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February 25 2014


February 21 2014


February 20 2014


February 14 2014


February 13 2014


The Sochi Winter Olympics as seen from the ISS

Everything looks better from space. Even the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

Olympics' Branding To The World: Russia Is One Big Happy Family, Dammit

The quilt pattern splattered all over Sochi has way more to do with political maneuvering than Russian design history.

Even if you've barely side-eyed the Olympics coverage this year, you've probably seen it: the bright rainbow of mismatched, patterned diamonds that shows up on the sides of arenas, behind the podium, on clothing, and even on the medals

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February 12 2014


100 Years Of Olympic Logos: A Depressing History Of Design Crimes

There's some beautiful graphic design on exhibit in these 45 Olympic Games logos... but most of them make you go WTF.

If you're not a fan of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games' minimalist logo, hey, it could have been worse. Much worse.

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February 11 2014


Sochi Olympics: Are Halfpipes Getting Safer?

In the last 16 years, the Winter Olympic halfpipe has almost doubled in height, freeing athletes do ever more elaborate--and dangerous--tricks. Yet industry insiders insist it's actually gotten safer.

In a practice run before today's snowboarding halfpipe event, Olympic contender Danny Davis called the course "garbage," bemoaning steep vertical angles and rough floor between the pipe's walls. "When you see every other person fall, you know something's wrong," agreed 2006 snowboarding gold medalist Hannah Teter.

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February 10 2014


Ranking The Architecture Of The 2014 Winter Olympics

More skating palaces!

Thousands of the best athletes in the world have descended on Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympics, ready to duke it out for international acclaim and a one-pound metal disk. In the run-up to the actual sports, though, no one really wanted to talk about the folks who might be taking the podium. Nope, the main focus was on how effing expensive these Olympics have been.

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Olympic event explainer videos

Olympics coverage by NYT

Winter Olympic events are filled with subtleties that if you know about them, can help you appreciate athletes' skills and the sports a bit more. The New York Times published three explainer videos to help you do just that. So far, there's one on slopestyle, which has roots in the Winter X Games, another on the luge, which is freakin' dangerous, and the halfpipe, from Shaun White's perspective. The features are a nice combination of video, graphics, and narrative.

If you're watching the Olympics, do yourself a favor and bookmark NYT Olympic coverage.

February 07 2014


Google takes a shot at Russia’s anti-gay law with new doodle for Sochi Winter Games

Google has taken a shot at Russia’s controversial anti-gay law by expressing its support for LGBT olympians in its latest doodle commemorating the Winter Games.

Screen shot 2014 02 07 at PM 12.51.55 Google takes a shot at Russias anti gay law with new doodle for Sochi Winter Games The color of the doodle, which features images of athletes in various Winter Games events, is modeled after the Rainbow Flag — a symbol of LGBT pride. The doodle also quotes the Olympic Charter as saying that there should be no “discrimination of any kind” in the Olympic games — and is linked to search results for the set of rules and guidelines governing the Olympic games.

Thumbnail image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

February 06 2014


NBC is bringing you all of the Winter Olympics starting tonight

Snow. Ice. Guns. Rocks. The Winter Olympics start this week, and NBC is bringing it all to you, on TV and online.

The Winter Olympics In Downtown New York Would Have Been Dope

Luges in Times Square and ski jumps on skyscrapers wouldn't just look awesome, they'd probably be cheaper than Sochi too.

Russia has spent more than $50 billion on the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games--at least half of which has allegedly been embezzled--making it the most expensive Olympic Games ever. And so far, the only thing to show for it seem to be unfinished hotels, imaginary buildings, environmental damage, and the looming threat of terrorist attacks.

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Behind The Minimal Look Of The 2014 Olympics Logo

The Sochi Olympics Logo was originally much more ornate. Then the spec changed.

Although the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics logo hasn't garnered the same sort of criticism as the 2012 London Olympic Logo, it is an odd design in the grand spectrum of previous Olympics. Featuring futuristic lettering with letters and numbers that partially mirror each other, it is the first to bundle a web address right in the logo, as well as the first to entirely eschew hand-drawn elements. In a word, it's gone flat. But why?

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February 05 2014


Olympic events placed in New York for scale

Bryant park ski jump

The New York Times published a fun piece that places Winter Olympic events in the city. Events include the luge in Times Square, ski jump in Bryant Park, and speed skating down Broadway.

The Winter Olympics sometimes gets flack for being the thing in between the more popular Summer Olympics, but I think it has a lot to do with scale and perception of the events. People know how fast they run, but don't always get how steep the mountains are. I used to go downhill skiing, and from a distance the hills didn't look especially daunting, but when I stood at the top of the black diamond, it looked pretty scary.

February 04 2014


Exclusive Chart: The Most Watched TV Shows of All Time

America's Super Bowl is positively peewee compared to these guys.

When it comes to TV in America, the Super Bowl stands supreme. NBA Finals, the World Series, Nascar, Oscars--none of them come close to last year's pigskin bonanza, which drew in 108.7 million U.S. viewers and 164 million viewers worldwide. And initial reports suggest this year's broadcast may set a new record for the program, as Nielsen pegged the U.S. audience at an all-time high of 111.5 million viewers (worldwide figures haven't been released yet).

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January 17 2014


Team USA speed skaters get high-tech suits from Lockheed Martin

The speed skaters competing for Team USA in Sochi will be wearing ultra high-tech suits developed by Under Armour and Lockheed Martin for maximum speed.

January 15 2014


Massive pin screen puts your 3D head on the side of a building

This super-sized version of a popular 1990s executive toy, puts a giant 3D rendering of your face on the side of a building.

November 29 2013


Video: The Lurkers visit Sarajevo’s Olympic Ruins

The Lurkers visit Bosnia where they roam the historical mountain ruins, looming above the capital.

November 28 2013

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