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August 09 2017

Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx--Toshi Neko: Kweeny (8.12)

How Some of Your Favorite Films Inspired Director Craft Beer

Sitting down at home to watch one of your favorite classic films can only be made better by an ice cold beer. Director Craft Beer currently offers two beers, one inspired by Star Wars and the other by Indiana Jones. We spoke with designer Thiago Ranielli along with Alexandre Leal who collaborated with creative direction to learn more about designing the labels to capture the nostalgia of the films, offering consumers an experience, translating the art of brewing into a cinematic art and more.

Entrepreneur Tina Roth Eisenberg Shares the Details of Tattly’s Beginnings

Starting a business is easier said than done—from startup costs to finding suppliers and endless unexpected challenges. This week we’re chatting with Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of Tattly, to learn more about the nitty gritty of how she took the idea for a temporary tattoo company and turned it into a reality.

Mismanaging a Brand’s Visual Assets: Why Danone’s Dumex Brand Failed in Vietnam

Without running the risk of starting off with too much brand design speak or technical lingo, visual brand assets simply are signature design elements that together form the visual identity of a brand. These are often those pieces that people spontaneously remember about a brand with. When you think of Coca-Cola you most likely will recall the color red, the signature font type and perhaps the iconic shape of the bottle. When you think of Heineken the color green comes to mind as well as the red star and maybe the smiling 'e' in the logo typeface. Without recalling a brand name or even a flavor name, shopping often takes place on autopilot and identification where recall in the brain happens based on such visual elements.

Organic Ingredients Inspired the Minimalist Branding for Stockyards Small Batch Distillery

A lot of factors need to be considered when determining the direction for a company's brand identity, but for Toronto-based Strano and Pettigrew Design Associates, their client's commitment to using organic ingredients was the key inspiration for the minimalist brandmark and bottle design of Stockyards Small Batch Distillery.

Hunt & Brew Coffee Launches Tattooed Packaging To Appeal to the Modern Man

Aussie branding agency Boxer & Co. has designed a new series of illustrative, tattoo-inspired bottles for cold brew coffee company Hunt & Brew. 
Check Out Fruitvale's Gorgeous Packaging

This Olive Oil Tells a Story with a Beautifully Detailed Label

Iconic Branding has created this wonderfully illustrated conceptual olive oil packaging for “The Philanthropist.”
99: Stories Dreams Poems Book

Get Your Skin Feeling Fresh With This Minimalistic Skincare Line

Konrad Sybilski designed this beautiful minimal packaging for Oilah, a skincare brand that is made with pure ingredients.

Slurps is a New Approach To Healthy Dog Treats

Up Creative Consultants & Nick Verebelyi Consultancy teamed up to bring to life a pet owner’s healthy dog treat idea. Thus, Slurps was born.
Toy Geeks Behind The Counter Ep. 30: Kirk R. Thatcher

To everybody else, it’s the same old story.

To everybody else, it’s the same old story.
To them, it’s THEIR story.

August 08 2017


How Temp Tat Business Tattly Got Started

Inspiration for entrepreneurs is all around, but the deep details about how a brand goes from an idea to a physical product or service are fuzzy. We’re breaking it down this week with Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of Tattly.. In part 2 of a 4-part series, learn about how she got the idea for this endeavor and turned it into the massively popular temporary tattoo company it is today.

20 Beautiful Examples of Gradients on Packaging

Within the last few years gradients have become a key trend within the design world. They've been used on everything from business cards to packaging design. Here are 20 beautiful examples of gradients on packaging.

Safiyka is a Symbol of Belarusian Values

Fabula Branding has developed the packaging and branding for ‘Safiyka’ for Polotsk Dairy Plant OAO. The concept is based on the significance of the local area and the importance of family values.

Sweet Tooth is the Adorable Board Game We Wish Was Real

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned board game? Especially one that is absolutely adorable! Isidora Tomic and Katarina Kukolj designed “Sweet Tooth,” a conceptual game that is a way cuter version of “Snakes and Ladders.”

Start Your Morning With a Cup of Wells Coffee

Steve Wolf Designs created this clean and easy-on-the-eyes packaging for Wells Coffee Co.

These Spreads Come With Some Seriously Homemade Love

Boxer & Co. designed the endearing packaging for Eliana’s line of spreads. The design is quirky and comes with a nice homemade feeling.
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