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July 12 2018


Burger King: Birthday

As the only fast food chain that flame grills their burgers, Burger King knows a thing or two about fire. To celebrate the fire, we took it away. Frankly, it’s just not the same.

Video of Birthday- Burger King

Netflix: Red Flags

Those struggling with opioid addiction are likely to keep it hidden due to negative stigma.
How do we educate the people closest to them to watch for the red flags, so that they can help their loved ones, before it’s too late? In honor of International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31, Netflix, in collaboration with FCB, introduces #WatchforRedFlags. For a month, Netflix will use their most popular series to educate people on the symptoms that signal an Opioid Addiction. Throughout the shows, anytime a character portrays a behavior or sign of opioid addiction, a Red Flag will appear in the corner of the scene, with a popup explaining the behavior and what it could mean.
Using our most harmless addiction - Netflix - we build awareness and fight the stigma around a much more deadly addiction. Opioid addiction is closer to home than you think. But by seeing the Red Flags, you are already one step closer to helping those struggling with addiction

India says ‘yes’ to net neutrality
Typography: 36 Days of Type in Perspective
"Be an Ocean Hero"

The psychological ‘secret weapon’ behind England in the 2018 World Cup

In the 2018 World Cup, England's team was aided by an unconventional team member: a psychologist who equipped players with tools to navigate the mental and emotional sides of the game.

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Protestors in the UK have launched a campaign to bring “American Idiot” back to charts during Trump’s visit
Teen requires surgery to remove knotted USB cable from penis
Reposted bylukansmoke11jezuthor7otackgnol
Photo of the heroic Thai Navy SEALs who assisted saving 13 lives, have gone viral
Santa Teresa Fest

July 11 2018

Yes, you’re losing Twitter followers. No, it’s not because you’re an asshole (probably).
Dulwich Picture Gallery's 2019 pavilion will celebrate multicultural London
Banksy hits at Europe’s refugee crisis with new murals in Paris
This teen loved NBA2K so much, he was made to play it at his own wake
Couple risks getting hit by plane just to take these photos
Hackers attack Utah’s online voter database more than a billion times a day
How A Former Football Star Is Building An All-Solar City
Slinkachu: Re-imagining street art using train set figures

Roman: Asking For A Friend - Grilling

Video of Roman Commercial – Grilling – Asking for a Friend

Roman: Asking For A Friend - Fixing

Video of Roman Commercial – Fixing – Asking for a Friend
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