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July 05 2014


February 27 2014


Feelings and thoughts

PFast1 Feelings and thoughts
Feelings and thoughts are new series of graphic design and typography posters by Adi Dizdarevic.
Minimal Feelings and thoughts
NoNsense1 1 Feelings and thoughts
FeelFree 1 Feelings and thoughts
i Scream Feelings and thoughts
Find out more HERE.

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February 26 2014


Star Wars Paper Toys

Le collectif Momot imagine des papertoys d’une grande beauté. En plus d’imaginer des créations de qualité, ces équipes coréennes s’amusent à rendre hommage à des grandes références de la culture populaire. La preuve avec ces Star Wars Paper Toys, jouant avec talent sur les différents personnages de la saga.

Star Wars Paper Toys9 Star Wars Paper Toys8 Star Wars Paper Toys7 Star Wars Paper Toys6 Star Wars Paper Toys5 Star Wars Paper Toys4 Star Wars Paper Toys3 Star Wars Paper Toys2 Star Wars Paper Toys1

45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

If you didn’t know by now, gig poster collecting started out in the 60′s and the tradition is still going strong today. In fact, the community is bigger that ever. Indie music fanatics around the world have turned into collectors. This isn’t some small fad or trend, there are entire online communities/marketplaces solely dedicated to buying and selling custom gig posters.

Designers and enthusiasts collect gig posters and treat them as artwork, just like people treat famous paintings. The average Joe might think that posters are pointless to collect or hang on your wall, but they couldn’t be more wrong. A great gig poster will make you kick yourself for not coming up with that idea first, push the boundaries of  your imagination, and inspire you.

Gig posters tend to be limited and sell out quickly. I believe this is one of the main reasons the gig poster community is so vibrant. Knowing you’re one of only a handfull of people who own that specific poster is pretty special. This reminds me of Pokemon cards. (Yes, I’m not ashamed to say it. I used to be in them. I think I might have a few holographic cards laying around somewhere.)

What makes a great poster?

Well, let’s start off with the most obvious reason. A poster or a flyer is a basic form of advertisement for an upcoming event, tour, album, etc. But why can’t it be more than an ad?

It can!

Not only does a great poster convey the message clearly, but it can also provide a visual feast. That’s the entire purpose of this article. I want to inspire you to create a poster that will make people feel ashamed for even thinking about throwing it in the trash.

Today we have a tremendous collection of well designed gig posters and flyers. You might not like every single poster you’ll see today, however I can almost guaranteed you will see at least one that will blow your socks off. Enjoy!

406408225286 ttcirkek l1 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

ca402f7410884454ec5c303336e8591d1 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

22ea7ede7fd1c43afd62748806f31d4a1 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

bbbacf16433726efc44f8f5c702794c31 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

105a12509ed4c69af74c767e736bfc591 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

117909012ca4ea05772cb26980ccc2501 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

a667019d18482f0312f17b91d61492991 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

e74fda67766b37abf96708fbbbe5f3761 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 icubeweb21 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 infotag2012web031 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 mollono6001 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 battlenightwebflyer1 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 icarusweb011 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 enzo211 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 auffhartweb11 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 slc021 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 712web31 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

tumblr lqnbxqacc61qzux4zo1 12801 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 tanzklinik4web11 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 nastytrashsgweb021 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

45 hdnmiamivice1web21 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

Author information

Igor Ovsyannykov
Igor Ovsyannykov
Igor Ovsyannykov is a 21 year old geek, blogger, and designer. He mostly spends his time working here and sharing resourceful knowledge with others. He also enjoys weight lifting, hanging out with friends, and losing his mind to progressive house music. If you would like to reach him, send him an email to inspirationfeed@yahoo.com

February 25 2014


Forma & Co

Forma & Co

Forma & Co

Forma & Co

A nice body of work by Barcelona based agency, Forma & Co. I personally like the work done for the Can Felipa Civic Center.

February 24 2014


Marvel & DC Underwear Print

il fullxfull.519789364 f2md 650x650 Marvel & DC Underwear Print
Can you guess them all without looking? These bright and colourful prints feature 60 of the post popular Superhero and Supervillain undies. Created by Toronto based art shop Design Different.

il fullxfull.404742718 n401 650x888 Marvel & DC Underwear Printil fullxfull.404740433 i397 650x888 Marvel & DC Underwear Printil fullxfull.519787494 mu7v 650x433 Marvel & DC Underwear Printil fullxfull.519787488 gtrp 650x433 Marvel & DC Underwear Printil fullxfull.519854769 ned7 650x433 Marvel & DC Underwear Printil fullxfull.519789784 ot2k 650x433 Marvel & DC Underwear Print

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February 21 2014


Little: Fair State Brewing Cooperative Identity and Collateral

I am loving the work that Minneapolis’s Little has developed for Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Minnesota’s first cooperative brewery.

Little: Fair State Brewing Identity and Collateral / on Design Work Life

Little: Fair State Brewing Identity and Collateral / on Design Work Life

As a co-op, the brewery is equally focused on producing perfectly crafted beer and building a strong community of members. Inspired by this passion, we are developing a unique brand position, naming, identity system, website, packaging and merchandise that reflect the brewery’s one-for-all feel. At the heart of the identity is the iconic “infinity beer”, which speaks to the unending connection between brewer and community and the joy to be found in a collective perspective. It’s bold, friendly and unique, just like Fair State beers.

Little: Fair State Brewing Identity and Collateral / on Design Work Life

Little: Fair State Brewing Identity and Collateral / on Design Work Life

Little: Fair State Brewing Identity and Collateral / on Design Work Life

February 20 2014


Socio Design

Socio Design

Socio Design

Socio Design

Socio Design

Socio Design

Here is another small design studio based out of London, that’s producing amazing work. Socio’s work is simply stunning. Not a single piece is subpar, and the level of detail that went into every project is astonishing.

This is the kind of work that you look at and makes you think “man, I suck!”. It definitely made me feel that way, dammit! But that’s a good thing. I think every once in awhile we all need someone or something to let us think that we suck. It motivates.

February 19 2014


New Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein

L’artiste Kathy Klein aime créer des jolies compositions florales au sol avec ses deux mains vertes. Dans un style coloré et psychédélique, elle mélange toutes sortes de fleurs pour en faire des rosaces éphémères qu’elle appelle « Danmalas ». Une sélection de ses créations est disponible dans la suite.


Kathy Klein 17 Kathy Klein 16 Kathy Klein 15 Kathy Klein 14 Kathy Klein 13 Kathy Klein 12 Kathy Klein 11 Kathy Klein 10 Kathy Klein 9 Kathy Klein 8 Kathy Klein 7 Kathy Klein 6 Kathy Klein 5 Kathy Klein 4 Kathy Klein 3 Kathy Klein 2 Kathy Klein 1

Chef’s Speciality 3D Impressions

Une nouvelle fois partenaire du magazine Fricote, nous vous présentons « Statues d’Auto-Entrepreneurs », une série produite par le magazine avec l’aide de LEBLOX pour la réalisation d’impressions 3D de chefs, et leurs plats signatures. Une direction artistique signée par William Roden et Richard Banroques de WAF Agency pour Fricote. Plus d’informations sur notre collaboration à découvrir dans la suite.

Pierre Hermé – L’Ispahan

Paul Bocuse – La Soupe aux Truffes noires « V.G.E. »

Michel Bras – Le Capucin

Alain Ducasse – Cookpot de légumes

Jean-François Piège – Le Blanc-Manger


Cette série photographique est à découvrir dans le nouveau Fricote Magazine n°14 dont la couverture a été réalisée par le talentueux duo Zim&Zou. Retrouvez aussi dans ce numéro sur le thème « ConforTable » un article « Comfy At Home » signé par l’équipe de Fubiz. Magazine disponible depuis le 13 février.


Jessica Hische: Jess & Russ Keepsake

You may remember seeing Jessica Hische‘s epic wedding website awhile back, a richly detailed parallax design featuring the work of many of her and now-husband Russ Maschmeyer’s friends.

Based on that, I assumed the rest of the wedding details were equally amazing, but I hadn’t yet seen any of them until I discovered their wedding keepsake on a recent visit to her portfolio. And it does not disappoint. This gorgeous print piece, which was given to all of their guests, included all of the artwork from the site on one side and the full timeline of their meeting on the back.




Each font was printed offset with hits of gold foil, and the backs also featured gold foil alongside letterpress printing. Each set of fronts and backs were then duplexed together with gold edge painting. I can’t imagine how amazing these must look in person, and I am sure each guest will hold on to them for a long time to come.











Creative Credits:
Printing: Studio On Fire
Illustrators (in the order they appear on jessandruss.us): Christopher Silas Neal, Frank Stockton, Nicholas Felton, Sam Weber, Josh Cochran, Gilbert Ford, Jason Kernevich of The Heads of State, Chris Buzelli, Grady McFerrin, Alex Eben Meyer, Neil Swaab, Jennifer Daniel, Gina & Matt, James Gulliver Hancock, Jillian Tamaki

February 17 2014


Best-of Calendars on Fubiz

Voici notre première sélection bimensuelle du mois de Février, sur les meilleures créations de calendriers qui ont jalonné les deux dernières années. Entre calendriers « Paper Art », interactifs, colorés et côtoyant la photographie, le design ou la technologie : nous vous laissons le plaisir de tout découvrir dans la suite.

Tea Calendar by Kolle Rebbe.

2014 Calendar With Flavours by Nearly Normal Craft.

Perpetual Calendar by Arina Pozdnyak.

Past and Future Calendar by Bitri.

Design Award Winner DIY Calendar by Bitri.

Typodarium Calendar by Typodarium.

Run Run Run Calendar by Fabian Greiser.

Beautiful Gradient Calendar by This Studio.

Lego Calendar by Vitamins Design.

Pantone 2013 Calendar by Pentagram Design.

Calendar iOS Posters 2014 by New Idols.

11 Calendar-iOS-Posters-2014-11 10 Pantone-2013-Calendar11-640x626 9 Lego-Calendar9-640x354 8 Beautiful-Gradient-Calendar3-640x426 7 Run-Run-Run-Calendar8-640x366 1 Tea-Calendar-7-640x512 6 Typodarium-Calendar-23 5 Design-Award-Winner-DIY-Calendar6-640x426 4 Back-to-the-future-Special-Calendar4-640x427 3 Perpetual-Calendar2 2 2014-Calendar-13 0 calendar bestof v2

February 14 2014


Animal Alphabet

L’artiste londonien Marcus Reed a imaginé ce superbe alphabet en utilisant la faune pour les faire épouser la forme des lettres. Chaque animal correspond ainsi à sa première lettre dans la langue de Shakespeare, proposant ainsi d’apprendre en s’amusant. un traitement graphique des plus réussis, qui ravira les petits comme les grands.

Animal Alphabet11 Animal Alphabet10 Animal Alphabet9 Animal Alphabet8 Animal Alphabet7 Animal Alphabet6 Animal Alphabet5 Animal Alphabet4 Animal Alphabet3 Animal Alphabet2 Animal Alphabet1 Animal Alphabet0

February 13 2014


Alliteration Inspiration: Hearts & Horns

Alliteration Inspiration is a weekly column featuring the top twenty pieces of visual inspiration based on two random alliterative themes. This week’s thematic combo: hearts & horns.


With Valentine’s Day less than 24 hours away (I certainly hope this isn’t your first reminder), our hardworking hearts are working overtime to keep the lovey vibes and, you know, blood, flowing. These ten heart pieces are certain to get yours palpitating.

Brian Hurst / Promo stickersBrian Hurst / Promo stickers Kelly Thompson / Logo - Cakehouse BakeryKelly Thompson / Logo – Cakehouse Bakery Cult Cat / Packaging design - Valentine's CakeCult Cat / Packaging design – Valentine’s Cake Joel Kimmel / Letterpress Valentine designJoel Kimmel / Letterpress Valentine design Hearts Only Club / Screenprinted poster - Special FriendsHearts Only Club / Screenprinted poster – Special Friends  Simon Frouws / Packaging design & logo - Rubro Natural DrinksSimon Frouws / Packaging design & logo – Rubro Natural Drinks Adam Grason / Illustrated crestAdam Grason / Illustrated crest Anna Dunn / Pattern designAnna Dunn / Pattern design Nelson Aedo / Illustration - Tu y Yo CollectionNelson Aedo / Illustration – Tu y Yo Collection Dan Matutina / Illustration series - Versus/HeartsDan Matutina / Illustration series – Versus/Hearts


Just as “putting a bird on it” makes something instantly indie, putting horns on anything makes it instantly badass. Narwhal without a horn? Wuss. Narwhal with a horn? Look out. Toughen up your design chops with inspiration from these ten horned masterpieces.

Sun Ju Lee, Enrique Alvarado, Alex Revson and Dawn Sutton / Student work - brand identity & collateral - Narwhal DesignsSun Ju Lee, Enrique Alvarado, Alex Revson and Dawn Sutton / Student work – brand identity & collateral – Narwhal Designs Bob Galmarini / IllustrationBob Galmarini / Illustration Erin E. Sullivan / Logo concept - RampageErin E. Sullivan / Logo concept – Rampage Ryan Feerer / Packaging design - Slapfat Brew-B-Q SauceRyan Feerer / Packaging design – Slapfat Brew-B-Q Sauce Mathias Temmen / Stationery - Hunting SocietyMathias Temmen / Collateral – Hunting Society Mads Thorsoe / Magazine concept - RhinoMads Thorsoe / Student work – magazine concept – Rhino Ty Wilkins / Album art - by The Devil & the Diamond by MatuotoTy Wilkins / Album art – The Devil & the Diamond by Matuoto Hype & Slippers / Packaging - Das HornHype & Slippers / Packaging design – Das Horn Kael Little / Packaging concept - Rocky Road BakeryKael Little / Packaging concept – Rocky Road Bakery Kartika Kosasih / Typeface concept - HonkKartika Kosasih / Typeface concept – Honk

February 12 2014


Calendar iOS Posters 2014

Les russes de New Idols ont imaginé un calendrier en s’inspirant du flat design de l’iOS des produits Apple. Un rendu très fidèle et surprenant, jouant avec intelligence sur les codes. Le projet Calendar iOS Posters 2014 est à découvrir dans une série complète d’images dans la suite de l’article.

Calendar iOS Posters 2014-16 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-15 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-14 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-13 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-12 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-11 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-10 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-9 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-8 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-7 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-6 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-5 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-3 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-2 Calendar iOS Posters 2014-1 Calendar iOS Posters 2014- Calendar iOS Posters 2014-17

Your Brain On Audio Books: Distracted, Forgetful, And Bored

Of all the ways to enjoy a book, minds wander most when we're listening to someone else read it.

With so much focus in the publishing world on e-books, you might have missed the recent explosion in the popularity of audio books. They've become a billion-dollar industry with huge annual sales growth, in part because anyone with a smartphone can now also pocket an audio book. Alexandra Alter of the Wall Street Journal writes that the audio surge is changing the very way people read, "creating a new breed of literary omnivores who see narrated books and text as interchangeable."
Our mode of enjoying a book can alter the way we absorb its material.

Read Full Story


February 11 2014


Wood You Like To Write This Down?!

The new memo pad from Appree resembles a block of wood, the same block of wood that was probably used to make them.

With the pattern printed on both sides, this thick, vellum paper gives the feeling of real wood. The paper pieces sit inside of a wood-shaped block and you can slide each sheet out one at a time.

Get it here.


New York City Ballet by JR

Découvrez la dernière collaboration avec le New York City Ballet par JR qui a investi le David H. Koch Theater dans le cadre de la 2ème édition des Art Series. Au cœur du hall du théâtre, un oeil immense composé des 80 danseurs du ballet. Pour Fubiz, voici en exclusivité l’ensemble des œuvres présentées au NYC Ballet.