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February 23 2014


February 10 2014


Dubaï Cityscape

Le photographe allemand Jens Fersterra, dont nous avons déjà parlé, a fait la série « Dubaï Cityscape » en photographiant des immeubles, différentes architectures de la skyline et les lumières de la ville. Des routes qui serpentent, des effets de symétries sur l’eau du port et une ville de toutes les couleurs.

Jens Fersterra’s portfolio.

Dubai 25 Dubai 24 Dubai 23 Dubai 22 Dubai 21 Dubai 20 Dubai 20 bis Dubai 19 Dubai 18 Dubai 17 Dubai 16 Dubai 15 Dubai 14 Dubai 13 Dubai 12 Dubai 11 Dubai 10 Dubai 9 Dubai 8 Dubai 7 Dubai 6 Dubai 5 Dubai 4 Dubai 3 Dubai 2 Dubai 1

January 23 2014


Cities From The Sky

Voici de nombreuses vues impressionnantes prises depuis le ciel sur des lieux et des pays aux 4 coins du monde. New York, les pyramides d’Egypte et l’Arc de Triomphe à Paris sont assez reconnaissables mais il y a également des vues plus surprenantes comme ce cliché au milieu de l’Océan Indien. A découvrir dans la suite.

New York, Etats-Unis.

Dubaï, Émirats Arabes Unis.

Shanghai, Chine.

Mexico, Mexique.

Barcelone, Espagne.

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas.

Venise, Italie.

Spoorbuurt, Nord des Pays-Bas.

Turin, Italie.


Moscou, Russie.

San Francisco, États-Unis.

Paris, France.

Seattle, Etats-Unis.

Chicago, États-Unis.

Cities from above 14 Cities from above 13 Cities from above 12 Cities from above 11 Cities from above 10 Cities from above 9 Cities from above 8 Cities from above 7 Cities from above 0 Cities from above 5 Cities from above 2 Cities from above 4 Cities from above 3 Cities from above 6 Cities from above 1
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January 05 2014


Dubai sets the world record for the largest fireworks display

Dubai sets the world record for the largest fireworks display

Watch out New York, Dubai is quickly becoming the place to be on New Year’s Eve. To celebrate the incoming year, Dubai broke the world record for the largest fireworks display by using more than half a million fireworks. Guinness says on their website, ‘Ten months in planning, over 500,000 fireworks were used during the display which lasted around six minutes, with Guinness World Records adjudicators on hand to confirm that a new record had been set’.

The fireworks display covered 94 kilometres of the Dubai coast, including famous landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, World Islands, and Palm Jumeirah. 100 computers and 200 technicians worked 5,000 hours to properly plan and coordinate the pyrotechnics, which reportedly cost $6 million. Spare change for oil-rich Dubai. The previous record was set by Kuwait in 2011 with an hour-long show of 77,282 fireworks. How long did it take for Dubai to beat that? A minute.

The event was attended by 1.7 million people. We’re pretty sure that number will rise in the coming years. But for now, let’s watch the grand celebration in the following video. Skip to 29:40 to see the start of the fireworks show

Dubai world record largest fireworks display Dubai world record largest fireworks display Dubai world record largest fireworks display Dubai world record largest fireworks display

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December 04 2013

Knot Standard lets you order tailored suits and menswear right from your computer
tie 520x245 photo
Men typically don’t enjoy clothes shopping, and in particular the fitting element of that process — as a guy I’m qualified to speak on that: yet all men like to... Keep reading →

November 25 2013


November 22 2013


Attractions of Dubai

Have a look at these pictures of Dubai, and let me know who won’t like to visit this amazing place?

burj al arab Dubai 650x365 Attractions of Dubai

dubai airport emirates1 650x433 Attractions of Dubai

Dubai Jumeirah Beach1 650x406 Attractions of Dubai

Dubai City Palm Island1 650x365 Attractions of Dubai

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November 03 2013


Nature At It’s Best Pictures Part 2

Here’s a 2nd part of Nature At It’s Best Pictures. Amazing photographs taken of nature, animals and city by various photographers.

bonjour paris 650x364 Nature At It’s Best Pictures Part 2

flying owl 650x433 Nature At It’s Best Pictures Part 2

milkyway cave 650x433 Nature At It’s Best Pictures Part 2

See more images on FunOfArt.


August 21 2013


Water Discus Hotel will offer Actual Oceanview Rooms

290 650x365 Water Discus Hotel will offer Actual Oceanview Rooms

Having already gone all out to impress the world with the largest shopping mall, tallest building, and manmade palm-shaped islands, Dubai is now spilling into the sea to offer tourists the unusual opportunity to sleep (safely) with the fishes in an underwater hotel.

The Water Discus hotel designed by Deep Ocean Technology (DOT) will feature 21 oceanview hotel rooms located 33 feet below the waves, each securely fitted with expansive windows into the ocean. A special dive center is also found on the submarine level to allow classes of beginners and schools of advanced scuba divers to directly enter the sea from the bottom. The dive center uses an underwater airlock and a decompression chamber to safely immerse divers into their aquatic adventure.

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August 05 2013


Dubai’s police fight crime in outrageous supercars

Dubai’s police fight crime in outrageous supercars

Just when we thought the abandoned luxury cars of Dubai were the limit, along comes the even more outlandish news that Dubai’s police force drive the sweetest rides — including the ridiculously expensive Aston Martin One-77, as well as the snazzy Lamborghini Aventador. Here, have a look at some of these road beauties.

Dubai's sports car police force Dubai's sports car police force Dubai's sports car police force Dubai's sports car police force

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July 23 2013


In Dubai, overweight residents will be rewarded with gold if they shape up

In Dubai, overweight residents will be rewarded with gold if they shape up

With over half its residents putting a lot of stress on body scales, the city is now appealing to its overweight residents to throw some weight off and grab their fair share of gold as reward. For every kilogram of body weight shed, one gram of gold — or which, as Fast CoExist helpfully points out, ‘the equivalent of $45 at current prices‘ — will be doughed out. Drop a kilo of fat, get a gram of gold? Don’t know about you, but sounds like small change for the super-rich.

The post In Dubai, overweight residents will be rewarded with gold if they shape up appeared first on Lost At E Minor: For creative people.

June 24 2013


Google adds stunning Street Views of Dubai from atop Burj Khalifa

Google employees visit Dubai's 2,716-foot Burj Khalifa to capture the view.

Google Street View captures inside the world's tallest building

Burj Khalifa Google Street View

News: Google Street View has captured the inside of its first skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, allowing users to virtually explore the tallest building in the world. (more...)

June 11 2013


A Photographer Turns Dubai Into A Ghost City

Matthias Heiderich’s portraits of Dubai and Abu Dhabi depict buildings as vivid abstractions.

Dubai has grown fast and exponentially from a small fishing village into an international hub. The city, remade into a tourist destination in the '80s, is unlike any other in the world and is growing by the day. Undeterred by the 2008 crash that sent its building boom momentarily reeling and which left hundreds of buildings abandoned or incomplete, the emirate’s captains of industry have pledged to forge ahead with dozens of new urban projects.

When he visited earlier this year, photographer Matthias Heiderich found Dubai and UAE capital Abu Dhabi littered with construction sites--evidence of Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s plan to realize the kingdom’s “ultimate goal.” (What that goal entails is anyone’s guess, but it’s certain to involve more opulent resort properties.) When Heiderich arrived, streets and districts were blocked off for construction crews who were busy building new skyscrapers, hotel complexes, and parks. Which might explain why Heiderich’s portraits are so empty.

The lack of pedestrians is a curiously recurring feature of Heiderich’s photography, which also often focuses on architecture and urban landscapes. His compositions are characterized by bold forms, stark skies, and closely cropped fragments that belie the height and true scale of the buildings he takes as his subjects. The approach, which Heidrich tells Co.Design is more “artistic” than architectural, turns these buildings, like Dubai’s twisting Infinity Tower, into small but vivid graphic moments.

Heiderich’s intentionally restricted scope allows him to plan the shots ahead of time before he arrives on-site. For his “UAE” series, he had a brief window of time to capture the photos he wanted. “Before I went, I spent about three weeks doing research. I studied the buildings and made a list of places to go,” Heiderich explains. “Most of the pictures I took were, more or less, already planned in my head.”

Time constraints aside, Heiderich prefers working this way because it forces him to develop a guiding thematic framework for a new photo series. “What I’m looking for are bold shapes, color spots, and unusual and strange designs.” He’s spent the last few years combing his native city of Berlin for these kind of architectonic fragments. “The UAE is actually the first urban series I shot outside Berlin--and was an experiment for transferring my style of photography to other places.”

The photos he brought back from the desert metropoles depict ghost cities, with alien-like towers that cut strangely dystopian skylines. Heiderich admits that the emirate is a far more diverse place than his work suggests. Commercial avenues and indoor entertainment centers buzz with life. The real, unpeopled urbanscapes, says Heiderich, can be found on the city outskirts, where the migrant workers that built these structures are housed in ignominious settlements.

Other aspects of the images prove more accurate. His treatment of the curving, arching skyscrapers grouped in the Abu Dhabi’s Financial District and in the Dubai Marina renders the buildings as the slightly toy-like architecture that they actually resemble.

See more of Heiderich’s work over at his Behance page.


May 21 2013


August 07 2012

Dubai to build extravagant Underwater hotel
Deep Ocean Technology (5)
Deep Ocean Technology (5)Ever wanted to sleep underwater while on vacation? Soon you can if you’re Dubai-bound. The Water Discus Underwater Hotel is a luxurious design concept developed by Poland’s Deep Ocean Technology. And they’ve managed to gather enough financial backing from BIG InvestConsult to make this project a reality. Imagine having even closer ocean views, as you [...]

June 20 2012


Abandoned Dubai

Découverte de « Abandoned Dubai », le nom de la série de photographies réalisées par Richard Allenby-Pratt. Le concept a été d’imaginé la ville de Dubaï abandonnée par les hommes en 2017 et laissée en chantier à la nature. Des clichés réussis mélangeant ruines, désert, faune et aucune technologie.

Abandoned Dubai10 Abandoned Dubai9 Abandoned Dubai8 Abandoned Dubai7 Abandoned Dubai6 Abandoned Dubai5 Abandoned Dubai4 Abandoned Dubai3 Abandoned Dubai2 Abandoned Dubai1 Abandoned Dubai11

June 06 2012


Coca-Cola – Today I will

Shot between Beirut (Lebanon) & Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and conceived by the Advertising Agency FP7 Dubai, Today I will is the new motion edited for Coca-Cola in the Middle East. Produced by City Films, the 1.20 minute video, shows a less famous side of Arab countries including Syria, Lebanon, UAE, or Saudi Arabia with Skating, Dancing & Happy Smiles. The video ends on a muslim woman driving a car with the Saudi Arabia Flag in the background. Thumbs up Coca-Cola.

Coca Cola - Saudi

Coca Cola - Saudi

Coca Cola - Sport

Coca Cola - Sport

Coca Cola - Dubai

Coca Cola - Dubai

  • Français

May 29 2012


Competition: Design the Dubai Mall MEGA

The guys over at Foo Dog in Dubai are currently holding a competition where you can win the chance for your design to be crowned the official “The Dubai Mall’ MEGA“! You will also be featured along side all of the other 150 artists that are taking part!


To be entered into the competition all you have to do is:

1. Send your design of a custom MEGA along with a short bio about yourself to thepeople@foo-dog.com.

2. Friend MEGA on Facebook and Like The Dubai Mall www.facebook.com/thedubaimall

3. Follow The Dubai Mall on twitter @thedubaimall

4. Tag MEGA on facebook and twitter with you submission


You can download the template / starter pack from the Foo Dog site here.

There’s not much time left to get your entries in as the closing date is the 10th of June 2012, so get your designs in asap! Winners will be announced on the 11th of June 2012.


Unfortunately this competition is only open to residents of the United Arab Emirates.


The final exhibition ‘Project: MEGA | The Dubai Mall‘ will take place on the 28th of June 2012 at The Dubai Mall.

May 18 2012


Dubai Underwater Hotel

Une nouvelle expérience avec cette construction du « Discuss Underwater Hotel », basé à Dubaï. Une collaboration de Drydocks World et Deep Ocean Technology pour cet hôtel de luxe sous-marin. Une structure en forme de disque avec 21 chambres immergées jusqu’à dix mètres sous la surface de l’eau.

dubai-water-discus-underwater-hotel-5-620x413 dubai-water-discus-underwater-hotel-4-620x413 dubai-water-discus-underwater-hotel-3-620x413 dubai-water-discus-underwater-hotel-1-620x413 dubai-water-discus-underwater-hotel-2-620x413
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