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January 23 2014


Cities From The Sky

Voici de nombreuses vues impressionnantes prises depuis le ciel sur des lieux et des pays aux 4 coins du monde. New York, les pyramides d’Egypte et l’Arc de Triomphe à Paris sont assez reconnaissables mais il y a également des vues plus surprenantes comme ce cliché au milieu de l’Océan Indien. A découvrir dans la suite.

New York, Etats-Unis.

Dubaï, Émirats Arabes Unis.

Shanghai, Chine.

Mexico, Mexique.

Barcelone, Espagne.

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas.

Venise, Italie.

Spoorbuurt, Nord des Pays-Bas.

Turin, Italie.


Moscou, Russie.

San Francisco, États-Unis.

Paris, France.

Seattle, Etats-Unis.

Chicago, États-Unis.

Cities from above 14 Cities from above 13 Cities from above 12 Cities from above 11 Cities from above 10 Cities from above 9 Cities from above 8 Cities from above 7 Cities from above 0 Cities from above 5 Cities from above 2 Cities from above 4 Cities from above 3 Cities from above 6 Cities from above 1
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September 14 2012


RSOW -- Titta Bogatto

Titta Bogatto is this week's Reader Submission Of the Week from Turin, Italy with some manipulated photography design that literally looks like its from another world.

We're in a draught of submissions...shoot us up at Flyergoodness@gmail.com!

July 20 2012


December 06 2011


VyTA Boulangerie, Turin

With echoes of a couple of recently featured establishments – the black and gold elegance of L.A’s Tsujita and the honeycombed glitz of Wonderwall’s OZONE at Hong Kong’s Ritz-Carlton – but more than a strong identity of its own, Turin’s VyTA Boulangerie is the latest in a chain of decidedly swanky bakeries that have already cropped up in Rome and Milan. With a concept inspired by the history and simplicity of bread-making, architect Daniela Colli, has chosen shapes and materials that recall the most “minimal” product that sits on our table; the three-dimensional pattern of the walls is a contemporary update of a bread-shape typical to the 1700s and the counter’s hood architecturally invokes a woven bread-basket. Whether you buy in to the ‘concept’, or just appreciate sumptuous eye-candy – we always pretend to fall into the former but are invariably guilty of the latter – the reality remains that ColliDanielArchitetto‘s shimmeringly glamorous designs make for one of the world’s prettiest modern bakeries…

Vyta Boulangerie, Turin
Vyta Boulangerie, Turin
Vyta Boulangerie, Turin
Vyta Boulangerie, Turin
Vyta Boulangerie, Turin

September 23 2011


Morning Frames

Un excellent concept vidéo avec ce récent travail du designer Alcinoo alias Nicola Destefanis, basé actuellement à Turin. Un clip tourné simultanément sous deux angles, et monté sur la bande son de Tas. A découvrir en images et en vidéo dans la suite de l’article.




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April 04 2011


January 17 2011


China Surprise x NeochaEDGE x Momoyoca series of party posters for italian electronic music promoters

We’re always thrilled to work with groups and brands outside of China, so we were excited when Turin-based party promoters “China Surprise” engaged us to produce a series of 10 gig posters for their indie electronic music nights. We worked with EDGE Creative Collective member, Momoyoca, to design each poster playing on the themes of dance, art, friends, parties and of course, music.

Below are some pictures of the printed posters as well as some shots of the parties in action. Each poster is printed in batches of 5000 and distributed throughout the city, so if anyone is in Turin, please keep an eye out and send us a picture!

If you’d like to collaborate with Momoyoca, purchase any of his work, or view his full portfolio, please send us an email: EDGE@Neocha.com

For more from Momoyoca on NeochaEDGE, link here.

For more NeochaEDGE client work, link here. /// SL

December 14 2010


LT24 Timelapse

Un film expérimental (concept et production) réalisé par Lucio Arese, en time-lapse : une journée de 24 heures condensé en 2 minutes (vitesse accéléré 600 fois). Une captation lors du solstice d’été qui présente un groupe construisant une structure en acier dans une arène à Turin.




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October 06 2010


No Surprises: Updates


Italian illustrator and designer Alessandro Pautasso has updated with a colorful and stylish new website featuring equally colorful and stylish illustration work. You can also purchase several of the illustrations as prints. It’s an all together slick presentation.

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