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November 14 2017


This Elegant Wine Was Inspired By California History

Inspired directly by California history, E. & J. Gallo Creative designed the packaging for this elegant wine.

Trip Out With This Retro Inspired Label for Pedro Ximenez Wine

This wine label is seriously trippy. Inspired by psychedelic posters from the 60s and 70s, Athlete created the packaging for Pedro Ximenez, a white Spanish wine.

Take Note: Novaolo Wine Honors the Matriarchs of the Winery

Maiden names often get lost forever, but Novaolo Wines celebrate the history of the women in the winery’s families. San Francisco agency Pavement developed a unique design the blurs lines and creates an intriguing air of mystery.

12 Beautifully Designed Advent Calendars Just In Time For the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner we wanted to celebrate some advent calendars that are taking their design to the next level. Advent calendars were traditionally designed to count down the days until Christmas and would often serve a religious purpose. In modern times however, the advent calendar has evolved to serve a commercial purpose, as brands have cashed in to create elaborate products that celebrate the best of their goods. Take a look below at our picks for some seriously beautiful advent calendars.

This Dried Fruit Packaging is Fun and Friendly

Bangkok based agency Appart_ have designed the fun illustrated packaging for Laos Liao’s Dried Fruits. The colors capture the attention of the consumer and the overall style is friendly, making for an approachable and interesting packaging design solution.

Check Out This Beautiful Type-Heavy Wine Packaging

Uppercase Studio designed the beautiful typographically driven packaging for Next Crop wines.

The Elegance and Femininity of Luz Victoria Tea

Legion Brand created this feminine and elegant packaging for Luz Victoria, a Spanish tea brand.

Go On a Comfort Journey With Bean About

Andy Audsley & Vanessa Wright created and designed Bean About, a unique compact bean bag chair that allows you access to comfort wherever you go.

“Don’t Compromise”—Creuna Shares how they Designed the Luxe Look of Krone Beer

Global agency Creuna believes customer experiences are created when design, tech, and communication collide. With a focus on the consumer and a large, talented team, they aren’t afraid to take bold leaps and challenge the typical. Case in point: Krone, a beer that looks beautiful, is incredibly clever, and and says a lot without having to say much at all.

November 13 2017


In style.

In style.


This Cosmetics Brand Concept is Out of this World

Imagine a makeup brand that celebrates people’s own unique beauty rather than holds them to a certain standard. That’s exactly what the concept Space Age is all about. Designed by Burak Ozcan, it aims to empower women by celebrating their bold and beautiful differences.


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Job of the Week: Pearlfisher

Reach Your Hair Goals With These Sleek and Modern Bleaching Products

Argentinian brand Godrej has come out with a redesign for their hair bleaching products, and boy do they stand out. With a metallic color scheme and a nice use of condensed typography, these products look sleek and modern, like your hair color should look!

I’m Looking for Clients Who’d Come to my Funeral—and Why You Should Too

I’m looking for clients who’d come to my funeral. And I’m arguing that you should, too.

The Dieline's Best of the Week

We've rounded up the best content from our site that you might have missed last week. Here are the best packaging projects and articles from last week! 

Midnight Snack?

Midnight Snack?

November 12 2017


Dancing with Myself Ho ho ho...

Dancing with Myself Ho ho ho...

#pascalcampion #BillyIdol #loose

November 11 2017


Stand by me.

Stand by me.
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