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Balloon Rooms

Balloon Rooms 650x520 Balloon Rooms
The simplest inventions can make life so much more interesting. What do you think when you hear the word “balloon”? I am sure we all remember back to a time in our childhood when we were inhaling the helium from balloons to make our voices squeaky. And we can not forget all of those new balloon animal pets that we got at the local fair, the circus, or at birthday parties for those who had parents cool enough to get a clown to show up.

But, how many of us could ever imagine using a balloon to fill up an entire room, transforming the look of it? I know I have seen some huge balloons in the past, but this really takes the grand prize. Penique Productions, an artist collective from Barcelona, Spain that was founded in the year 2007, using gigantic plastic balloons to completely change the look of any room.

Balloon Rooms 1 650x433 Balloon Rooms
Balloon Rooms 4 650x609 Balloon Rooms
Balloon Rooms 5 650x470 Balloon Rooms
Balloon Rooms 6 650x481 Balloon Rooms


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