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January 23 2014


Cities From The Sky

Voici de nombreuses vues impressionnantes prises depuis le ciel sur des lieux et des pays aux 4 coins du monde. New York, les pyramides d’Egypte et l’Arc de Triomphe à Paris sont assez reconnaissables mais il y a également des vues plus surprenantes comme ce cliché au milieu de l’Océan Indien. A découvrir dans la suite.

New York, Etats-Unis.

Dubaï, Émirats Arabes Unis.

Shanghai, Chine.

Mexico, Mexique.

Barcelone, Espagne.

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas.

Venise, Italie.

Spoorbuurt, Nord des Pays-Bas.

Turin, Italie.


Moscou, Russie.

San Francisco, États-Unis.

Paris, France.

Seattle, Etats-Unis.

Chicago, États-Unis.

Cities from above 14 Cities from above 13 Cities from above 12 Cities from above 11 Cities from above 10 Cities from above 9 Cities from above 8 Cities from above 7 Cities from above 0 Cities from above 5 Cities from above 2 Cities from above 4 Cities from above 3 Cities from above 6 Cities from above 1
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August 23 2013


Emirates Luxury Private Jet

Dubai-based Emirates has always been a leading airline in service and product, and today they upped the ante in their luxury offerings. The new Emirates Executive service will accommodate up to 19 passengers in an exclusive, private Airbus A319, bringing all of the posh amenities from the legacy Emirates service.

The aircraft will be equipped with a highly configurable dining and work lounge, ten first class sleeping suites and a premium shower spa, then stocked with Emirates catering and crew. The aircraft should have a range of about 3700 nautical miles.

Emirates Executive 2 copy Emirates Luxury Private Jet

Though it’s fairly common for legacy airlines to offer charter service as an extension to their commercial product, launch of the Emirates Executive product is unique in that it takes their industry-leading first class and distils it into a 19 person corporate jet. And as their first class commercial product is often more expensive than the competition, you can expect that their charters will command a premium as well.

Emirates Executive 6 copy Emirates Luxury Private Jet

Read more at : bestdesignprojects.com/emirates-luxury-private-jet/#.UhceBYWnzC8


August 07 2013


Emirates offer your own Luxury Private Jet Service

Emirates offer your own Luxury Private Jet Service

Life is for living and you can’t take what you have to the other side. So for those who have the readies, Emirates have opened the world of luxury private jets to the rest of us (erm, well, the rest of them). Featuring luxury on a level that would make the Queen’s cat purr, the experience looks to be dripping in opulence. The only downside: how could your destination match the ride?

Emirates Executive plane Emirates Executive plane Emirates-Executive-5 Emirates-Executive-4

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August 22 2012


Emirates: Dubai Mall

Emirates: Dubai Mall

Dubai inspires a whole new look
Say hello to the home of tomorrow. Fly Emirates to Dubai and shop from traditional gold souks and hip boutiques to the greatest collection of the world's fashion at Dubai Mall.
Hello Tomorrow

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Fouad Abdel Malak
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Jorge Thauby
Creative Group Head / Copywriter: Carolyne Nailer
Group Account Director: Peter Zagalsky
Account Director: Seb Buckley
Creative Services Director: Tennyson Torcato
Account Manager: Tina Diaz
Art Buyer: Mariam Moin
Photographer: Adam Taylor
Photography Producer: Mark Risso-Gill
Production Company: Magnet
Line Producer: Gemma Beecher
Stylist: Mary Kei McFarlane
Retouching: Cream Australia, Image Clinic

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August 01 2011


NeochaEDGE featured in EMIRATES in-flight magazine “OPEN SKIES,” interviews w/ founders ADAM SCHOKORA & SEAN LEOW

NeochaEDGE was recently featured in Emirates in-flight magazine “Open Skies.”

The article presents an overview of the NeochaEDGE business model and the state of the creative industry / commercial art in China; together with interviews from the founders (Adam Schokora and Sean Leow), and commentary from EDGE Creative Collective members and NeochaEDGE clients.

We’re thrilled people around the world are starting to take a serious interest in creative talent coming out of China – helping make this happen has been a goal of ours since we founded the company.

Check out the article below.

For more media coverage on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// Jimi

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