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February 20 2014


February 19 2014


February 18 2014


February 17 2014


February 14 2014


Abandoned concrete bunker converted into a green power plant by IBA Hamburg

This concrete Second World War bunker in Hamburg has been converted into a renewable energy plant and visitor centre by urban development company IBA Hamburg (+ slideshow). (more...)

February 12 2014


Interactive model offers a look inside Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie

The not-yet-realised interior of Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg can now be toured by computer and tablet users via a fly-through model created by digital studio Neutral (+ movie). (more...)

February 10 2014


February 08 2014


Timber-clad kindergarten by Behnisch Architekten opens in new housing district

This timber-clad kindergarten by Stuttgart-based Behnisch Architekten is the first building to open in a new district built on former railway land in the German city of Heidelberg (+ slideshow). (more...)

February 05 2014


February 04 2014


Von M modernises three apartments inside a Stuttgart apartment block

German studio Von M has rebuilt the interior of an apartment block in Stuttgart to create a trio of open-plan homes where built-in furniture divides rooms and stark walls are offset with colourful objects (+ slideshow). (more...)


Snow Free Running

Jo et Léo, deux jeunes allemands de 13 ans vivant à Dresden, pratiquent le free-running. Par une température de moins de 10 degrés, le réalisateur allemand Sebastian Linda a décidé de les filmer. Le free-running s’est transformé en incroyable schnee-running (neige en allemand) sur une musique de Crywolf & Ianborg.

Free running 18 Free running 17 Free running 16 Free running 15 Free running 14 Free running 13 Free running 12 Free running 11 Free running 10 Free running 9 Free running 8 Free running 7 Free running 6 Free running 5 Free running 4 Free running 3 Free running 2 Free running 1

February 03 2014


Frank Gehry designs Berlin's tallest skyscraper

Frank Gehry designs Berlin's tallest skyscraper

News: American architect Frank Gehry has won a competition to design a skyscraper for Berlin that is set to become the city's tallest building. (more...)


s_DenK house by SoHo Architektur has a kinked facade

This house in the Bavarian countryside by local office SoHo Architektur has a kinked facade that provides different views from the living spaces and a pitched roof that references vernacular farm buildings (+ slideshow). (more...)

January 29 2014


Zaha Hadid designs apartment for Ronald McDonald charity house

Zaha Hadid Architects is one of 11 international firms designing a studio apartment at a new McDonald's charity house in Hamburg to accommodate the relatives of children receiving hospital treatment nearby (+ slideshow). (more...)

January 28 2014


Stefan Bleihauer Photography

Coup de cœur pour Stefan Bleihauer, un photographe allemand qui a réalisé une série de photographies intitulée « Amber ». Il s’intéresse aux usines et aux coins reculés d’une Allemagne en construction. L’orange et le bleu saturés, pétants se marient avec l’atmosphère grisâtre pour lui redonner les couleurs de la vie.


January 27 2014


Top of the World’s Weirdest Tower

Focus sur le recensement des tours les plus étranges et loufoques du monde, sorties de l’imaginaire des architectes. Entre le Klimwand Climbing Tower, les tours San Gimignano ou encore l’Hôtel Ryugyong en Corée du Nord, voici une sélection en images à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.


Klimwand Climbing Tower, Wunderland Kalkar, Allemagne.

Un château d’eau en maïs, Rochester, Minnesota.

L’Hôtel Ryugyong, Pyongyang, Corée du Nord.

Puffer Fish Tower, Chine.

La maison de Nikolai Sutyagin, Arkhangelsk, Russie.

Les tours Pigeon, Libye, Iran et Egypte.

La tour de Zizkov Télévision, Prague.

La tour Genex, Belgrade, Serbie.

La tour de Pise, Italie.

Les tours San Gimignano, Italie.

Weirdest Towers 9 Weirdest Towers 8 Weirdest Towers 7 Weirdest Towers 6 Weirdest Towers 5 Weirdest Towers 4 Weirdest Towers 3 Weirdest Towers 2 Weirdest Towers 1 Weirdest Towers 10

January 24 2014


Eyetracking Study Reveals What People Actually Look At When Shopping Online

Not just boobs! (But yes, definitely boobs.)

When you pull up a website, what's the first thing you look at? The stock photo model splashed across the page? The large company logo at the top? The search bar?

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