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November 16 2017


Designing with Recyclability in Mind

Plastic’s lightweight, low cost, and strong liquid barrier make it an often-picked material option. So when avoiding plastic entirely isn’t an option, here are a few surprising tips to ensure that the packaging we design can properly be recycled.

Is that a Jar of Olives in Your Pocket, or are You Just Happy to See Me?

Talk about a cheeky name! La Patería didn’t dance around the sexual innuendo when designing these jars of olives. To balance out the boldness of brand name, the agency went with a more subtle label design and visual language for the product.
Tara McPherson Wonder Woman Signing at myplasticheart (11.18)
Junko Mizuno x Lulubell Hana Early Prototype Edition
Toy Geeks Behind the Counter EP44 : Finale at DesignerCon

November 15 2017

Tracy Tubera x Mana Studios Jordan Sith Infrareds The Light Side Available Now

Just that.

Just that.


Newly Opened Willibald Farm Distillery’s Got a Distinct Look

You can’t not notice that bright and bold yellow, making Willibald Farm Distillery stand out in a sea of lots of the same. Designed by Concrete, the brand brings a youthful energy with its dynamic color palette and slanted typeface. Instead of shying away from the fact that they’re a new distillery, this design celebrates it and highlights the intensely flavorful gin they’ve launched.

This Gin’s Packaging Combines the Gorgeous and the Grotesque

Barrel aged gin with hints of elderflower? A spirit so lovely needs equally beautiful packaging, and Chad Michael Studio certainly delivered. Combining ornate and elegant elements, like gold foil and floral graphics with skulls and spiders, the label is incredibly dynamic.

How this Agency Communicated the Depth of Chinese Culture on a Liquor Bottle

We’re seeing red, and it’s never looked better. Lingyun Creative designed the packaging for JinLiuFu-YiTanHaoJiu-XiTan, a Chinese liquor intended for celebrations like weddings, buying a house, or a new baby.

SendEAT Food Delivery Identity Shows the Journey Your Food takes to Arrive

Instead of the typical online food delivery imagery you’re used to seeing, like utensils or dishware, Volta Brand Shaping Studio designed SendEAT differently. Consumers love seeing their food en route in real time, so they took this idea and made it a key part of the brand identity.

Elegant and Uncomplicated, 1pt Makes Mixology Easy

Ever dreamed of distilling your own craft spirits, complete with delicate notes of lavender or mint? Now it’s easier as ever with 1pt (“one part”). These infusion blends for alcohol and spirits from Teroforma are sure to change the way you make cocktails. Rather than mixing up a variety of spices and herbs and waiting a couple weeks to taste the result, 1pt is ready in just a few hours—and the results are reliably similar, every time.

We Think Ron Swanson Would Love this Whisky Concept for Edradour

Grab a glass and sit in your recliner by the fireplace—that’s exactly what this concept for Edradour Whisky will make you want to do. Designed by Alex Arzuman and Andy Migevant, it possesses countless ornate, classy details. Foiling feels incredibly high-end, the bottle shape stands out and looks slightly different than many on the market, and texture on the label adds to its extravagance.

This Spirit Concept Is Dripping In Luxury

This conceptual whisky represents the pinnacle of luxury. Ivan Venkov was responsible for the design of this striking spirit.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and Their New Packaging

Working with lettering artist superstar Jessica Hische, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has redesigned their logo and packaging giving it a vibrant and eye-catching makeover that celebrates a history spanning two decades of ice cream supremacy.

November 14 2017


Marked with thought

National Theatre logo NT Ian Dennis

National Theatre, London, designed in 1974 by Ian Dennis while at FHK Henrion’s London studio. The slight tweak of the stencil to combine the N and T is a lovely visual trick that stood the test of time.

Canada Snowboard logo

Canada Snowboard, designed in 2017 by Hulse & Durrell. So simple — turn the Canadian maple leaf upside down to form a snow-covered peak, and enclose it in a black diamond to represent “the most badass run on the mountain.”

ENO logo Mike Dempsey

English National Opera (ENO), designed in 1990 by Mike Dempsey while at Carroll Dempsey Thirkell. The logo has since been updated, sadly losing some of the character of that big opera mouth.

Amnesty International logo

Amnesty International, by the late Amnesty member and artist Diana Redhouse. Barbed wire for hopelessness, countered by the burning candle for hope. An ideal representation of what the brand is about.

A G Low Construction logo

A. G. Low Construction, by Rebecca Low (a student at the time). A simple mark that integrates negative space for a visual play on floor plans.

911 Memorial logo

9/11 Memorial, by Landor (New York). No words needed.

BAA logo

BAA (British Airport Authority), designed in 1986 by John David Lloyd while at Lloyd Northover. The three triangles in the symbol clearly suggest something airport related.

Oculus logo

Oculus, a collaboration between Cory Schmitz, Mackey Saturday, Nicolaus Taylor, and Jon Malkemus. The wide ‘o’ works wonderfully as a stylised VR headset.

Centre Pompidou logo

Centre Pompidou, designed in 1974 by Jean Widmer. An idea that captures the defining feature of the building — the escalator in the glass tube that’s visible from the outside.

Talk logo

Talk, by Morvil. Logos using speech marks can be found everywhere, so it’s a tough one to get right. The cleverness here is how it looks like two people talking, and then there’s the smile in the negative space.

Garden Lighting Company logo

Garden Lighting Company, by The Chase. Depending on where a logo will be seen, the execution doesn’t always need to be minimal in appearance, as with this flower / light-shade combination that immediately made me smile. The flower’s interchangeable, too, for some design flexibility.

Eagle Clean logo

Or this for Eagle Clean, by The Partners. Brilliant.

If you push your ideas that little bit further, or turn a thing upside down, or flip a letter back to front, you’ll find that mark that was just waiting to be discovered — something so obvious it makes our work look much easier than it often is.

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