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January 27 2014


Top of the World’s Weirdest Tower

Focus sur le recensement des tours les plus étranges et loufoques du monde, sorties de l’imaginaire des architectes. Entre le Klimwand Climbing Tower, les tours San Gimignano ou encore l’Hôtel Ryugyong en Corée du Nord, voici une sélection en images à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.


Klimwand Climbing Tower, Wunderland Kalkar, Allemagne.

Un château d’eau en maïs, Rochester, Minnesota.

L’Hôtel Ryugyong, Pyongyang, Corée du Nord.

Puffer Fish Tower, Chine.

La maison de Nikolai Sutyagin, Arkhangelsk, Russie.

Les tours Pigeon, Libye, Iran et Egypte.

La tour de Zizkov Télévision, Prague.

La tour Genex, Belgrade, Serbie.

La tour de Pise, Italie.

Les tours San Gimignano, Italie.

Weirdest Towers 9 Weirdest Towers 8 Weirdest Towers 7 Weirdest Towers 6 Weirdest Towers 5 Weirdest Towers 4 Weirdest Towers 3 Weirdest Towers 2 Weirdest Towers 1 Weirdest Towers 10

January 02 2014


Skin Furniture By Jessica Harrison

Skin Furniture Skin Furniture By Jessica Harrison
We normally see a lot of leather goods such as shoes, gloves and even furniture, but these are all made from animal leather.
Artist Jessica Harrison reproduced the human skin to coat these mini furniture sets. The end result is both remarkable and weird in a way, since we are not used to seeing human skin being used as a material.

Skin Furniture 1 Skin Furniture By Jessica Harrison
Skin Furniture 2 Skin Furniture By Jessica Harrison
Skin Furniture 3 Skin Furniture By Jessica Harrison
Skin Furniture 4 Skin Furniture By Jessica Harrison
Skin Furniture 6 Skin Furniture By Jessica Harrison

Image source


Reposted byphin3d phin3d

December 02 2013


Films That Shocked The World!

The stomach-churning

 Warning: This article includes explicit content (violence, nudity, and sexual references). Viewer discretion is advised.

From as long ago as 1896, when screenings of the Lumière brothers’ one-shot reel the “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” reportedly caused audience members to flee in panic from the rapidly approaching locomotive on screen, cinema has displayed a remarkable power to elicit extreme visceral reactions.

Ever since then, filmmakers have been testing the boundaries both of their chosen medium, and of their viewers’ tolerance. Here are five films that have given vivid realisation to the repellent, the unconscionable, and the downright offensive, all in the service of pushing art to its outer limits.

Top: The disturbed loner Martin in “The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence).”

mages at top from

A gruesome blade slicing of an eye in “Un Chien Andalou.”

“Un Chien Andalou” (1929).
In 1929, “Un Chien Andalou” was a short sharp shock of the new. Film novices Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí deployed voguish ideas of Freudian free association, and Surrealist dream logic to unsettle bourgeois values and destabilize cinematic convention. There are irrational leaps in time and space, the dead come back to life, books turn into guns, ants pour from a human hand, a man’s mouth is replaced with a woman’s armpit (or perhaps, even more outrageously, with her pubic triangle), a rape is prevented by the combined weight of pianos, clergymen and dead donkeys. Yet, it is the opening sequence of this 16-minute film that would prove most shocking: after a man watches a thin cloud pass across the full moon, a woman’s open eye is shown in close-up as the man’s razor blade graphically slices through it. Cinema’s capacity for ocular assault had been revealed.


A shocking tongue-cutting scene in “Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom.”

“Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom” (1975).
“All things are good when taken to excess,” announces an ageing Italian dignitary near the beginning of “Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom.” In what was to be his final film, Pier Paolo Pasolini adapted the closed libertine system of de Sade’s eighteenth-century novel to Italy’s mid-War Fascist period, exposing the contagious corruption of absolute power even in uncomfortably recent times. The dignitary and his three equally respectable companions have 18 teenage boys and girls abducted to service their own perverse pleasures, which include orgiastic rapes, staged spectacles parodying religious and cultural institutions, enforced coprophilia, and ultimately torture and murder. It is a film that speaks to the authoritarian abuses of twentieth-century history—but it has also, thanks to the chilling (and unflinching) way in which it presents grotesque atrocity, proven as difficult as feces for censors to swallow whole, if at all.

Paul Laugier's scarring movie,

Paul Laugier’s scarring movie “Martyrs.”

“Martyrs” (2008).
The real-world terror of 9/11 and the counter-terror of Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib ushered in a new(ish) kind of horror—loosely termed “torture porn”—which served up bodily depravities as uneasy entertainment throughout the mid-Noughties. The final word in—and on—this film cycle is Pascal Laugier’s fiercely intelligent “Martyrs.” At first, it traumatises viewers and characters alike with a jarring blend of genres, and a gut-wrenching confusion of moral sympathies to match all the on-screen helter-skelter of violence and abjection. But then, as its heroine Anna (Morjana Alaoui) finds herself trapped in a hellhole of torments from which there can be no escape, Laugier puts the screws on us all, in a contemplative and ambiguous final-act interrogation (delivered in a whisper) of the contradictory motives involved in bearing witness to such horrors.

The mysteriously masked man and Milos (Srdjan Torovic) in

The mysteriously masked man and Milos (Torovic) in “A Serbian Film.”

“A Serbian Film” (2010).
True to its state-of-the-nation title, Srdjan Spasojevic’s “A Serbian Film” is an electrifying, ithyphallic allegory of a country bestialised, violated, commodified and sold—by its own—down the river, as Milos (Srdjan Torovic) agrees to make one last sex movie for former State Security apparatchik Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic), only to become complicit in his family’s tragic undoing. Spasojevic reduces Belgrade to a Sadean porn set where everyone is both metaphorically and literally fucked from the cradle (“Newborn porn!”) to the grave for the dubious entertainment of exploitative outsiders (just like ourselves). In all its hyperbolic viciousness, “A Serbian Film” may be, to borrow the phrase used by Milos’ wife to describe pornography to their young son, “like a cartoon for the grown-ups”, but Spasojevic makes us uncomfortably aware how right Vukmir is in what he says of his own absurdist production: “Victim sells.”

The stomach-churning

The stomach-churning “Human Centipede.”

“The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)” (2011).
Mad surgeon sews abductees together, mouth-to-anus. So unspeakably, surreally shocking was the concept underlying Tom Six’s “The Human Centipede (First Sequence)” (2009) that the director could exercise visual restraint without seeming to. Not so, “The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)” (2011), which graphically depicts outrages perpetrated by a mentally challenged man doomed to repeat (at least in his head) the horrific abuses that he himself had suffered as a child. Yet Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) is also repeating scenes from the first film—a film which he watches and re-watches with a fanboy’s obsession, making him an unnerving double for the kind of person (just like you and me) who would seek out this sequel. Martin may lack his rôle model’s surgical skills, professional tools, scientific interests or concern with clinical hygiene—but in all his sick, sweaty grotesquery, Martin is us. Confronting cinema has come full circle.

Film stills © respective film studios.

August 16 2013


Do not adjust your Internet, this upside down Camaro is real

Well, technically it might not be a Camaro, or even a Chevy.

June 28 2013


Smell like One Direction, literally

Smell like One Direction, literally

Now you can smell like the very skin of the boys from One Direction. One Moment, the signature, pink, super-girly perfume, was released when the band posted a hand-written note online saying they hoped the fans would enjoy the new fragrance as much as they did. And, of course, to show their love, the boys signed it: ‘We love you. XX, 1D.’

one-moment2 one-moment3 one-moment1

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March 26 2013


The Freaky Eye!


This eye is creepy! Self-taught makeup artist Sandra Hombom has painted it (the green eyeball with lashes) on her lips, and she has a video within post to show you how it was done.

Lip Eye (View 3) by Sandra Hombom

Lip Eye (View 2) by Sandra Hombom

Click here to view the embedded video.

Photos © Sandra Hombom

Via Mighty Optical Illusions

August 24 2012


Eat Them Up, Yum!

Eat Them Up, Yum!
So the kid who finds the fish head on the tree Christmas morning gets extra tripe for dinner?

Submitted by: Unknown (via Laughing Squid)

August 13 2012


SpongeBob Plush Tissue Paper Holder

SpongeBob Plush Tissue Paper Holder
It's a little weird that he's pooping tissue, but I'll take it.

Submitted by: overtherainbow (via Tiny Deal)

May 03 2012


Eye of the Beholder

Drawing by Palmer0047 (3)

The image above has a wicked visual effect. It is one of the many bizarre pencil drawings of Palmer0047.

Drawing by Palmer0047 (1)

Drawing by Palmer0047 (2)

Drawing by Palmer0047 (4)

Drawing by Palmer0047 (5)

Artwork © Palmer0047

Link via Brandi Crist

April 17 2012


The Human Hair Rainbow

Photo by Alex Kisilevich (1)

You are probably thinking: “What is this?” Well, it is the unusual art of Alex Kisilevich. The artist tries to be somewhat spontaneous by not planning out every single detail of his work. Kisilevich clearly stages people and props, and then photographs and digital prints the images to show in galleries.

Photo by Alex Kisilevich (3)

Photo by Alex Kisilevich (4)

Photo by Alex Kisilevich (5)

Photo by Alex Kisilevich (6)

Photo by Alex Kisilevich (2)

Photos © Alex Kisilevich

Link via iGNANT

March 08 2012


Uncanny Illustration by Amrei Hofstätter

Amrei Hofstätter is a graphic designer and illustrator from Berlin, Germany who holds a passion for misbalance and imperfection.  He creates dolls and hybrids because he is fascinated with Frued's idea of the uncanny, and strives to create a strong reaction and a sense of irritation with the viewer.

January 27 2012


Flying Hands

Sculpture by Choi Xoo Ang (7)

For his bizarre yet realistic sculptures, Choi Xoo Ang uses materials such as oil paint, acrylic, resin, and stainless steel.

Warning: This post contains images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sculpture by Choi Xoo Ang (3)

Sculpture by Choi Xoo Ang (4)

Sculpture by Choi Xoo Ang (1)

Sculpture by Choi Xoo Ang (2)

Sculpture by Choi Xoo Ang (5)

Sculpture by Choi Xoo Ang (6)

Top: Photo © Pat Law.

Photos © Choi Xoo Ang
Link via Kloset Kase

January 16 2012


Alison Brady’s Strange Portraits

New York-based photographer Alison Brady makes some pretty bizarre photos. Pretty and bizarre. The interesting and different perspective is what catches your eye; instead of a traditional beauty-in-the-person snap, these portraits give the car-accident-look- away urge while simultaneously pushing a strange narrative inside a beautiful anonmity. Take a look after the leap.

It’s worth mentioning that Alison Brady is also extremely accesible with regard to questioning her work. She encourages the viewer to infer their own titles/meanings and often will discuss her representation without any pretense.


Alison had a new book come out in November of last year entitled The Blind Barber. Having followed her work for years, it’s great to watch the progression from weird to weirder. In the world of the sometimes monotonous contemporary portrait, weird is great, and always will be.

January 10 2012

Rare bootleg of Baltimore band Romantic States
A rare bootleg tape recording of Baltimore’s Romantic States has been released on Bandcamp, and is free to listen, download, and share. It is titled Come Over To My House, and features Jim Triplett and Ilenia Madelaire on various instruments. With minimal overdubs, the eleven tracks are raw and alive with a rough but happy [...]

August 11 2011


April 26 2011


Gaudy Poster Design by Dice Twice

Dice Twice is a graphic design crew based in Gdansk, Poland.  I gather that they specialize in club/event flyers, which is cool.  Their Aquasky poster is just so amazing with all of the repetitions and angles going on, and especially the way they did the letter A.  Looking through their work, I noticed that they like to use a thicker margin space to separate the content inside the canvas from the border, which leaves more empty space--and it really works in a different but interesting way.

March 24 2011


Condom USB Flash Drive

But ofcourse!!! A condom USB flash drive by Eugene Filatov.
Why not I guess...


March 01 2011


Crazy, Cool “Camera Van”


The “Camera Van” was created by Harrod Blank. The cameras on the van actually take pictures.

Read the rest of Crazy, Cool “Camera Van” (194 words)

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February 21 2011


Antlers WiFi


Strange animated gif art is happening at Antlers WiFi and it’s being collaged with some interesting choices of photography.

February 08 2011


Excentric Flower Face Madame


“Dream Sequence” is a photographic series by Madame Peripetie.

Read the rest of Excentric Flower Face Madame (8 words)

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