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February 11 2014


Cori Creed Wildflower Honey

Designed by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. | Country: Canada

“Two passions collided to create Cori Creed’s Wildflower Honey. Acclaimed West Coast landscape artist Cori Creed embraced a family tradition when she introduced bees to her flower garden – which can be admired from her studio window. To celebrate her first harvest, Cori wanted to create a limited edition package that she could share with friends, family, and supporters.

Designed by St. Bernadine, the packaging drew inspiration from Cori’s first passion – painting. Using paint tubes, St. Bernadine created a unique and simple package that was perfect for the artist. Custom lettering was created to emphasize this personalized, one-of-a-kind honey, while subtle flourishes and intricate details reflected Cori’s dedication to both her art and her garden. A die-cut label was wrapped around each tube, noting the individual flowers that helped to create the honey, along with a personal message from Cori.”

January 12 2014


Sculptor Collaborates With Bees

AGANETHADYCK1Artist Aganetha Dyck embraces the collaborative spirit by creating these fascinating sculptures with the help of some honey bees.

Read more on MAKE

November 18 2013


Honey Packaging Concept

Voici le projet Honey Concept, une idée du graphiste russe Arbuzov Maksim avec ce packaging pour le miel imaginé avec talent. Entre présentation luxueuse et rappel de la forme originale, cette création du plus bel effet est à découvrir en images sur son portfolio et dans la suite de l’article.

Honey Packaging Concept-6 Honey Packaging Concept-5 Honey Packaging Concept-3 Honey Packaging Concept-2 Honey Packaging Concept- Honey Packaging Concept-7 Honey Packaging Concept-4

November 13 2013


Hexagon Honey

Designed by Maks Arbuzov | Country: Russia

Concept work for honey packaging.

“Natural forms are the best way to show the naturalness of product. You need only to recognize the form in order to understand what’s inside of the package. The design is simple and uncluttered to show off the clean and clear product.”

October 30 2013


Bee Beautiful!

The Ru urban beehive concept focuses on aesthetics to encourage the reintegration of bees into city environments. The idea is simple: by enhancing the aesthetic, a deeper emotional connection can be created with an object that has stereotypically negative connotation. With its sculptural form, the Ru hive might improve human acceptance and raise awareness to the recent bee population decline. The beehive would be installed in parks, on greenhouse roofs or other predetermined urban areas.

Designer: Marc-André Roberge

Yanko Design
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(Bee Beautiful! was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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May 24 2013


Student Work – Westerdals School of Communication

Designed by Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads & Marius Sunde | Country: Norway

“The brief asked for a new range of flavored honey from Honningcentralen, the leading producer of honey in Norway. Our idea was to create a series of product which made the user feel like a chemist in the kitchen, with honey acting as a complementary ingredient to a variety of dishes — we wanted to create a honey that could act as a tool that could turn the kitchen into a creative playground.”


April 29 2013


Wiener Honig

Designed by Werner Singer | Country: Austria

“Wiener Honig is a Vienna based brand specialized in producing organic honey. It was founded by two friends who missed their favorite honey while they where working abroad. Originally they started out with two varieties, now stocking over a dozen. Ranging from ”Apfelstrudel“ to honey with poppyseed.

The idea was to create a design that highlights the beauty of the product. The simple package displays the different colors and textures of the varieties. The honey speaks for itself.”

April 09 2013



Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece

“The products our client exports needed a rich but simple design language in order to reach different foreign markets. We began by designing a logo, where the first letters of the two-words brand name (Food Wealth), are engulfed by the Greek flora, the lush foliage of plants. We thus created the illusion of a tiny ‘garden’ and allowed for the immediate association with the idyllic land where these products grow. Taking this a step further we designed the outlines of branches and tree leaves, referencing the source plant for every product. Olive trees and thyme are printed on the transparent glass jars, complementing the food within, in a way which allows easy and pleasurable identification. Instead of using color codes, bold graphic symbols and such we aimed for a product differential characteristic closely related to the values of the brand.”

January 23 2013


September 05 2012


Student Work – Collin Cummings

Designed by Collin Cummings | Country: United States

“I fell in love with the idea of repackaging honey because of the timelessness of honey production. The process employed by honey bees hasn’t changed. To reference this highly industrial procedure, I chose a typographic direction that felt sterile. To counterbalance the type, I designed a few complicated and emergent patterns that hide behind the color of the honey when the bottle is full. As you use the product, the elegant patterns are revealed in a second layer as a homage to the beauty and timelessness of such a refined and perfected practice such as honey production.”

July 16 2012


Eric Valli

Jonathan (B3PO) turned me onto Eric Valli’s work a few weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. One thing I want to do more of in life is experience situations like Valli has. You get a strong feeling that he deeply immerses himself into whatever culture he’s living in at the time. His award winning work on the Honey Hunters for National Geographic is insane. Climbing cliffs on who knows what kind of rope system with who knows how many bees flying around? Nuts. But the shots he brings home are flat out jaw dropping. They inspire me to want to buy a plane ticket to Tajikistan and find some sort of photo essay to do out there.

Check out the rest of Eric Valli’s work on his website. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to go out and travel somewhere awesome.

Eric Valli

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June 07 2012



Designed by Cipmann | Country: Croatia

“Cipmann was asked to create visual identity and packaging for the homemade honey and honey-based products that would emphasize their local origin and high quality. We came up with the brand name Mediterra (‘med’ is Croatian word for honey, and ‘terra’ is Latin for land, earth) and the identity that evokes natural balance and puts the bee in the primary focus.

The package design is inspired by traditional jars of homemade food which were extremely simple and had just a name sticker on them. The label on the jar is as simple as it can get. If we would to remove just one more element, it wouldn’t function any more. The color of the honey is actually the primary differentiator between the products, as it was in the old days. We think that the unobtrusive label lets the rich color of the honey speak for itself. And it speaks volumes.

The jar also contains a coaster doubling as a business card, situated under the jar’s ‘cap’ so the jar doesn’t stick to the surface.”

February 12 2012


February 08 2012


Trevor’s Honey

Designed by Cubic | Country: United Kingdom

“Our appetite for branding wholesome and interesting products and companies was the motivation behind this lovely work for Trevor’s Honey. Beekeeper Trevor was looking to launch a brand with real personality and stand-out on deli shelves. Cubic answered the brief by creating the whole brand story, including packaging and website… and had a great deal of fun along the way. The project certainly got us all buzzing. Visit trevorshoney.com to find out more about Trevor and his bees.”

February 03 2012


Epicute: Sweet Bees

cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Sweet Bees

I hope those bees have been humanely de-stingered for the safety of your dinner guests.

Submitted by: Unknown

January 24 2012


Mleko i Miód

Designed by Beza Project | Country: Poland

“Mleko i Miód” (Milk&Honey) was designed for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a gift for the Polish EU Presidency. It is a set for preparing a traditional drink. Our studio delivered a turn key solution – from the initial concept design to full coordination and project management at the production level. It consists of a porcelain cup, spoon and a jar of Polish honey. The shape of each element and graphic design were inspired by motifs originating from Polish culture and tradition. The mug was sculpted to resemble a traditional milk can and the spoon is shaped like a quill pen – a nod to the poetic provenance of the term “a land flowing with milk and honey”. The detailed recipe for ”Milk&Honey” can be found inside the box.”

December 22 2011


Honey Harvest

Over at Whitezine, we love artisanal work, and what we love even more, or is the people behind these products, how they create them, the whole process, from conception to creation and till consuming these. So whether it’s the Moleskine Silk Screen Printing, or the Dr Martens manufacture, we’ll be sure to appreciate the work of those artists. Today we’re presenting Honey Harvest, a video edited by Tiger in a Jar with the music of Helios (Hope Valley Hill). It’s about nothing but Honey, from bees to bread. We love it.

Honey Harvest

Honey Harvest

Honey Harvest

Honey Harvest

Honey Harvest

Honey Harvest

  • Français

November 15 2011


Bees Knees Honey

cute kawaii stuff - Bees Knees Honey

Sweet, sweet honey, I’m so glad you’re around to spread on toast and dribble in tea. Bees, you’re tops!

October 31 2011


Mel de Cal Milio

Designed by Puigdemont Roca | Country: Spain

A clever and subtle solution for Mel de Cal Milio honey.

August 30 2011


Student Work – Danielle Mitchell

Designed by Danielle Mitchell | Country: United States

“This project was based on a lyric or song from The Beatles. I choose the song “Taste of Honey” and turned it into a honey brand. To showcase the variety of flavors in an elegant way, I designed a minimal type treatment and paired it with a honey comb pattern. The elements of the honey comb pattern also make the the bee and flower icons shown throughout the packaging and recipe cards.”

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