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February 18 2014


February 02 2014


Toasty Mug: The Hand Warmer Mug

This hand warmer mug was designed to make tea and coffee drinking even more satisfying. Featuring an enveloping and ergonomic handle, the “Toastymug” fits perfectly in the hands. Thanks to its special shape, it keeps the liquid and your hands warm. Perfect for those cold winters. “Toastymug” is handmade by craftsmen in the Ceramic District of Montelupo, a little town near Florence (Italy). Available in two vibrant colors: grey and green.


June 19 2013

Halftone Satisfaction Business Cards
Sagmeister & Walsh are known for sparking dialog and initiating conversations in a matter of seconds. Capitalizing on first impressions and first reactions this set of cards is sure to provide you with a flare-up or two, a few good laughs, and even some silence....

June 11 2013

Bob and Soledad Anniversary Party Invitations
The invitations set the mood for a gathering bristling with hands-on, outdoors, classic American fun. The handmade feel of letterpress invitations, the rocky texture of Delicate Arch printed on the front, and an updated take on vintage Americana travel typography establish a tone for a...

July 11 2012


Ugg Boots; Now Wedding Appropriate!

That's right. The Australian purveyor of cosy sheepskin boots has released the Ugg Boot Wedding Collection!!!!


February 20 2012


Huf Wool Hat Pack

Il est temps d’être au chaud, tout en restant looké. HUF nous propose donc une collection en exclusivité internet : cinq casquettes originales. Pour être stylé, aucun problème donc, en effet on connaît bien la marque et elle a toujours su nous surprendre à grands renforts de bonnes idées et beaus produits. Cet hiver, craquez pour le tissu à carreaux déclinés sur chaque casquette. Choisissez votre préférée entre la HUF Earflap Volley et la HUF Wool Plaid Snapback. Et pour ce qui concerne la chaleur, de nouveau Huf a pensé à tout en utilisant une laine italienne et un coton de la meilleure qualité pour faire ses casquettes.

It’s time to get warm and stylish. HUF came up with an online exclusive cap. To be stylish no worries. The brand has a great history of good ideas and beautiful products. This winter, choose your favorite checked cap between the HUF Earflap Volley and the HUF Wool Plaid Snapback. And to get warm, keep your faith in Huf : indeed, the best italian wool is used to make the caps, such as an incredible diamond cotton. 

January 13 2012


Bridle Road Residence

The Bridle Road Residence is located in Cape Town, South Africa and was designed by Rees Roberts and Partners. The house is tucked into the hillside just off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The large windows and beautiful landscaping allow for a truly beautiful view looking out over the pool and to the ocean.

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January 05 2012


Toasty Tootsies

cute kawaii stuff - Toasty Tootsies

Just wrapping a blanket around your feet and your laptop power converter isn’t cutting anymore. Treat yourself to a new friend!

Submitted by: Unknown

July 25 2011


Apolo 11 House in Santiago Chile

Aside from this house being naturally beautiful because of its placement in a grove of elm trees, the structure of the house really pulls together the idea of transparent-to-nature modern living. Inside the house it feels warm like a cabin. A cabin that you’d retreat to for a weekend and have several cups of hot cocoa while sitting on the couch conversing. Unfortunately for myself this would be a distant vacation cabin because of its La Reina, Santiago, Chile location.

Designed by Parra + Edwards Architects
Photography by Rodrigo Avilés

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February 22 2011


Felt Furniture

cute kawaii stuff - Felt Furniture

If you live in a super cold climate and heating bills are out of control, having soft felt furniture seems like a no-brainer of a heat saver.

Submitted by: martmart

December 24 2010


Autumn Totoro Throw Blanket

cute kawaii stuff - Autumn Totoro Throw Blanket

When you curl up on the couch to watch your favorite Studio Ghibli movies, Totoro will make the moment even more special.

Submitted by: Unknown

October 25 2010


Warm Lamp

Creative Affairs ha pensato bene (o male, a seconda dei punti di vista) di mettere in discussione l’idea di calore nella luce. Il suo intento è quello di creare stabilire uno stretto rapporto emotivo tra l’oggetto e il suo utente attraverso un’esperienza invitante.

Warm Lamp

October 19 2010


Heat Therapy Bear

cute kawaii stuff - Heat Therapy Bear

Hot water bottles and heating pads are rarely something fun to look at. This microwaveable bear will give you warm hugs and keep you company when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Thanks huggie bear!

Available at: Karma Kiss ($22)

Submitted by: Unknown

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