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Fantastic Posters and Book Covers by Will Staehle (LA)

I was in a San Francisco Public Library the other weekend, when I came across this vibrant book cover for The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon.  Obviously I had to track down the artist who designed such an awesome cover, and I was able to find the portfolio of Los Angeles based Will Staehle,  also known as Lone Wolf Black Sheep.



This cover ought to look familiar to a lot of people out there -- Staehle has designed some awesome covers for some of Michael Crichton's biggest novels.  I can only wonder how it feels to design something for such a legendary author.  The Jurassic Park covers seem to be similar, but I couldn't find any confirmation that Staehle also designed those as well.

And, as if he hasn't done enough great work, he's also the artist responsible for this very witty series, Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre.  I can scroll for days and get dozens of giggles from these well-designed pieces.  I'm sure most of you have seen some of these floating around the internet, I definitely have seen them more than a few times.

Lastly, here's a very interesting talk by Will Staehle for the  Type Directors Club that's definitely worth a watch.

Many of these prints are available for purchase on Staehle's online poster shop, so make sure to visit it here.


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