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February 26 2014


February 20 2014


February 18 2014


February 13 2014


Student Work – Anastasia Ovsyannikova

Designed by Anastasia Ovsyannikova | Country: Russia

“Packaging of meat chips for teens. The flavor lineup includes: pork, beef, chicken and rabbit. It’s a fancy and healthy snack, an alternative to the ordinary chips, chocolate and other unhealthy snacks.

Small handy pack for usage while on the run. Each pack contains vinyl stickers in order to sticker bomb everything around. Visual idea is to combine street characters and stickers.”

February 12 2014


Kings Biltong

Designed by Robot Food | Country: United Kingdom

“The market for healthy, protein-packed snacks is booming, and Kings Biltong is leading the way. The nutrition brand, set up by three ex-England rugby-playing brothers, makes dried, sliced beef in a range of delicious flavours.

Produced on their North Yorkshire farm from grass-fed British-beef, the high-protein, low-fat snacks offer athletes an alternative to chalky protein bars and other supplement snacks that often miss the mark in terms of both taste and quality perceptions.

Specialist brand development agency Robot Food, was asked to kick their branding and packaging into touch. The clean, confident result uses bolder, simplified branding, messaging and colourways to put quality, taste and provenance first.”

“Creative Director, Simon Forster, said, “The ingredients for a really great brand were already there. These natural, 100% British products are made to very high standards, and the rebrand celebrates this with proud, contemporary design which has a vintage sporting appeal.”

Charlie Simpson-Daniel, Director of Kings Biltong, commented, “We wanted our brand to really do our biltong justice and drive the message home about our commitment to quality, taste and 100% British ingredients. It was also important to emphasise our traditional values. Robot Food helped us realise our potential and we’re absolutely delighted with the results.”

February 10 2014


Secret Location

Designed by SabotagePKG | Country: United Kingdom

“SabotagePKG have designed the entire packaging range for Secret Location concept store Vancouver, Canada. 

Capturing the essence of the Vancouver concept store’s unique brand, and applying it to each facet of the customer experience for both retail and food.

Taking the store’s existing brand and ethos of originality, quality and craftsmanship, we created bespoke designs to complement the unique in-store experience – from the desirable, uniquely designed carrier bag right down to the small, sublime coffee cups & bespoke carrier for the store’s tasting room.”

December 16 2013


Renee Voltaire

Designed by TBWA\ Stockholm | Country: Sweden

“TBWA continues to evolve the design for Renée Voltaire, this time in the breakfast product range. The body of work included conceptualization of the range as well as naming and design.

Renée Voltaire was one of the first players in the organic segment.  When the brand launched it was relatively unique in design.  Now, as more and more brands have taken organic positions and signal organic cues in their communication, it was time for Renée Voltaire’s design to take the next step – to once again stand out on the shelves.”

“The breakfast range is named Lovely Morning, inspired by the thought that a good morning can set the tone for the entire day.  Because of this, bright, energetic colors and symmetric patterns were used to instill a sense of vibrancy and balance.  The range includes three different flavors of Crunchy Granola and Fruity Nutty Muesli.”

“Art Director Alexander Fredlund and Designer Christian Styffe are responsible for the design and illustration work at TBWA.  The working group also includes Håkan Engler, Planner and Robert Schelin, Account Director.”

December 09 2013


Student Work – Manuel Bortoletti

Designed by Manuel Bortoletti | Country: Italy

“The project illustrates the brand identity of Tenuta Veneta, the name of a fictitious multifunctional structure which promotes the quality of the agri-food of the Italian region Veneto.

The products are not only bought here, but also consumed and studied. To offer that service, Tenuta Veneta is composed by a bistro, a shop and a place where it organizes cooking class, tastings and teaching.”

“The design process starts with the search for a visual in line with the values of Tenuta Veneta, particularly focusing towards the producer/consumer relationship and the provision of healthy and natural food. In this sense, the logical path led to the conclusion that the protagonists of the Veneto agri-food reality are nothing more than those located at the origin of the production process: plants and animals from which raw materials are derived, and the producer that collects and transforms them.

So, the visual project starts with the logo analysis, whose purpose is giving the feeling of direct contact between the producer and the final consumer. Then, it continues with studying the labels of the products sold in the shop, trying to create a consistent visual identity, adhering to the values of the brand.”

December 01 2013


Hangbag: A Shopping Bag With A Twist

Shopping bags are naturally given to the customers as they purchase clothes from the store and they are unintentionally collected at homes. What if we add a twist to these bags and transform it as hangers when you take your clothes home? By following the easy-to-follow graphic instructions on the bag, users can easily reuse the shopping bag in a more practical manner while also being sustainable. Don’t stack shopping bags in a corner anymore. Hangbag can be revolutionary!

Designers : Parin Sanghvi, Shruti Gupta, and Mohit Singhvi


November 29 2013


Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Boston Bag

Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Boston Bag

For Fall/Winter 2013 Master-Piece Japan and Medicom Toy have teamed up for a very limited capsule collection, applying a unique military inspired aesthetic to a carefully curated selection of their top quality luggage. A bold take on their everyday essential backpack, the Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Boston Bag is made in Japan and is constructed from incredibly durable Cordura nylon with an all over camouflage print. Featuring innovative hardware and plush suede reinforcement, this expertly executed piece of design is finished with a woven logo patch. Naturally, any collaboration from Medicom wouldn’t be complete without one of their sought after Be@arbrick figures, with a Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Figure decked out in the collection’s camouflage print included with every bag in the collection. Available now at End.

Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Boston Bag 1

Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Boston Bag 2

3Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Boston Bag 3

Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Boston Bag 4

Master-Piece x Be@rbrick Boston Bag 5

November 24 2013


Gunnarshögs Gård

Designed by Neumeister | Country: Sweden

“When a farm known for its artisanal oil and food products has been family owned for 4 generations, heritage and tradition form the usual brief. But Gunnarshögs Gård came to us looking for more — an identity that not only conveyed their legacy, but also signalled the market leading expertise they had earned over generations.

With that challenge in mind, we sought to celebrate past success with a wholly modern expression. Marrying a graphic drawing of the actual Gunnarshögs farm with a persistent typeface and carefully chosen colour palette. Resulting in an identity that radiates appeal and tells a story of exquisitely modern products from a family company.”

“The distinctive G logo, inspired by how rap seed oil is cold pressed, anchors the new look bringing recognition and unity to the product range. Serving to also carry the Gunnarshögs mark of excellence into print material, signage and website.”

November 11 2013


J. Hornig

Designed by Moodley Brand Identity | Country: Austria

“For 100 years now, J. Hornig has been bringing delicious coffee to Austria. It’s a popular family-run business with traditional roots. Nevertheless there’s no better time than now to “restart” the brand. To focus on the future and to stop following the trends of the past few decades. J. Hornig still knows how coffee tastes best: Black, natural and home-made. It’s the essence that counts most. And the pleasure when roasting coffee.”

“The brand has a simple appearance, with abstract elements and emphasis is placed on the substance. After all, it’s really about the coffee. The new brand represents a good ambience and comfort – in other words it’s for pleasure. For the pleasure of enjoying your own little coffee moments. The brand positioning is made possible by bringing the craftsmanship to the foreground whilst letting the tradition behind it come to life. Even so, one moves with the times. The entire appearance of the brand should be unmistakable. The use and choice of font, colour and format conform to specially defined design principles.”

October 22 2013


Woolrich Wollen Mills x Topo Design Bag Collection


American heritage fabric maker Woolrich Woolen Mills and Colorado’s Topo Designs have teamed up to create this limited edition offering of bags. Topo Designs largely gives up their penchant for bright colors in this collection and opts to use some of Woolrich’s famous plaids as the base for both a duffel and Klettersack backpack. The dopp kit, however, is more in line with what we’ve come to expect from Topo Designs. The bags are priced between $39-$249 and are available for purchase through Topo Designs’ website.



October 17 2013



Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece

“The Briefing (In Brief): We have a series of materials related to construction and building. The brand’s name translates as “construction”. We want a packaging which will convey this in a simple, modern, distinctive way.

The target consumer: Professionals in building, and common people who have simple construction works as a hobby.

The design: We focused on the idea of construction and used Tetris game as our reference platform. The highly successful tile – matching puzzle video game, was launched in the 80′s and is based on the random sequence of Tetriminos (color shapes composed of four square blocks each) which fall down the playing field – the “well” or “matrix” – to form specific structures. If it is true that play is at the base of every creative activity and if we all share building-with-cubes childhood memories, we designed the BAU packaging as a fun way to bring the “matrix” to adult realities.”

October 05 2013


September 27 2013


Hard Graft Wool Flat Pack

One part backpack, one part attache, the new Hard Graft Wool Flat Pack is a commuter-conscious carry-all for your daily back-and-forth. It is designed in typical Hard Graft fashion, which means there’s nothing typical about it– fine vegetable-tanned leather and Italian wool come together with hand-crafted care. The new Flat [...]

September 19 2013


Electropack for the Digital Lifestyle

The SOOT Electropack is a fully transformable bag system that charges your mobile devices for up to two weeks off the grid! The design actually consists of 3 modular bag of different size that can be combined in a variety of ways to suit the user’s needs. Each contains a 10,000mAh battery- as thin as possible without sacrificing power. Charge up to four devices at once — from smart phones to tablets, and wireless speakers to smart watches. The SOOT Electropack charges anything that’s USB-powered!

The Mini Messenger (AKA the “Tablet Messenger”) is the perfect small pack for quick trips into the city. At just over 10 Liters, you can pack in a light jacket, a 1-liter water bottle, your iPad (there’s an integrated protective sleeve for that!) a book, your keys, and a bit more! On a long flight? Keep your entertainment charged up along the way via the built-in 10,000mAh battery! Includes an outward-facing battery compartment that houses the SOOT Battery with dual USB ports.

The Commuter is a space-optimized 24-Liter backpack with a protective laptop sleeve. This is your best bet for that daily commute to the office. Just like the Mini Messenger, the Commuter includes an outward-facing battery compartment that houses one SOOT Battery with dual USB ports.

Combine the Mini Messenger together with the Commuter to form the Carry-On. Made of premium ballistic nylon and ultra-high grade marine vinyl, this is the SOOT Electropack in its most voluminous form — and it’s the perfect travel bag for a weekend getaway. At just over 34 Liters, it’s great for packing in larger cargo and taking on board your next flight!

Designer: SOOT

Yanko Design
Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
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(Electropack for the Digital Lifestyle was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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September 17 2013



Designed by Bessermachen | Country: Denmark

“Karamelleriet is the result of two enthusiasts, a common dream, and a respect for old handcraft. This is reflected in their completely handmade products and personal production. 

The new visual identity had to reflect these values while at the same time being innovative, and daring to be different. With this Karamelleriet has achieved an expression that their caramel production is the best. 

The design was developed by Bessermachen design studio in close collaboration with Karamelleriet.”

“Inspiration: The entire expression is based on the most essential: the caramel. The contrasting curves which occur during the whole process and the simple and elegant expression the finished caramel has. 

Logo: The first steps were to enclose Karamelleriet and their craft in a logo which is unique and handmade. The caramels soft organic shape and the characteristic lines when it is stretched became the foundation for the hand-drawn logo.”



Designed by QuesttoNó & Tátil Design | Country: Brazil

“The greatest challenge was to develop a new product focused on mass market for the new Brazilian consumers, offering a high-quality product but affordable cost . To achieve that results, low price, highly attractive and environmentally responsible products would be necessary. More than a classic design process, an innovation by design approach was applied. The creative team participated in all areas of the process. The naming, the packaging, formulation, business model, distribution, manufacturing, etc.

A collaborative project with the participation of all stake holders, testing several scenarios virtually and physically. Financial analysis and environmental impact were used while mockups and new tests were performed. Market researches was conducted to identify trends of habits and usage of our target consumer in parallel with trips looking forward to new production technologies.”

The result? A product of great success, reducing more than 50% the cost and 70% environmental impact then a conventional similar package. A cosmetic brand that takes the pouch as principal packaging and also discusses with consumers the paradigms of packaging and the responsible consumption.”

September 10 2013


The Worton Weekender Leather Bag By Blue Claw

The Worton Weekender1 The Worton Weekender Leather Bag By Blue Claw
Inspired by stylish travel, the Worton Weekender invites you to discover both luxury and functionality. The bag combines sophistication and sport – a fusion imperative for the working professional. Made from imported full-grain leather and resilient non-rip ballistic nylon, the bag is also equipped with an easy to clean waterproof liner to protect your contents inside.

More info

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