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February 02 2014


Toasty Mug: The Hand Warmer Mug

This hand warmer mug was designed to make tea and coffee drinking even more satisfying. Featuring an enveloping and ergonomic handle, the “Toastymug” fits perfectly in the hands. Thanks to its special shape, it keeps the liquid and your hands warm. Perfect for those cold winters. “Toastymug” is handmade by craftsmen in the Ceramic District of Montelupo, a little town near Florence (Italy). Available in two vibrant colors: grey and green.


January 16 2014


Hand Portraits by David Cata

Voulant répondre à sa façon à la question « Est-ce que l’amour blesse ? », l’artiste espagnol David Cata utilise son propre corps comme une toile, et brode les visages de ceux qui ont influencé ses actes et sa conception du monde. Une position entre expérience artistique et pratique douloureuse à découvrir dans la suite.

Hand Portraits-5 Hand Portraits-3 Hand Portraits-4 Hand Portraits-2 Hand Portraits-1 Hand Portraits-6 Hand Portraits-7

January 15 2014


Creepy Shower Curtain

A novelty shower curtain with the silhouette of a giant pair of hands on it.
Buy it here.


December 09 2013


Big Hands Clock

Le designer Taïwanais Yenwen Tseng nous propose un horloge surprenante. Appelée Big Hands Clock, cette création cherche à explorer la perception du temps, avec des aiguilles aux largeurs différentes. Un concept intéressant à découvrir en images dans la suite.

Big Hands Clock4 Big Hands Clock3 Big Hands Clock2 Big Hands Clock

September 09 2013


Handvas Poster Holder

A 3D printed set of hands that hold up any poster on your wall. Handvas is inspired by the way designers display their artwork. A cool alternative to push pins or tape!


August 11 2013


Devour A Slice Of Pizza While Keeping Your Hands Clean With This Clever Paper Dish!

Clever Paper Dish concept. All Takeaway pizza places should have this! Its quite simple too.

Its only a well-cut paper with appropriate perforations, that allow you to slice and devour a pizza slice, without getting your hands messy. The idea is very clever, more like a makeshift paper plate, but worth including in any box of hot takeaway pizza!

Designers: Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung & Kwon Young Hee


July 22 2013


Honda Hands



I’ve always loved miniatures so this short film for Honda is quite a treat. The tone and style are perfect; feels really timeless. And the exhaust from the motorcycle is a nice touch. Couldn’t find info on who did this so maybe someone can fill in the blanks.

Honda “Hands”

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July 04 2013


Honda Hands

Honda is all about dreaming the future. And to celebrate the 65 years of the brand, Honda published a video with the most innovative products it released over the last 7 decades. From cars to bikes passing by boats, planes and robots, the video will show you how Honda brought some cool revolutions to the tech industry.

Honda Hands

Honda Hands

Honda Hands Car

Honda Hands Car

Via BlogMoto

  • Français


Honda – Hands

Wieden + Kennedy London a imaginé cette superbe publicité pour célébrer les innovations de la marque Honda depuis plus de 65 ans. Appelée « Hands », cette vidéo retraçant les grands modèles pensés par les équipes d’ingénieurs de la marque japonaise apparaissent en modèle réduit comme par magie.

Honda - Hands7 Honda - Hands6 Honda - Hands4 Honda - Hands3 Honda - Hands2 Honda - Hands1 Honda - Hands8

June 16 2013


Manic Cure

Manic Cure, my latest illustration is done! It’s inspired by the traditional Chinese ’1000 hand dance’ and the nail salon. I definitely got A LOT of practice drawing hands on this illustration, as well as crazy long nails! These WIP pics below were posted on my blog and Fb, to stay updated with my latest illustrations and inspiration, check out my Facebook page.

March 16 2013


May 04 2012


Rock Paper Scissors Paperclips

cute kawaii stuff - Rock Paper Scissors Paperclips

No matter what you throw, you still have to hand in that outline tomorrow.

Submitted by: Unknown

December 15 2011


Dirty Hands

Voici cette fausse publicité imaginée par Joshua Wagner, pour un produit du quotidien. Utilisant avec humour et ironie une situation mystérieuse, “Dirty Hands” présente ici un homme cherchant à se débarrasser d’un corps. Un détournement très réussi à découvrir dans la suite en vidéo.





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November 11 2011


Epicute: Hunger Games Cake

cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Hunger Games Cake

At first when I saw this cake I thought “Ew, gross, those hands look all dirty and nasty, why would someone put that on a cake?” And then I realized it’s Katniss and Peeta’s hands and I got a little gooey inside. Gimme!

Submitted by: Unknown

October 04 2011


April 05 2011


What a Cute Cushion!

Cute as a button, the adorable iCushion is the perfect seat for your iPhone. It gives you a great viewing angle while watching videos and keeps your earphone cable and USB charging cord neatly organized. It’s made from silicone and features a suction cup to that iPhone from slipping. Totally Want!

Designer: Fadtronics


Yanko Design
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December 15 2010


November 14 2010


Hands at GiGs

Put your hands in the air…

August 05 2010


‘Carrier’ Bags

Designed by Jamie Wieck | Country: United Kingdom

Some great work for a carrier bag using the packaging medium itself as the inspiration for the design. (In many parts of the UK, plastic bags are also referred to as carrier bags.)

“Inspired by a transparent bag I was using to collect my rubbish, I created a pair of carrier bags to quite literally carry the shopping.”

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