd’hui sur ses photographies mêlant les codes de l’érotique absurde à ceux du surréalisme.

Cet article Intriguing Photographs from Giuseppe Palmisano est apparu en premier sur Zeutch.


This Elegant Vaporizer Packaging Comes With Some Tropical Elements

Marie-Helene Goulet designed the packaging for Alair Vaporizers, a new high-end vape pen.
Still 630 Annual Festival Poster
Bored programmers are trying to break the 32-bit barrier on Reddit
One Clever Clicker

Peep Peru's First Silkscreened Beer Bottle Design

Peruvian agency Sed has been working for local beer brand Candelaria to update several of their product's package designs.
Sonja Köhler — Würzburg, Germany
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