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January 13 2014


Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

0050 big1 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

Charlie Lewis is an illustrator based in London, UK. His introspective work focuses on atmosphere and emotion, created using a blend of traditional and digital media. Despite only graduating six months ago Charlie has worked for clients such as The New York Times and Random House.

0020 big 1 650x770 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

0048 big 12 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

0023 big 12 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

0049 big 11 650x465 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

0024 big 12 650x335 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

0038 big 11 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

0047 big 12 650x734 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

0039 big 12 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis

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February 28 2013


Codex 2013 - The International Handmade Book Fair

While Flyer Goodness correspondent Marco Huerta was able to catch this year's amazing Codex International Book Fair in Richmond, CA, I was unable to check out the 182 distinguished book artists and artisans, private presses, and fine art publishers. Fortunately, all of the photos in this post were shared by codexfoundation.org and their facebook and twitter pages. Also check out the gorgeous Monograph Series (featured at the beginning of this post) and other publications available for purchase at the Codex website.

I'll let Peter Koch, printer and director of the codex foundation, sum up Codex in his own words from their website:

"The Codex Foundation exists to preserve and promote the hand-made book as a work of art in the broadest possible context and to bring to public recognition the artists, the craftsmanship, and the rich history of the civilization of the book. There is no better place to find and collect the finest in contemporary artist books, typographic prints, and fine printing."

October 29 2012


July 02 2012


Vintage Book Covers

Miscellaneous vintage book covers from numerous publishers via John Keog's Flickr stream.

June 13 2012


Vintage Book Graphics



Julian Montague is a graphic designer based in Buffalo, New York who took it upon himself to consistently post graphic book covers as a personal project.  He intended on doing it for a year, but has been going strong since February 2010.  People like Julian archiving design deserve extra large Klondike bars by the dumpster truck full.

May 10 2012


Penguin Psychology Book Covers

An interesting set of Penguin psychology book covers that double as tricky shape-shifting.

via Kath Kavan

April 10 2012


Vintage Sci-Fi Covers

Most of the covers are done by Richard Powers though other cover artists include Ed Emshwiller, Jack Gaughan, Kelly Freas, David Meltzer, Paul Lehr and Ronald Clyne.

March 29 2012


Vintage Ray Bradbury Book Covers

A selection of interesting sci-fi book covers done for Ray Bradbury.

via Mars Book Covers

February 22 2012


February 14 2012


Doc Savage Book Covers

So I came across these book covers for the Doc Savage series from the 1930s-1940s and thought they were worth a post.  First, I'll say I'm not well cultured when it comes to classic American adventure novels.  I'm 23, cut me some slack.  But after doing a little bit of reading up on the background of the Doc Savage books, it turns out he's not just a buff adventurous doctor with a massive widows peak.  

Doc Savage is the fictional character that was created by Heny Ralston, John Nanovic, and Lestor Dent for the Doc Savage magazines published by Street and Smith Publications.  The series went on for seventeen years, and these book covers were illustrated by American illustrator James Bama.  It seems like Doc Savage holds the collective identity of James Bond, Race Bannon, Bruce Wayne, Steve Irwin, Lewis & Clark, and House.  

I will now list off Clark Savage Jr.'s professions: physician, surgeon, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, researcher, and musician.

January 16 2012


1960s James Bond Pan Book Covers

Came across some vintage James Bond book covers by Pan Books done by Raymond Hawkey that look relatively simple but hold an appealing style with the use of slabbing thick weighted sans serif contrasted with a thinner weight against some nice illustration.  Better than some of the book covers I see these days, that's for sure. 

via Catspaw Dynamics

January 11 2012


Classic Italian Graphic Design by Franco Grignani

Italian painter,architect, and graphic designer Franco Grignani was a notable figure in European abstraction art and the avant-garde Futurist movement in Italy in the early 1900s.

January 02 2012


Daily Book Graphics Vol.1

Happy New Year! Thought I’d start 2012 off right with some classic print design. Julian Montague has an excellent collection of vintage modern book covers which he posts to his blog under the Daily Book Graphics project. It’s so great to see people doing work like this, cataloging design history which might otherwise be lost or made inaccessible due to scarcity. Some beautiful inspiration for a new year and new designs, best of luck to everyone!

Lots more over at Daily Book Graphics

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November 08 2011


Czechoslovakian Book Covers [1960s]

Not your father's typical book cover collection, but Czechoslovakian Book Covers from the 1960s, ranging from bold, eccentric, clean, grungy, textured, and abstract, these are some unique pieces that combine enough flare and classic design elements to inspire someone that's seen it all.  Really attractive color schemes, unusual shapes, and some fine type work make these a one of a kind set.

November 03 2011


The Iceman Cometh

Dust jacket artwork and design for O’Neill’s play about a bar community that survives on their pipe dreams.
Tags: Book Cover

October 10 2011


AIGA MN Design Camp Materials

The first weekend in October marked the 31st annual AIGA MN Design Camp. We have been involved for several years now, in 2008 we designed the conference materials and last year we hosted a letterpress workshop. This year we worked behind the scenes with Ideal Printers to produce the impressive system of materials that were designed by Target inHouse.

First off the press were promotional materials which were mailed out to over 1300 AIGA MN members. We printed the cover of the promo book on Domtar Colors Green 110 Index stock. To achieve a consistent solid black in the pattern while still holding the type crisp we split the black plate into two passes- one pass with heavier ink density for the pattern and lighter ink coverage for the text. After adding a hit of silver those covers ended up running through the press three times. The promotional poster was printed on Cascade Rolland Natural 70 lb text weight with a run of black and a custom green ink mixed to match the green Domtar stock. All of that was shipped out in a kraft envelope we imprinted with return mailing address and indicia.

Upon arrival in Nisswa campers received a tote bag filled with goodies such as tee shirts, pennants and more letterpress printed event materials. The guidebook, full of interviews with speakers and details about weekend activities had a Domtar Colors Salmon 110 Index cover that we letterpress printed in two passes of black and a hit of silver. The partner guide, detailing all of the event sponsors, had a cover produced in the same manner but on Domtar Colors Blue 110 Index. A special bonus this year was a custom sketch book, state facts and suggested uses were printed with black ink on Neenah Environment, Desert Storm, 80C. A map of ‘Navigating Up North’ was also produced, a poster style piece printed in two colors on Cascade Rolland Natural 70 lb text.

Of course we couldn’t resist adding a little extra letterpress goodness from Studio On Fire, so we whipped up a set of four coasters, printed with 2 fluorescent colors on an Ahlstrom blotter stock, that were slipped into the bag of each camper.

sof__0010_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_map sof__0009_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_mapandguide sof__0008_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_promo_poster sof__0007_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_promo_mailer_with_poster sof__0006_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_promo_mailer sof__0005_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_sketchbook_back sof__0004_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_books_with_sketchbook sof__0003_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_guidebook_cover sof__0002_studioonfire_coaster_inhand sof__0002_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_bookcovers_back sof__0001_studioonfire_coaster_presssheet sof__0001_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_bookcovers sof__0000_studioonfire_coaster_punchedout sof__0000_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_promocover



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September 06 2011


Mid-Century Modern Science & Medicine

Each one of these mid-century modern graphic illustrations incorporates a combination of pure geometric patterns. These once meaningful shapes and concepts sold products. It is my hope that by continuously revisiting these minimalistic visuals, we’ll begin to adopt the ideals of not overcomplicating our design.

Found on Sandiv’s photostream

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August 29 2011


Remarkable Book Cover Designs by Chip Kidd

I'm going to admit that the reason I first read Michael Chrichton's Jurrasic Park in the seventh grade was all because of my fascination with dinosaurs and the really cool skeletal T-Rex book cover design.  10 years past that, I now find out that it was in fact none other than Chip Kidd, the avid graphic designer and writer responsible for a plethora of other great book covers.  His design work for Knopf and Pantheon, imprints of Random House, have contributed greatly to book cover packaging over the past few decades.  Really loving the illustrations and side text bars in his work.

TIMES Interview
NPR Interview

August 19 2011


Vintage Counter Print Book Covers

After sifting through more images from the Counter Print photostream, this collection arose. The purity and clear design of these vintage book covers makes me warm inside.

Share via Wanken

July 12 2011


Keen Sci Fi Book Covers

A solid sci-fi book cover collection with some nice type work and illustration.  Big blocky letters with thin line breaks and cool graphics--the sci fi cover is the older yet tasteful cousin to the gig poster.

via Uflinks Flickr
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