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July 12 2018

A Collection of Objects Extracted from the Bottom of a River
Devan Skuban envisions Brexit museum for east London
What Times Square would look like underwater
ZEIT?LOS in Bewegung
David Altmejd ou l’art du malaise absurde
How to win the Tour de France, in one image
Istanbul Design Biennial​ 2018 will feature six pop-up "schools"

Peugeot: Sebastien Loeb

Peugeot Film Ad - Sebastien Loeb
Peugeot Film Ad - Sebastien Loeb
Peugeot Film Ad - Sebastien Loeb
Video of Peugeot 208 - Even Sebastien Loeb needs a hand in the city

Black Butter: Brand Identity

Black Butter Design Ad - Brand Identity
Black Butter Design Ad - Brand Identity
Black Butter Design Ad - Brand Identity
Black Butter Design Ad - Brand Identity
Black Butter Design Ad - Brand Identity

Black Butter is a German fusion store, with a unique idea to sell beer and sneakers. The store is created for sophisticated, curious, young people that are passionate about beer and shoes.

Google X’s ambitious Loon and Wing projects graduate into independent companies

São Paulo State Health Department / Associação Atlética Ponte Preta: #shieldthemonkeys

A football team from Campinas, Ponte Preta, is known Nationwide for having a monkey as its mascot. During Brazilian Cup, we started a campaign: #shieldthemonkeys. The team gave up its shirts shield as an initiative to create awareness for the cause. Then, we started a vaccination campaign against yellow fever, a disease who is causing deaths of humans and monkeys in Brazil. But worst than that, because of misunderstood information, people were killing the animals because they thought that the monkeys would be the transmitters of the disease.

Video of #shieldthemonkeys
Creative burnout is inevitable. Here are 10 ways to beat it
Yuri Suzuki installs six colourful sound-modifying sculptures in Atlanta
Magic Leap’s mixed reality headset is coming this summer

Hershey's: Hold this Bar

How to leave the gringo image behind and be part of the conversation in the Brazilian Internet? Owning it. Hershey’s related its chocolate bars to a popular expression used in one of the greatest hits of the 90’s in Brazilian music. The slang ‘’hold this bar’’ is the chorus off ‘’Cheia de Manias’’, by Luiz Carlos. Despite its huge success the song didn’t have a clip, so Hershey’s decided to create an official one in the rhythm of reggaetón. And proposed a challenge to find out who’s ‘’the best bar holder in Brazil’’: how long can someone hold the computer spacebar? The website had hours of exclusive branded content and a prize in gold bars.

Video of Hold The Bar

Chicago Latino Film Festival: Danceable Trailers

We created a new way to promote Hispanic movies to Americans, who love our music. We wrote and produced reggaeton songs based on the plots of three movies from the Chicago Latino Film Festival. We aired them on different Chicago radio stations and played them dance clubs. At the end of each song, an announcer/DJ revealed to listeners that it wasn’t a song they just danced to, but the trailer of a movie featured at the festival.

Video of Danceable Trailers

Airtel: The Arrival

Culturally, in-laws in Nigeria usually have a silent but obvious competition going on. This film demonstrates that competition between two mothers-in-law, and how the abundance of data makes everyone happy.


Havana Club: Final Cuba Made Me

Video of Final Cuba Made Me

Burger King: Campfire

As the only fast food chain that flame grills their burgers, Burger King knows a thing or two about fire. To celebrate the fire, we took it away. Frankly, it’s just not the same.

Video of Campfire- Burger King
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