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February 27 2014


January 16 2014


The world’s loneliest robot travels through England

The world’s loneliest robot travels through England

C.A.R.L. is a series by London-based photographer David Ryle about a sad and lonely robot traveling all by his lonesome throughout England. The beautiful, silver mech was created by artist Gemma Fletcher and Studio Boo.

The series of photos show C.A.R.L. wandering streets and fields, doing human stuff like: reflecting deeply, getting lost in thought, and being overcome with emotion while staring at the horizon. It’s a bit of a downer, actually. Ryle says the suit is a reference to retro concepts of the image of the future. He also says that the series is about the loneliness of being.

C.A.R.L. by david ryle C.A.R.L. by david ryle C.A.R.L. by david ryle C.A.R.L. by david ryle

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January 02 2014


More Death ray Lasers..?

Death Ray LasersDrake Anthony, perhaps better know as "the DIY Laser Guy" on YouTube, and his most terrifying creation yet.

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January 01 2014


Swarm of gesture-controlled drone minions knows you're the boss

Not only will these drones do your bidding at the flick of your wrist, they'll intelligently stay out of your way as they do it.

Cubli: The Cube That Can Walk and Jump

CubeliBuilt by Mohanarajah Gajamohan at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, the Cubli is a 15 cm cube that can walk, jump and balance on one corner.

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December 20 2013


Cubli, un robot cube qui balance

Cubli est un petit cube de 15cm de coté équipé de trois gyroscopes qui lui permettent de rester en équilibre dans toutes les positions et même d’avancer.



New Project: SunBEAM Seeker Bot

right-side-profileBEAM robotics is about getting the most complex and interesting behaviors from the simplest circuits and components. The SunBEAM Seeker is a very simple LM386-based light-seeking robot based on Randy Sargent's classic "Herbie" BEAM design. Build this little bot and it will follow a black line traced on a white floor or, with the photosensors pointing upward as in this version, seek out the brightest light source in a room. It is also descended, in part, from our own Mousey the Junkbot, and adds a special tailwheel made from a roller-lever limit switch to make the robot automatically turn on when you set it down, and off again when you pick it back up.

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December 13 2013


Bye, Mum! Atti the robot will babysit the kids now

This South Korean robot was created by SK Telecom to takeover parental duties. Almost. Programmed with songs, games and other interactive programs, Atti is controlled by a magic wand and might just help your kids learn faster than any parent can.

SK Telecom Project Manager Shin So-young says research has shown children see robots as friends and don’t get bored of robots repeating phrases, whereas they do with their human teachers.

And Atti isn’t the only hi-tech system to take the reigns in child rearing, either. Book Tree is another invention that uses radio frequency technology to read kids’ favorite books aloud, getting children more interested in reading.

And to think we were just playing with simple blocks 20 years ago!

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December 09 2013


RobotsConf: Day 1

img_7104The first day of RobotsConf, a new conference designed to transform 150 coders into makers in just 48 hours, was inspirational, educational, and exhausting! Attendees heard keynotes from Whurley, and Super Awesome Sylvia (with dad), then rocketed through educational sessions that covered everything from electrons to artificial intelligence. When the educational sessions ended, the doors were opened to the drone room and the robot build area. Excited and inspired attendees immediately started planning and creating robots, some of which can be seen taking shape in the slideshow.

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December 08 2013


Un batteur se promène

Julien Audigier joue de la batterie dans différents endroits qui produisent un son différent.

Tags: Divers Robot

December 06 2013


Making Fun: Color-Hunting, Christmas Tree-Controlling CheerBot

cheerbotsmallI built a robot that controls the my Christmas lights and Christmas lights around the world by roaming my house looking for colors and tweeting them to the Cheerlights service.

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December 05 2013



Screen Shot 2013 12 05 at 1.07.11 PM 650x287 Blinky™

Soon every home will have a robot helper.

Don’t worry.

It’s perfectly safe.

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December 04 2013


Settle Down With a Good Book This Holiday

This book on Instruments for Amateur Space explores what can you measure, and what are your limits when orbiting in space. Learn about what physical quantities you can measure and what types of sensors you can buy or build. It covers the 5 essential design limits as well: power, bandwidth, resolution, computing and legal limitations.These books are cheap, fast reads, covering everything from how to build an Arduino-compatible micro-controller on a breadboard, to how to build and launch a satellite, and will make excellent stocking stuffers this Christmas.

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October 31 2013


Robot Hacks: Sign Up Your Team, Get Awesome Gear

Robot HacksWant some equipment to help make your robot endeavor a reality? We’re recruiting teams to participate in Robot Hacks, our upcoming series of expert discussions and builds about open-source robotic projects happening in the Maker community. If you’re a makerspace with some build skills that you want to flex, a […]

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October 30 2013


Iron Man robot for rescue missions is rideable by a full grown human

Octopus robot 3 Iron Man robot for rescue missions is rideable by a full grown human

Called as Iron Man Robot, this Six Claws Octopus robot has six claws that are actuated by three electrical machines on each claw. The robot demonstrated at Shanghai Science Festival at 2062 Energy Park can move at speed of 1.2 km/h and carry a total weight of 200 kg on its back which reminds me of elephant and camel rides.

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October 16 2013


World’s first Cyborg Cockroach is now for sale

World’s first Cyborg Cockroach is now for sale

Having your own minions is now a reality. Except these minions aren’t cute or yellow. Instead, they have six legs, wings, antennae, and go “crunch” when you accidentally step on them.

You can now buy RoboRoach, the first cyborg to be commercially available to the public at $99.99. Developed by Backyard Brains, owners of this cyborg can attach an electronic backpack to a cockroach and then use their smartphones to overstimulate it. They can then control the insect to move left or right.

There is one problem though. According to Backyard Brans’ founders, Tim Marzullo and Greg Gage, the cockroach will, in time, learn to ignore the battery attached to their back. After this happens, Backyard Brains says that, “you can clip the wires and retire the cockroach to your breeder colony to spend the rest of its days making more cockroaches for you.”

Before I go out and buy myself one, I have one question. Does it have a flying cockroach mode?

Robot cockroach Robot cockroach next to penny

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October 14 2013


Knight Fall custom t-shirt design by Malo And The Whale

Knight Fall custom t shirt design by Malo And The Whale design Knight Fall custom t shirt design by Malo And The Whale

Knight Fall custom t shirt design by Malo And The Whale man Knight Fall custom t shirt design by Malo And The Whale

Classic, casually cut T-shirt, 100% combed cotton.
Digital Direct. Ready to ship in ca. 2 business days.
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October 08 2013


Great Galloping Robots: Muybridge’s Horse vs. Boston Dynamics’ WildCat

wildcat_04_solo_animation_rI'm pretty sure whoever edited this recent video from Boston Dynamics showing their Wildcat robot prototype galloping across a parking lot had Muybridge's work of 120-odd years ago in mind, especially during the slow-motion sequence starting around 1:04. When I saw the video this morning I was struck by the parallels and decided to animate them side-by-side.

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October 07 2013


Ankle Walking Assist Device – Robotic exoskeleton leg for people with walking ailments

Ankle Walking Assist Device Ankle Walking Assist Device – Robotic exoskeleton leg for people with walking ailments

Yaskawa Electric in collaboration with Shibura Institute of Technology and Hiroshima University’s Space Bio Laboratories is set to change that with their latest development. Ankle Walking Assist Device (AWAD) is a kind of robot developed by these pioneering institutes to make life easier for aged people or people suffering from some kind of walking disparity.

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October 04 2013


“Play Communs” Combine Papercraft and Electronics Into Simple Robots

PLAY_COMMUNS_detailDesigned by Toulouse-based design group Ultra Ordinaire, Play Communs "is a toy for children and adults that aims to bring young and old closer to electronics."

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