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February 26 2014


February 24 2014


February 21 2014


February 19 2014


February 18 2014


February 13 2014


La Muralla Roja Architecture

En 1968, l’architecte espagnol Ricardo Bofill a bâti La Muralla Roja (Le Mur Rouge en espagnol) à La Manzanera en Espagne. Cette bâtisse fait référence à l’architecture nord africaine comme la Casbah. 50 appartements avec des entremêlements d’escaliers, de ponts et de plateformes colorés à découvrir.

Muralla Roja 6 Muralla Roja 20 Muralla Roja 19 Muralla Roja 18 Muralla Roja 17 Muralla Roja 16 Muralla Roja 15 Muralla Roja 14 Muralla Roja 13 Muralla Roja 12 Muralla Roja 11 Muralla Roja 10 Muralla Roja 9 Muralla Roja 8 Muralla Roja 7 Muralla Roja 5 Muralla Roja 4 Muralla Roja 3 Muralla Roja 2 Muralla Roja 1
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House 1101 by H Arquitectes has rooms that double as sheltered patios

Gaps between the three brick boxes of this house near Barcelona by local firm H Arquitectes can be transformed from enclosed rooms into covered patios by folding back glass doors at both ends (+ slideshow). (more...)

February 10 2014


Balloon Rooms

Balloon Rooms 650x520 Balloon Rooms
The simplest inventions can make life so much more interesting. What do you think when you hear the word “balloon”? I am sure we all remember back to a time in our childhood when we were inhaling the helium from balloons to make our voices squeaky. And we can not forget all of those new balloon animal pets that we got at the local fair, the circus, or at birthday parties for those who had parents cool enough to get a clown to show up.

But, how many of us could ever imagine using a balloon to fill up an entire room, transforming the look of it? I know I have seen some huge balloons in the past, but this really takes the grand prize. Penique Productions, an artist collective from Barcelona, Spain that was founded in the year 2007, using gigantic plastic balloons to completely change the look of any room.

Balloon Rooms 1 650x433 Balloon Rooms
Balloon Rooms 4 650x609 Balloon Rooms
Balloon Rooms 5 650x470 Balloon Rooms
Balloon Rooms 6 650x481 Balloon Rooms


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February 07 2014


AOO shop in Barcelona by Arquitectura-G has a stepped sisal display platform

A landscape of stepped boxes covered in sisal displays products at this Barcelona boutique by local firm Arquitectura-G. (more...)

February 04 2014

Telefónica lands exclusive deal to bring chat app Line to Firefox OS in Europe and Latin America
telef1 520x245 photo
(FILES) This file picture taken on Febru
Mobile operator Telefónica has announced a partnership with Line, the messaging service from Japan with over 300 million registered users. The deal is Line’s first with an overseas carrier and gives... Keep reading →

February 01 2014


Concrete house by Langarita-Navarro photographed as a crime scene

A raw concrete house in Alicante by Spanish studio Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos becomes the scene for a string of mysterious murders in this series of images by photographer Luis Diaz Diaz (+ slideshow). (more...)


January 30 2014


Architecture studio with a bulging wall by domohomo architects

A curving timber-clad wall divides the work space from a multipurpose meeting room at the offices of domohomo architects in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (more...)


Churtichaga + Quadra-Salcedo built their Four Seasons House in an idyllic meadow

Spanish architects Josemaria de Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo have built themselves a rural retreat with wooden walls, projecting terraces, and a brilliant yellow door and chimney (+ slideshow). (more...)

January 27 2014


Notegraphy app

I’d like to smear old wheels of the Appcollector column with this fresh typophile application. If you know how it is to date a designer this can be a perfect solution to stop...  Keep on reading
notegraphy-3 notegraphy-2 notegraphy-1 notegraphy

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January 23 2014


Cities From The Sky

Voici de nombreuses vues impressionnantes prises depuis le ciel sur des lieux et des pays aux 4 coins du monde. New York, les pyramides d’Egypte et l’Arc de Triomphe à Paris sont assez reconnaissables mais il y a également des vues plus surprenantes comme ce cliché au milieu de l’Océan Indien. A découvrir dans la suite.

New York, Etats-Unis.

Dubaï, Émirats Arabes Unis.

Shanghai, Chine.

Mexico, Mexique.

Barcelone, Espagne.

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas.

Venise, Italie.

Spoorbuurt, Nord des Pays-Bas.

Turin, Italie.


Moscou, Russie.

San Francisco, États-Unis.

Paris, France.

Seattle, Etats-Unis.

Chicago, États-Unis.

Cities from above 14 Cities from above 13 Cities from above 12 Cities from above 11 Cities from above 10 Cities from above 9 Cities from above 8 Cities from above 7 Cities from above 0 Cities from above 5 Cities from above 2 Cities from above 4 Cities from above 3 Cities from above 6 Cities from above 1
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January 21 2014


When non-travelers ask you why you travel, Show them this:

After living abroad for several years, even meeting my boyfriend (from Wisconsin) in Seoul, South Korea when we decided to move back “home” to America, we decided to move back a bit unconventionally. We decided to take the longest route possible, through more than thirty countries in fifteen months. Upon our return, friends and family (many of them non-travelers) were a bit incredulous, asking why we would travel for so long, or what made us do it, or if we were glad we did it… And then I made this video as something of an answer.

For more from all 443 days around the world: check out ThisKentuckyGirl.com

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Pivoting steel doors lead into a house and photography studio by Olson Kundig

One pivoting door sits within another to create a rusted steel entrance that can be big or small at this combined house and photography studio in Spain by American firm Olson Kundig Architects (+ slideshow). (more...)

January 20 2014


Roseta y Oihana

Roseta y Oihana

Roseta y Oihana

Roseta y Oihana is a Barcelona based studio working in web and print. I’ve posted about them before, but they have some new work up. I really love how colorful their work is.

January 17 2014

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