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February 25 2014


February 12 2014


Functional Wall Art

The Wallmonds Hanger is a sculptural, wall-mounted rack designed to keep your handy things handy! Its irregular waves are functional for hanging objects of various size and also create a barrier for conveniently storing smaller objects like keys and mail directly behind. Made of solid birch plywood and beech, it’s robust and durable for a lifetime of use. Get it here!

Designer: Gonçalo Campos

Yanko Design
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(Functional Wall Art was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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February 03 2014


Wallmonds hanger frame

Gonçalo Campos lo abbiamo già visto per il progetto wallmonds elastics frame. Ora torna con il nuovo wallmonds hanger frame. Un appendiabiti in legno molto semplice ed elegante, formato da una tavola sagomata da varie curve e fissata alla cornice retrostante. Lo trovate qui.

Wallmonds hanger frame

Wallmonds hanger frame

Wallmonds hanger frame

Wallmonds hanger frame

January 09 2014


December 04 2013


Wallmonds elastics frame

Wallmonds Elastics è l’ultimo progetto di Gonçalo Campos, un pannello porta oggetti forato in cui far passare un lungo elastico nero con cui formare varie forme o parole. Lo trovate in vendita qui.

Wallmonds elastics frame

Wallmonds elastics frame

Wallmonds elastics frame

Wallmonds elastics frame

November 10 2013


New York by Eiko Ojala

Coup de cœur pour la dernière réalisation de l’artiste estonien Eiko Ojala pour le compte du Affina Hotel Manhattan Lobby. Déjà connu pour ses découpages de précision, il revient ici avec une superbe représentation de New York, une oeuvre à la frontière entre l’art digitale et le fait main.

New York by Eiko Ojala9 New York by Eiko Ojala8 New York by Eiko Ojala7 New York by Eiko Ojala6 New York by Eiko Ojala5 New York by Eiko Ojala4 New York by Eiko Ojala10 New York by Eiko Ojala3 New York by Eiko Ojala2 New York by Eiko Ojala1

November 01 2013


+green Restaurant by Sinato

1 +green Restaurant by Sinato

This organic restaurant on Jiyu Street by Sinato is only a short walk from Komazawa Olympic Park, one of the largest parks in Tokyo. The restaurant is on the ground floor of a three story apartment building and is a half level underground.

The restaurant has three basic functions: a takeout bistro, an organic food shop and a restaurant. The most distinctive feature of the premises lies in its floor level, which is 1.61m below the ground level of the entrance. This means that the interior ceiling height is 4.39m.
The starting point of the design was to study the arrangement of the three functions in such a volume. By placing the restaurant on the half underground floor, the takeout counter at the front entrance at ground level and the shop shifting diagonally away from the takeout counter, the designers could allow light into the restaurant area from the facade aperture above. The shop space is 0.56m higher than the takeout space as the kitchen fits beneath it.

2 +green Restaurant by Sinato

8 +green Restaurant by Sinato

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August 30 2013


We encourage you to graffiti!

Psychologists have studied vandalism for years and found that boredom, peer pressure and revenge are often the cause. But it’s often overlooked that it’s also kinda fun! Just ask Banksy! This picture frame concept, Vadalijst, allows you to insert your favorite photos and vandalize them by doodling silly things with a whiteboard marker. Mustaches, monocles, capes and more… the options are endless!

Designer: Brian Khouw

Yanko Design
Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design!
(We encourage you to graffiti! was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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July 26 2013


Experiments in Speed

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August 29 2012


Instacube – Display for Instagram

The team at Design to Matter has teamed up with Android to create the Instacube, a device that streams photos straight from Instagram and delivers them like a good old-fashioned picture frame.  This hip little device takes the app that turns camera phone photos into retro works of art and [...]

August 01 2012


Instagram Photo Ring

Instagram Photo Ring
I've got Instagram photos of food I need to wear, stat!

Submitted by: Monique (via Instasparkle)

Tagged: frame , instagram , photo , ring , wood

November 28 2011


October 11 2011


Sous Titre x Bonsoir Paris @ le Purgatoire

Jeudi nous avons découvert la dernière exposition du Purgatoire à Paris, présentée par Bonsoir Paris. Le projet Sous Titre est né d’une idée simple : rompre les frontières traditionnelles des expositions en proposant des cadrages inattendus. Transformé et déformé, le cadre devient de l’art. Forte et incontournable, la proposition est une véritable révolution en silence. Photographie ou bois sculpté, l’exposition prend des formes très différentes. Sous Titres est une réunion de talents, soucieux de s’exprimer ensemble, dans la même direction, mais libérés de toutes contraintes.

Last Thursday, we discovered new exhibition at Le Purgatoire, thanks to Bonsoir Paris.. Sous titre project born with a simple idea : break the common boudnaries of exhibition by proposing unconventionnal frames. Tranformed and deformed, frames become art. Strong and unmissable, this proposition is a mute revolution. Photography or carved wood, exhibition is taking may shapes. Sous titre is a reunion of talents, willing to express themself in the same direction, with no bounderies or hard rules.

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September 15 2011


Rolf – Dino 41

Sulle alpi tirolesi austriache, il brand di occhiali Rolf produce montature in legno. La particolarità del modello Dino 41 in foto, è l’aspetto rustico accentuato da un sottile strato di pietra naturale che riveste l’esterno. Delicatissimo.

Rolf – Dino 41

Rolf – Dino 41


Scott x Grems – Handpainted Bikes

Scott ha collaborato con l’artista francese Grems con questo telaio pimpato per la loro collezione 2012 urban bike. Qui il video.

Scott x Grems – Handpainted Bikes

Scott x Grems – Handpainted Bikes

August 12 2011


Doodle Masterpiece

The Masterpiece Pad is a great take on the doodle pad that features a variety of whimsical frames that instantly give each piece a sense of permanence, encouraging the drawer to keep their work of art. Fold the pre-cut flaps, insert the tabs that hold it together and voila- you’ve got your own doodle masterpiece!

Designer: Benjamin Parton


Yanko Design
Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
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July 25 2011


Her Morning Elegance single pieces

Un giorno Vera mi fa vedere questo video in stop motion. Resto folgorato. La clip in questione è stata girata per il singolo Her Morning Elegance di Orien Lavie. Per completare il tutto, sono stati impiegati circa 2096 scatti; l’artista ha ora deciso di mettere in vendita gli originali, autografati e con certificato di autenticità. Li trovate qui.

Her Morning Elegance single pieces

May 17 2011


Moscot Terry LE for Terry Richardson

Se vi son sempre piaciuti gli occhiali che indossa Terry Richardson, senza troppi giri, Moscot ne ha prodotto una replica in edizione limitata, 350pz numerati a 290$ caduno.
Li trovate qui.

Moscot Terry LE for Terry Richardson

Moscot Terry LE for Terry Richardson

May 11 2011


Supreme The Alton Frame

Per questa primavera Supreme ha introdotto la montatura The Alton. Disponibile nei retails da metà maggio.

Supreme The Alton Frame

Supreme The Alton Frame

May 08 2011


Framed Objects

"Cast resin frames decorate and emphasize the objects held within."

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