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February 02 2014


Toasty Mug: The Hand Warmer Mug

This hand warmer mug was designed to make tea and coffee drinking even more satisfying. Featuring an enveloping and ergonomic handle, the “Toastymug” fits perfectly in the hands. Thanks to its special shape, it keeps the liquid and your hands warm. Perfect for those cold winters. “Toastymug” is handmade by craftsmen in the Ceramic District of Montelupo, a little town near Florence (Italy). Available in two vibrant colors: grey and green.


January 02 2014


Beautiful Wedding Photography

IMG 3785 650x433 Beautiful Wedding Photography
Dressed in White is a Berlin based wedding photographer who photographs weddings all around Germany. His photography is driven by a very emotional and beautiful style which is loved by the couples.

IMG 74281 650x433 Beautiful Wedding Photography

IMG 3350 650x433 Beautiful Wedding Photography

IMG 3689 650x433 Beautiful Wedding Photography

IMG 7350 650x433 Beautiful Wedding Photography

IMG 7383 650x433 Beautiful Wedding Photography

IMG 6609 650x433 Beautiful Wedding Photography

IMG 9760 650x433 Beautiful Wedding Photography



November 06 2013


Hot Air Balloons in Turkey

Il est possible pour les touristes et les locaux de faire un tour en montgolfière inoubliable, en survolant la région de Cappadocia en Turquie. Une occasion de découvrir des paysages étranges et d’une grande beauté. Un rendu impressionnant dont quelques clichés sont à découvrir dans la suite.

Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-8 Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-7 Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-6 Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-5 Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-4 Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-3 Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-2 Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-1 Hot Air Balloons in Turkey-9

October 29 2013


Inspiring Fashion Photography

Sebastian Hilgetag is an experienced Photographer based in Berlin. He is currently working for fashion, commercial and lifestyle projects. After studying for 5 years he is now working freelance as a photographer and a graphic designer for agencies like Leo Burnett.

IMG 4859 as Smart Object 1 650x433 Inspiring Fashion Photography

sebastian hilgetag josi021 650x432 Inspiring Fashion Photography

sebastian hilgetag josi031 650x433 Inspiring Fashion Photography
>>View more // sebastianhilgetag.com
>> Follow // facebook.com/sebastian.hilgetag.photography



September 15 2013


The Happy Cup

How cute is this? Here’s a cup that’s as happy as you to be sitting down with your favorite hot beverage! Sold in a set of two.

Get it here.


May 10 2013


Richard Kern – Smartphones

Richard Kern, is a photographer and a filmmaker, but first of all is a portraitist.
iphone 3gs Richard Kern   Smartphones



Juan Francisco Casas – Ballpoint Illustrations

Juan Francisco Casas uses only ballpoint pens to create his photorealistic portraits.

Juan Francisco Casas 21 650x420 Juan Francisco Casas – Ballpoint Illustrations

Want see more?



March 19 2013


August 18 2012


Wake Up Mug

You cannot fully open your eyes until you’ve had your cup of coffee. Apparently the same goes for this mug, which will start opening its sleepy eyes as soon as you fill it up with coffee or any hot liquid. The mug’s eyes will start closing again as it gets empty.


December 29 2011


Cardboard is For Peasants

cute kawaii stuff - Cardboard is For Peasants

How many times do you think you will have to dig through the trash because you forgot to take your silly expensive collar off your coffee cup?

Submitted by: Unknown

October 28 2011


Zombie Cupcake Coffee Sleeve

cute kawaii stuff - Zombie Cupcake Coffee Sleeve

Cupcakes are perfect all year round, but right now it’s all about the zombies.

Submitted by: Unknown

Reposted byvermis vermis

July 18 2011


Milk and Two Sugars?

How do you like your hot drink? You can have a mug personalized with your name and drink order, may it be coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Buy it here.


May 22 2011


February 23 2011


Epicute: Strawberry Cocoa

cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Strawberry Cocoa

When I was a kid, the whole family would have a little bowl of ice cream after dinner while we watched TV. I always preferred vanilla with a little chocolate syrup or powdered hot chocolate mix. I would stir it until it was the consistency of soft serve and then it was just perfect. I remember thinking how good it would be if I just melted it all down and heated it up.

Submitted by: Unknown

October 14 2010


Saint Tropez

Designed by Curious D | Country: France

This foil blocked wine label was designed as a nod to the luxury and festive atmosphere of Saint Tropez.

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