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October 10 2019


Invisible Jumpers

Photographs of jumpers blending into their surroundings for an inventive 1,000-hour knitting project. Wow!


Moon Phases Tattly

I am loving the new Moon Phases Tattly by Amanda C Marino.

This design reminds me of my childhood in the Swiss Alps where many of our neighbors and friends lived according to the moon cycles. Did you know your laundry gets whiter if you wash it on certain days, your windows don’t get streaks when you clean them, your hair grows fuller, you’ll heal faster after a surgery, your vegetables grow bigger if you pay attention on in which phase of the moon you take care of these things?

Don’t believe me? Read up on it! There are calendars and books that help you understand when to do what based on the phase of the moon. It’s absolutely fascinating!

This Plastic-Alternative Packaging for Personal Care Products Is Made Entirely Out of Soap
California bans law enforcement from using facial recognition software for the next 3 years
Study: Americans still confused by 2FA, encryption & private browsing

October 09 2019

Instagram may finally add DMs to desktop with Messenger-like interface
Shooter livestreams synagogue attack on Twitch
This pen-shaped devices is an extensive male-grooming kit
Festival Papillons de Nuit 2018
Report: Apple could launch an iPhone-powered AR headset next year

Kellogg, Bear Naked’s Stand-Up Pouch Takes Circular Route to Recyclability

eBear Naked® brand of granola, a Kellogg Company product, launched a new, fully recyclable standup pouch.
Confronted with questions around sustainability, the flexible packaging industry is working to make recyclable pouches a reality in support of a more circular economy, using the “How2Recycle” label.

According to the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), flexible packaging already comes with some endemic sustainability benefits that relate to source reduction: less material going into landfills, extended shelf-life/reduced food waste with reclosability, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to rigid packaging.

But creating a consumer-friendly circular path with recyclability has been an obstacle to flexible packaging. Consumers pay less attention to how a package is made and transported than they do to how they dispose of that package. And until recently, most people threw standup pouches in the trash since the multi-layer material is verboten in curbside recycling. Now, that’s starting to change thanks to increasing adoption—slow, but certain—of an augmentation to traditional curbside recycling. 

Dow’s RecycleReady Technology and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) promted this new option for packaging manufacturers and brands in the form of in-store drop-off centers multi-layer PE.

By using a certain portfolio of resins, adhesives, and compatibilizers, packaging manufacturers can produce sustainable, recyclable packaging. Flexible packaging using these materails can be easily recycled through existing polyethylene (PE) film recycle streams, such as grocery store drop-off programs in the United States and Canada.

Also in North America, when brand owners and retailers request RecycleReady Technology from their converters, their final package structure can be submitted to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) to qualify for the “How2Recycle” label. The label instructs consumers to visit how2recycle.info to learn how to use alternative recycleing streams to curbside for previiously unrecyclable stand up pouches. 

"At least now there is an emerging infrastructure and an emerging stream where consumers, once they're educated, can figure out that they can have the best of both worlds," says Chuck Ditter, Sales Manager, North America, Fresh-Lock, the zipper closure manufacturer on the Kellgg/Bear Naked project. "They'll realize that they can get that wonderful standup pouch that we liked so much, and the brand can still get the properties they need out of the film in the packag. Ultimately, the consumer now can feel good about being able to bring this back to their store drop-off."

Commercialized pouch from Kellogg Company
The Bear Naked® brand of granola, a Kellogg Company product, launched a new, fully recyclable standup pouch that now ‘bears’ that How2Recycle logo. It was an 18-month journey involving multiple packaging suppliers. There were many materials and components used to manufacture a flexible pouch, and each element needed to meet certain requirements for the entire package is to be easily recycled by consumers in the in-store alternative to curbside.

Kellogg wanted a way to make it easier for its loyal customers to recycle their packaging. The target market for granola-eaters likely includes many people who care deeply about the environment and want to recycle their waste whenever possible.

Kellogg had been using a service for its Bear Naked granola that required consumers to sign up for a special program and ship flexible pouches to a location for recycling. That’s a lot of work. Instead, the company wanted to allow consumers to bring used pouches to retail stores, using the How2Recycle program’s store drop-off, which is much more convenient.

However, before that could happen, Kellogg needed a recyclable film structure for its Bear Naked packaging that would be acceptable at these drop-off locations.

Film selection
The biggest challenge in recyclable flexible packaging is the film structure. While these packages are lightweight and thin, there are actually many layers of material involved in the manufacturing of films used for flexible pouches.

In order for a flexible package to be dropped off at front-of-store collection bins, a single-source, polyethylene film is needed. Berry Global’s nine-layer Entour™ film structure, a high density PE material, fit the bill, but it also provided important features beyond recyclability. The film structure surpasses Kellogg’s barrier requirements for shelf life, features a clear window to showcase the product inside, is stiff enough to stand up on store shelves, and can easily be hermetically sealed.

Resin used
The film that Berry Global manufactures is possible thanks to innovations from Dow Chemical. Dow’s RecycleReady Technology includes polyethylene resins for film structures that are approved by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®for the How2Recycle drop-off initiative.

According to Dow, its RETAIN™ polymer modifiersare compatibilizers, “allow converters to recycle barrier film trim back into film production without sacrificing optical or physical properties.”

Dow also provided a high-performance sealant that helped meet the fast-paced production line speeds for machines producing hermetically sealed packaging.

Color printing method
Every facet of a flexible package must fit within the parameters of recyclability. Plus, as packaging materials change to achieve this objective, packaging engineers must make sure other materials and components still function as expected. That includes the ink applied to films, which is important if you want your package to be attractive and on brand.

To capture the attention of shoppers, Colormaster’s registered matte finish was applied to the pouch to reinforce Bear Naked’s brand image. The finish also provides extra heat resistance so the package runs more efficiently on machinery.

Reclosable zipper closure
Reclosability is a major feature of Bear Naked’s standup pouch. But, it needed to have a zipper that could be recycled along with the special film.

Fresh-Lock developed a unique line of closures that support sustainability efforts. The line is among our growing options for sustainable products and processes. The Bear Naked package utilizes zipper style 8113 from the Fresh-Lock® 8000 Series.

"Our key to this is our zipper in and of itself was already low density polyethylene [LDPE]. So in and of itself it is recyclable," Ditter added. "The key though, is these film structures and the way our zippers seals to them. We had to do some optimization of our zippers to make sure it worked with this film and sealed well and sealed within the temperature and pressure and time parameters of their process."

Zipper style 8113 from Fresh-Lock’s 8000 Series is specifically designed to seal to recyclable polyethylene films, an attribute that not all closures can properly achieve. As a bonus, these zippers also enable faster packaging machine speeds and reliable sealing to avoid channel leakers.

Sustainability and reclosability are two important packaging features to consumers and this closure for flexible packaging supports both. In addition to allowing consumers to recycle a resealable standup pouch, it also ensures their granola stays fresh. Because nobody wants to eat stale granola bites.

Natural History Museum: A Snarky Celebration of Anthropology and Chicken Wings by Kirsten Lepore
Want to run more efficiently? Tie your feet together, say scientists

Santander: Pony

Building on their ‘Respect Adds Up’ platform, which includes ‘Run Around’ and ‘Goose,’ Santander Bank and Arnold Worldwide debut a new spots, ‘Pony,’ rooted in findings that people are complacent with their banks because they actually expect to be slighted. Banking with Santander is different for all the right reasons, as the experience is built on the right solutions that cultivate respectful relationships with your banking provider. Santander wholeheartedly stands by its ‘Don’t put up with anything less – you deserve better” statement by showing the simple ways that a positive experience with a bank has the ability to shake people out of their banking inertia. ‘Pony’ continues the theme of flipping well-known idioms to get a laugh from the audience. Using humor as a message driver, Arnold and Santander honed in on key concerns consumers have with banks and redirected the narrative to positively highlight qualities that make Santander unique.

‘Pony’ features two actors having a conversation as a quirky singing pony interrupts them with one line over and over again. The one-trick pony distracted the consumer from the reality that her bank could not deliver the caliber of service that Santander can – a point driven home by her counterpart who’s a Santander client. The spot's humorous take on an otherwise frustrating situation shows just how dedicated Santander is to showing potential, current and future clients the respect they deserve. A quick narration at the end drives home that the solutions Santander provides all ladder up to showing respect.

Video of Pony :30

Air Canada: Like a Canadian

Video of Air Canada: Travel Like a Canadian

Progressive: Baker Mayfield Cleans House, Baker Mayfield Gets a Beverage

Video of Baker Mayfield Cleans House | Progressive Commercial
Video of Baker Mayfield Gets a Beverage | Progressive Commercial
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