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February 27 2014


January 29 2014


Les illustrations sauvages de Tarmasz


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Après vous avoir parlé d’un grand nom de la BD et d’un illustrateur indépendant qui monte, il était temps de parler d’un jeune talent tout frais tout beau ! Voici donc Tarmasz, jeune illustratrice de 22 ans nominée pour la révélation...

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Les illustrations sauvages de Tarmasz

September 13 2013


‘Sauvage’ by Corrado Dalcò for KOCK

Page 09 650x459 ‘Sauvage’ by Corrado Dalcò for KOCK

Corrado Dalcò was born in Parma town of Italy.Started off as graphic designer then discovered photography and was love at first sight. In 1992 Corrado moved to Berlin, Barcelona and London, finding immediate success as a fashion photographer for magazines and advertising campaign such as Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Nose, Sisley Kids and more. He then added music video to his repertoire, to explore further ideas on movement, tone and elegance.

Corrado divides his time between his artistic endeavours and purely commercial work for the advertising and publishing industries as a fashion/advertising photographer and film director. here is his ’Sauvage’ editorial exclusively for KOCK MAGAZINE.

Website : corradodalco.tumblr.com/

To see more great artist’s work, please download KOCK MAGAZINE Digital Issue #2, September 2013.

Page 02 650x459 ‘Sauvage’ by Corrado Dalcò for KOCK

Page 08 650x459 ‘Sauvage’ by Corrado Dalcò for KOCK

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