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February 25 2014


February 23 2014


February 19 2014


February 18 2014


February 14 2014


Fotolia TEN Collection Season 3

Our partner and hosting sponsor Fotolia announce their new season of TEN collaborations. Наши друзья и хостинг-партнеры фотобанк Fotolia немного изменили концепию проекта TEN by Fotolia в этом году, на это раз объединили...  Keep on reading
fotolia10-2014 fotolia10

Posted by Arseny Vesnin


February 12 2014

Futuristic Fantasy Landscapes
These new paintings by acclaimed Russian digital artist Alex Andreev continue his unique vision in pairing human landscapes with whimsical flights of fancy. His latest works feature everything from dinosaurs trekking through urban landscapes to stingrays soaring in the air. Beautifully surreal. All images © Alex Andreev Via Behance

February 11 2014


Phantogram Voices – Making Of by Joshua Davis

We shared Phantogram new music video “Fall in Love” now please explore the inner workings of it by generative graphic artist Joshua Davis and director Timothy Saccenti.  Keep on reading
phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-11 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-10 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-9 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-8 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-7 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-6 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-5 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-4 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-3 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-2 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis-1 phantogram-voices-joshuadavis

Posted by Arseny Vesnin

A Land for Dreamers
An image that went viral on the web is “Go Your Own Road” by Erik Johansson. Since 2009, this Swedish artist has become internationally acclaimed with a large following on Facebook, commissioned by companies like Adobe, Microsoft and Google, and invited to speak at TEDSalon in London. Johansson is more inspired by painters like Dali...

February 10 2014


Typography Playground by Ruslan Khasanov

Russian designer Ruslan Khasanov shows of new typography experiments. They include typography artworks based on chemical reactions, film disposals and even edible stuff as a part of his I Ate Alphabet Tumblr page....  Keep on reading
khasanov-typography-2014-10 khasanov-typography-2014-9 khasanov-typography-2014-8 khasanov-typography-2014-7 khasanov-typography-2014-6 khasanov-typography-2014-5 khasanov-typography-2014-4 khasanov-typography-2014-3 khasanov-typography-2014-2 khasanov-typography-2014-1 khasanov-typography-2014-0

Posted by Arseny Vesnin


February 09 2014


Lyubomir Sergeev

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria advertising agency of Lyubomir Sergeev has some pearls in portfolio worth to show off here in the post.  Keep on reading
Lyubomir-Sergeev-2 Lyubomir-Sergeev-6 Lyubomir-Sergeev-5 Lyubomir-Sergeev-4 Lyubomir-Sergeev-3 Lyubomir-Sergeev-1 Lyubomir-Sergeev

Posted by Arseny Vesnin


February 08 2014


Walking City

Architecture + Evolution + Movement = Universal Everything Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in...  Keep on reading

Posted by Arseny Vesnin


February 07 2014

Explosive Skin Transformations
Me&Edward is a French photographer who makes super-realist images, using the human body as a palette to twist and manipulate into weird and wonderful shapes. Sometimes shocking, always inspiring, his work shows us what can occur when you have a perfect marriage of imagination and digital skill. All images © Me&Edward Photography Via Tumblr

Trivial Expose by Alberto Seveso

Trivial Expose is a new project from talented digital artist Alberto Seveso where he merges female beauty with random colourful patterns maid with paint and other magic.  Keep on reading
alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-0 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-10 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-9 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-8 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-7 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-6 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-5 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-4 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-3 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-2 alberto-seveso-trivial-expose-1

Posted by Arseny Vesnin


How big are Olympics venues?

I am not a big fan of sports (lawn-tennis only) and never let myself to start political discussions here, but I like art and infographics. That’s what you can see in the latest...  Keep on reading
ny-slopes-4 ny-slopes-3 ny-slopes-2 ny-slopes-1 ny-slopes-0

Posted by Arseny Vesnin


February 05 2014

Through the Looking Glass…
Art and media director and photographer Luciana Urtiga from Brazil leads us through the looking glass in her bewitching black and white photography. In her portrait shots, the faces dissolve into mirrors and powerful illusions are created by simple in-camera tricks. Escape reality for a second with this spellbinding visual artist. All images © Luciana...

February 04 2014


Digital art inspiration | #910

In our popular Digital art galleries we present a mixture of stunning photo manipulations, digital illustrations and other amazing digital art that we’ve stumbled upon on the internet.

Breath by Rafael Sarmento
Go to image pageBreath by Rafael Sarmento

WITHIN by Rik Oostenbroek
Go to image pageWITHIN by Rik Oostenbroek

Go to image pageWCTF by DSORDER

Let it glow by DSORDER
Go to image pageLet it glow by DSORDER

Music Week Vilnius 2013 by Adomas Jazdauskas
Go to image pageMusic Week Vilnius 2013 by Adomas Jazdauskas

Go to image pageA by IAMFORM

Consulting Detective
Go to image pageConsulting Detective
Submitted by Laura Racero.

UFC Poster by Jon Jones
Go to image pageUFC Poster by Jon Jones

Goverdose illustrations by Maciej Zelaznowski
Go to image pageGoverdose illustrations by Maciej Zelaznowski

Raven by Pawel Kozakowski
Go to image pageRaven by Pawel Kozakowski

Sacrifice 6.66 mm by IAMFORM
Go to image pageSacrifice 6.66 mm by IAMFORM

MONUMENT by Tyran Trieu
Go to image pageMONUMENT by Tyran Trieu

Luther by WARENDT
Go to image pageLuther by WARENDT

FIRE by BrownzArt
Go to image pageFIRE by BrownzArt

AfterShock by French Toast
Go to image pageAfterShock by French Toast
Submitted by Antoine.

Lebron James
Go to image pageLebron James "explosion" by Caroline Blancher

Byronic by Boris Pelcer
Go to image pageByronic by Boris Pelcer

Wooden Robots
Go to image pageWooden Robots

Fulgur by Bastienald
Go to image pageFulgur by Bastienald
Submitted by Bastien Allard.

Tea of the gods
Go to image pageTea of the gods
Submitted by Kevin Roodhorst.

Bouygues Telecom by Ars Thanea & DDB Paris
Go to image pageBouygues Telecom by Ars Thanea & DDB Paris

Piketenhet by josephacross
Go to image pagePiketenhet by josephacross

Black Rose by MachiavelliCro
Go to image pageBlack Rose by MachiavelliCro

Claustrophobia by Valp Maciej Hajnrich, Rolf A. Jensen & Good Morning
Go to image pageClaustrophobia by Valp Maciej Hajnrich, Rolf A. Jensen & Good Morning

Go to image pageStalingrad
Submitted by David.

If you would like to send us suggestions for these galleries, please click on the button “Submit” located in the header, and fill out the form. And don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow From up North on Twitter + Facebook to get all the latest updates.

Surrealism in the Forests
Deep in the dark dark forests, German photographer Ronny Engelmann sets up his camera and creates surreal wonders for us. Through his eyes we see pale faces engulfed in green leaves, mysterious arms popping out of trees like branches and models surrounded by floating cameras. Anything and everything can happen under his enchanting lens. All...

February 03 2014


Surreal 3D Art in Andrey Bobir’s Illustrations

1358777367 34 640x480 Surreal 3D Art in Andrey Bobirs Illustrations

The Kazakh artist acquainted with 3D-illustration nine years ago. Since then Andrey Bobir created a large number of drawings, and the most noticeable thing about them is the unusual vision and the originality of conveying ideas.

1358777284 6 640x853 Surreal 3D Art in Andrey Bobirs Illustrations
1358777299 3 640x853 Surreal 3D Art in Andrey Bobirs Illustrations
1358777361 1 640x640 Surreal 3D Art in Andrey Bobirs Illustrations
1358777349 15 640x853 Surreal 3D Art in Andrey Bobirs Illustrations
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January 30 2014


Dreamy Digital Art by Catrin Welz-Stein

1358000260 1 640x455 Dreamy Digital Art by Catrin Welz Stein

Graphic designer Catrin Welz-Stein, currently living and working in Malaysia, is creating very unusual digital collages which combine old illustrations and photographs. The result is mesmerizing.

1358000276 0c 640x479 Dreamy Digital Art by Catrin Welz Stein
1358000276 6 640x833 Dreamy Digital Art by Catrin Welz Stein
1358000224 0d 640x479 Dreamy Digital Art by Catrin Welz Stein
1358000302 4 640x480 Dreamy Digital Art by Catrin Welz Stein

See more on weezbo.com

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January 29 2014


Photography came alive

French photographer Julien Coquentin invited Russian magician to get his photos alive. Moscow based Alexey Zakharov put some motion spell (let’s call it “Coquentin-Zakharov” potion) on selected works of Julien and the results...  Keep on reading
coquentin-zakharov-6 coquentin-zakharov-5 coquentin-zakharov-4 coquentin-zakharov-3 coquentin-zakharov-2 coquentin-zakharov-1 coquentin-zakharov-0

Posted by Arseny Vesnin

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