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August 08 2017

Legion Paper All National Stationery Show Promotion
McCambridge's Bread Kits Get a Whole New Look

We Love the Modern Look of this Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese has never looked so good. Barcelona based Francesc Moret Studio created this modern packaging for The Living Food, a store that specializes in vegan goodies.

Fort Romeau Snuck One By


This beauty was overlooked in my opinion, thoughtful synth work, emotional structure, a must listen.

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August 07 2017


My rainy day friends.

My rainy day friends.
The ones you can always count on.
Job of the Week: Invok Brands

The Dieline's Best of the Week

Need some inspiration? Check out our picks for the best packaging design articles and projects from last week.

Behind the Retro Modern Design of Jelly Fresh Seasoning

Fish prep just got easier. Chiapa Design developed this design for fish seasoning that pulls inspiration from the way that fish was traditionally bought and sold. We spoke with Chiapa Design to learn a bit more about achieving design goals, creating an eye-catching design and more.

Brand Spotlight: Tattly—AKA the Trendiest Temporary Tattoos Around

It wasn’t the first time that Tina Roth Eisenberg had complained about temporary tattoos—but it would be the last. “It all started because of some hideous tattoos my daughter brought home from a birthday party in 2011. They were a complete insult to my Swiss aesthetic,” said Eisenberg, designer and blogger at swissmiss. The ugly temp tattoos gave her the idea to create Tattly, a line of gorgeously designed temporary tattoos that both children and adults love.

Cultural Sensitivities & Packaging Design for Halal Foods

The total number of people that identify themselves as Muslim now stands at 1.6B people. This economic powerhouse of a market is one of the major consumer segments in the world today, driving many FMCG and food multinationals to invest heavily in marketing and advertising in these markets for their products and services.

Refreshing Natural Gourmet Frozen Pops that Will Make the Summer Heat Bearable

Looking for a cooling summertime pick-me-up? Lick’d Gourmet Frozen Pops are perfect, and their exquisite flavor offerings (strawberry basil, mango raspberry, peanut butter chocolate chip—yes, please!) will make you want to stock up your entire freezer with ice pops for those hot summer days. Designed by Saxton Home, Lick’d is fun and fresh, just like the popsicles themselves.

This Lotion Comes in a Box Inspired by Pinball Machines and Chinese Puzzles

We are loving the unlikely pair of inspiration and product with La Mer’s Moisturizing Matte Lotion. Designed in-house and manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging, this revolutionary product has fascinating packaging to match.

Chocolate Naive is Pure, Unadulterated Chocolate Goodness

Our mouths are watering—just look at this chocolate, this packaging! Chocolate Naive is a gorgeous line of sweets from people who want to make chocolate only from the finest ingredients available. The packaging, designed the by in-house team, is intriguing and classy to appeal to those with a refined palette.

A Fair Trade Product Vending Machine Concept Aims to Empower the Body & Mind

Care about where your food comes from? While knowing where your foods come from is a great choice, it’s not always as convenient—which is why Gabriela Fariña developed this concept for a vending machine stocked with fair trade items. Images of fresh fruits and veggies help the consumer feel connected to each product, and the font choice feels down-to-earth and welcoming.

Show Your Rugby Team Spirit with these KFC Buckets

KFC for the fans! New Zealand agency four eight five designed these clever buckets that can be worn by die hard rugby fans who want to act as the ultimate cheerleaders in the stands.
Best of Local Magazine

Check Out This Homegrown Whiskey From RockFilter Distillery

Werner Design Werks created the eye-catching packaging for RockFilter distillery, a family-owned company.

August 06 2017

Fools Paradise Luke, I Am Your Father

Sweet dreams sleepy heads, daddy’s watching over you.

Sweet dreams sleepy heads, daddy’s watching over you.
Last sketch before going to bed!
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