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November 14 2017


Take Note: Novaolo Wine Honors the Matriarchs of the Winery

Maiden names often get lost forever, but Novaolo Wines celebrate the history of the women in the winery’s families. San Francisco agency Pavement developed a unique design the blurs lines and creates an intriguing air of mystery.

12 Beautifully Designed Advent Calendars Just In Time For the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner we wanted to celebrate some advent calendars that are taking their design to the next level. Advent calendars were traditionally designed to count down the days until Christmas and would often serve a religious purpose. In modern times however, the advent calendar has evolved to serve a commercial purpose, as brands have cashed in to create elaborate products that celebrate the best of their goods. Take a look below at our picks for some seriously beautiful advent calendars.

Turning statistics into stories: the key to nonprofit marketing

Guest post by Ayla Tezel, Executive Vice President, Communications at Wounded Warrior Project. Originally published here.


The number of nonprofit organizations in the United States has skyrocketed, from more than 630,000 in 1999  to more than 1.5 million by 2016. I expect that number to grow, and public charities will continue competing for limited attention from individuals and corporations around the country.

How does any single organization break through and convince donors their cause is worth attention? How do we drive attention to our programs in an age of “fake news” and plummeting trust in media?

My inspiration in answering these questions comes from Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)’s mission: to connect, serve and empower wounded warriors—the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country.

But they’re not just warriors; they’re people. They are people who deserve to come home from the battlefield to a welcoming community, people whose experiences have shaped who they are—and people who essentially are a lot like everyone else.

And that gives them powerful stories to share.

Put Relatable People Front and Center

Research shows that around the globe, the public is more likely to trust “a person like yourself” than the leadership of an organization. With that in mind, at WWP, we produce content that’s relatable to people—and that often means video vignettes featuring veterans telling their own stories.

There are no words as powerful as when the spouse of a service member candidly shares how their loved one needed psychological support to recover from PTSD upon returning from duty. Through genuine, and sometimes raw, emotion, video turns a statistic into a story, and stories are what drive action.

Video Creates Emotion

This December at Social Fresh 2017, the longest running social marketing conference, I’ll be speaking about how we produce videos that make an impact without exhausting our budget. We’ve learned to be creative both in how we produce them—sometimes filming on an iPhone—and in how we distribute them, internally and externally.

Video marketing is expected to account for 80 percent of all Internet traffic in the next two years. The key is to use it wisely—to foster personal connections to your mission through storytelling.

Videos like this one draw thousands of visitors and keep them engaged for long periods of time. They’re also more likely to come back to our sites if they’ve seen a particularly moving video there before.

Video Ads = Donations

And in the ultimate test for a nonprofit, we’ve seen video translate into increased donations, which allow us to provide all of our programs free of charge. Last year during “giving season,” we ran several ads on social media. The ads that contained video outperformed all other ad types, garnering 43 percent of all revenue for the social campaigns. But those are just statistics; the real story is how we’ve used those donations to help veterans who have dedicated so much of their lives to this country.

After the Social Fresh conference in December, I’ll report back with more insights about the strategies various organizations have employed to make video storytelling work effectively.

I’m curious—what have you discovered?


This Dried Fruit Packaging is Fun and Friendly

Bangkok based agency Appart_ have designed the fun illustrated packaging for Laos Liao’s Dried Fruits. The colors capture the attention of the consumer and the overall style is friendly, making for an approachable and interesting packaging design solution.

Check Out This Beautiful Type-Heavy Wine Packaging

Uppercase Studio designed the beautiful typographically driven packaging for Next Crop wines.

The Elegance and Femininity of Luz Victoria Tea

Legion Brand created this feminine and elegant packaging for Luz Victoria, a Spanish tea brand.

Go On a Comfort Journey With Bean About

Andy Audsley & Vanessa Wright created and designed Bean About, a unique compact bean bag chair that allows you access to comfort wherever you go.

“Don’t Compromise”—Creuna Shares how they Designed the Luxe Look of Krone Beer

Global agency Creuna believes customer experiences are created when design, tech, and communication collide. With a focus on the consumer and a large, talented team, they aren’t afraid to take bold leaps and challenge the typical. Case in point: Krone, a beer that looks beautiful, is incredibly clever, and and says a lot without having to say much at all.

November 13 2017


In style.

In style.


Nils Frahm: All Melody (Album Trailer)


For the past two years, Nils Frahm has been building a brand new studio in Berlin to make his 7th studio
album titled All Melody, which will be released on January 26th, 2018 via Erased Tapes, before Nils embarks on his first world tour since 2015.

Since the day Nils first encountered the impressive studio of a family friend, he had envisioned to create one of his own at such a large scale. Fast forward to the present day and Nils is now the proud host of Saal 3, part of the historical 1950s East German Funkhaus building beside the River Spree. It is here where he has spent most of his time deconstructing and reconstructing the entire space from the cabling and electricity to the woodwork, before moving on to the finer elements; building a pipe organ and creating a mixing desk all from scratch with the help of his friends. This is somewhere music can be nurtured and not neglected, and where he can somewhat fulfil his pursuit of presenting music to the world as close to his imagination as possible.

His previous albums have often been accompanied with a story, such as Felt (2011) where he placed felt upon the hammers of the piano out of courtesy to his neighbours when recording late at night in his old bedroom studio, and the following album Screws (2012) when injuring his thumb forced him to play with only nine fingers. His new album is born out of the freedom that his new environment provided, allowing Nils to explore without any restrictions and to keep it All about the Melody.

Despite being confined within the majestic four walls of the Funkhaus, buried deep in its reverb chambers, or in an old dry well in Mallorca, All Melody is, in fact, proof that music is limitless, timeless, and reflects that of Nils’ own capabilities. From a boy’s dream to resetting the parameters of music itself.

Words from Nils, October 2017:
“In the process of completion, any album not only reveals what it has become but, maybe more importantly, what it hasn’t become. All Melody was imagined to be so many things over time and it has been a whole lot, but never exactly what I planned it to be. I wanted to hear beautiful drums, drums I’ve never seen or heard before, accompanied by human voices, girls, and boys. They would sing a song from this very world and it would sound like it was from a different space. I heard a synthesiser which sounds like a harmonium playing the All Melody, melting together with a line of a harmonium sounding like a synthesiser. My pipe organ would turn into a drum machine, while my drum machine would sound like an orchestra of breathy flutes. I would turn my piano into my very voice, and any voice into a ringing string. The music I hear inside me will never end up on a record, as it seems I can only play it for myself. This record includes what I think sticks out and describes my recent musical discoveries in the best possible way I could imagine.”

The cover art was taken by photographer Lia Darjes in Nils’ new studio and designed by Torsten Posselt at FELD. A series of these in-studio photos will be included in a booklet with a copy of All Melody.

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This Cosmetics Brand Concept is Out of this World

Imagine a makeup brand that celebrates people’s own unique beauty rather than holds them to a certain standard. That’s exactly what the concept Space Age is all about. Designed by Burak Ozcan, it aims to empower women by celebrating their bold and beautiful differences.


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